Who Makes Motocraft Ignition Coils?

Some things never change. For example, even today all petrol engines still depend on a powerful ignition spark. Its source is the ignition coil, but unlike a few years ago, today there is not just one for the whole engine, but one for each cylinder.

This requires a voltage of at least 15,000 volts. This voltage is generated in the ignition coil(s). And it does so with maximum accuracy, because the ignition timing is set to a very narrow time window of only a few fractions of a millisecond. In the past, when most engines had only one unit, the spark first had to be transmitted from the ignition distributor to the correct cylinder ready for ignition. For about 30 years now, static ignition voltage distribution has been increasingly gaining ground, which works without moving parts and in which each spark plug has its own coil.

It works like an inverted transformer. Low voltage becomes high voltage. For this purpose an ignition coil consists of two coils and an iron core. One is a winding of copper wire, similar to a roll of sewing thread. The wire is of course very well insulated so that the spark does not cross over already inside the coil. Both bobbins are nested inside each other, with the iron core on the very inside. One spool is called primary spool, it has relatively few turns. When the ignition is switched on, it carries the on-board voltage of twelve volts. The current flows through the coil, and  a magnetic field is formed. This is strongly reinforced by the iron core.

To trigger a spark, the following happens: The current is cut off abruptly and the magnetic field collapses just as abruptly. This induces a voltage in the second coil, the secondary coil. Because this coil has about 100 times more turns than the primary coil, the induced voltage is between 15,000 and 30,000 volts.

Which brand of ignition coil is the best?

In order for the fuel in the vehicle engine to burn fully, it requires a properly selected ignition source. In a gasoline-powered engine, a special spark plug acts as this device and ignites the fuel by means of an electrical discharge. This part directly affects the durability of the engine. There are several types of these elements such as two or more electrodes, flame design, plasma flame ignition. All manufacturers offer different types of electrodes.

Among the best brands are such as Curved Boot, Bosch, ECCPP, Bravix and ACDelco. As for the best ignition coils for Ford f150, the crown goes to Bravex Super High Energy, although other brands work well too. For example, Motocraft which Motorcraft which makes auto parts and is a part of American automobile corporation Ford.

Are Bravex coils any good?

When comparing this brand to Motocraft stock ones, there is no difference in weight. Both are 170 grams. The locking tab is a little bit thicker on the OEM, but that shouldn’t affect how it mounts up. The OEMs have blades and the Bravex has pins. They’re about the same depth, but OEM are a little bit longer.

Bravex ones work fine, they melt up easy. Morever, these coils are sold for $33 for the set of eight which is a great advantage.

Will changing ignition coil improve performance?

Sometimes the need for replacement occurs much earlier than the recommended time, and sometimes the engine is running normally, with the recommended time to replace the faulty unit. If the unscheduled replacement certainly does not hurt, the consequences are of interest if you do not change the spark plugs at the specified (recommended) time.

There are many factors that affect how long your vehicle can run on one set without the need for replacement. These are the driving style, brand and quality of fuel used, brand and manufacturer of the spark plugs themselves, the general condition of the car engine. Their replacement is a simple procedure, under the power of any beginner, and new spark plugs are not very expensive.

However, you need to be able to determine when you need to replace them or high voltage cables, so that the engine is always in excellent condition. New elements maintain optimal engine performance and efficiency. The car engine produces the right spark plug at the right time for the mixture to ignite with each operating cycle.  This mixture is ignited by an electrical discharge of several thousand or tens of thousands of volts, which occurs between the electrodes. But if there are problems in the ignition, it affects the engine power and the volume of fuel evaporation from the engine, which is not burned.

Where are Accel coils made?

For over 40 years, this brand has been a leader in fuel and ignition production. The range of ignition coils and other important elements is constantly expanding. The brand is part of Holley Performance (car company operating in Bowling Green, Kentucky)  and offers a wide range of products from fuel injection systems to rotors.

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