Best FRS Headlights

Modern third-party headlights are characterized by a stylish design and basic functionality. If you need to replace the old FRS headlights, you can always choose a cool option for your car. As a rule, the manufacturer offers several options for the color of the headlights. Most often, of course, there is a black headlight block body, however, as in the case with brz headlights. 

The design of the headlights in most cases is at a decent level. They are manufactured using LEDs and halogen light bulbs. For each type of lighting there is a special section in the headlights, which has its shape, color, and features. If the style of the headlight is important to you, then to find a good option, you will have to search well on the Internet for manufacturers who have been working in the field of auto parts for more than a dozen years. Simple basic headlights are increasingly found on the market. OLM FRS headlights are not very common. 

There is no doubt that headlights with round Led light bulbs always look attractive, but when we try to find the best FRS headlights, the attention is paid primarily to the quality of assembly and resistance to negative external influences, both mechanical and weather. 

Checking headlights for resistance to moisture and dust 

For the original Winjet FRS headlights, there are no problems with the tightness of the case at all. Some third-party headlights can be frustrating when you see moisture condensing and light quality deteriorating. You should always pay attention to the guaranteed service life of such headlights, as well as the opportunity to get money back within the first month from the date of purchase, when buying them. Fortunately, many brands offer this opportunity. 

All headlights, as well as frs Valenti headlights, have a high resistance to moisture. Manufacturers test headlights in the most difficult conditions and there are no problems with their tightness. These front spotlights can be used in humid climates, during rain or snowfall. Also, headlights are usually resistant to overheating and the negative effects of ultraviolet light.

As for mechanical damage, any headlights eventually appear minor small scratches that are formed due to the influence of dust and larger debris. These particles attack the headlights at high speed and gradually destroy the outer layer of the headlights. This process is not fast and you can only notice this problem after a long period of operation of the car. Sometimes traditional headlight sanding and polishing helps to solve the problem. It is possible to return the headlights to their former transparent appearance and provide more than one year of operation of the front lighting unit. If the condition of the headlight housing is running or the headlight burst in a collision, then replacing the housing with a new one is inevitable. New headlights from third-party suppliers on the equipment market are inexpensive and there is always something to choose from.

List of Top-Rated Frs Headlights

Spec-D Tuning LHP-FRS12JM-TM Spec-D Tuning LHP-FRS12JM-TM2012-2016LEDView on Amazon
Carlights360 SU003-02501, SU003-05139 Carlights360 SU003-02501, SU003-051392013-2016HalogenView on Amazon
AJP Distributors TL-TYFRS2013BB-AMA-L1 AJP Distributors TL-TYFRS2013BB-AMA-L12013-2016LEDView on Amazon
iJDMTOY PT413-18130 iJDMTOY PT413-181302013-2016XenonView on Amazon
Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-XB08G-TM Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-XB08G-TM2008-2010LEDView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Frs Headlights

Spec-D Tuning LHP-FRS12JM-TM

Spec-D Tuning LHP-FRS12JM-TM

Hybrid front headlights with LEDs and H1 halogen light bulbs, used for low and high beam lighting, provide the highest quality of road lighting in all conditions. The SPEC-D TUNING brand makes sure that the headlights are not just stylish and fit harmoniously into the body of the car, but they serve for a long time. Headlights pass several tests for resistance to high temperature and moisture. These spec d headlights FRS completely do not pass moisture and dust, which means that the car can be driven in the most aggressive conditions and you don’t need to worry about traffic safety at night. The headlight manufacturer provides advantages in the form of a warranty on the product and the presence of light bulbs in the original set.  


  • refund within 30 days
  • comes with low beam and high beam light bulbs 


  • professional installation is recommended
  • set designed for cars from 2012 to 2016
  • led light bulbs in the headlight housing
  • headlight weight: 21 pounds
  • manufactured by SPEC-D TUNING

Owners of Scion FRS can always replace old or damaged headlights with new ones and do not have to worry that they will look worse or last longer. LED light bulbs have a long lifespan, and securely assembled headlight housing protects against all external influences.

Spec-D Tuning LHP-FRS12JM-TM

How do signal LEDs work in headlights?

– The LED signals flash simultaneously with sufficient intensity to attract other road users. 

Is it possible to install the headlights without the specialist?

– Installation instructions are not included, so it is better to give the car to the service. If you have already changed the headlights yourself and are familiar with the device and the operation of the car, you can install the headlights without assistance.

Carlights360 SU003-02501, SU003-05139

Carlights360 SU003-02501, SU003-05139

Manufacturer Carlights360 offers you chrome headlights without redundancy, which perform the most effective direct function of road lighting. The main advantages of this set are the presence of halogen light bulbs in the box. 

You can’t say that these lights stand out very much against the background of others. It’s more like a basic set, which can just replace the headlights on a car. The quality of the product remains at the same level and pleases with its strength and brightness. When purchasing, please note that the annual guarantee for headlights does not apply to halogen light bulbs. 


  • headlights are tested for strength and resistance to negative environmental influences
  • Light bulbs and all necessary connection elements are included


  • halogen light bulb (works only with this type of bulb)
  • fully chrome-plated body
  • weight: approximately 9 pounds
  • are provided by Carlights360

The proposed headlights will be suitable for those looking for a replacement for stock lights. This set is fully factory fitted and provides reliable bright lighting. If you own a Scion FRS 2013-2016, the headlights are suitable for all models of these years. It is great that the manufacturer offers a full range of light, including headlights, light bulbs and connectors. 

How do I install the front headlights correctly when replacing them?

– It is better to ask for help from a specialized service if you intend to keep the warranty valid. Otherwise, the manufacturer may terminate the term of its validity. You can install the headlights yourself only if you are a specialist. 

AJP Distributors TL-TYFRS2013BB-AMA-L1

AJP Distributors TL-TYFRS2013BB-AMA-L1
Streak Tail Lights BlackTL-TYFRS2013BK-AMA-L1Check Price
Streak Tail Lights RedTL-TYFRS2013RR-AMA-L1Check Price
Streak Tail Lights ChromeTL-TYFRS2013CH-AMA-L1Check Price
Streak Tail Lights Red ClearTL-TYFRS2013CR-AMA-L1Check Price
Red Clear Lens White TubeTL-TYFRS2013-W-RCL-AMA-L2Check Price
Streak Tail Lights SmokeTL-TYFRS2013BB-AMA-L1Check Price

Rear headlights from manufacturer AJP Distributors are offered to your attention. By design, the headlight consists of a led turn signal and a reflecting element for the main lighting. Body color: smoky gray. This body looks as stylish as possible, but provides full signal lighting. Please note that the main light bulbs are not included in the scope of delivery. 

Rear headlights have been fully tested for tightness and resistance to external mechanical weather conditions. Vibrations are also okay for these headlights. Manufacturers recommend specialized installation in service, even though the headlight unit is as easy and fast as possible to connect to the car network. 


  • meet all parameters of stock headlights
  • fully fit for the Scion FR-S model range from 2013 to 2016 
  • long lifespan 
  • have increased protection from moisture and dust


  • rear headlights for a direct replacement of the entire set
  • light bulbs set: LED light bulbs without halogen light bulbs
  • approximate weight: 8 pounds
  • the manufacturer of the headlights: AJP Distributors

The headlights completely replace the original factory headlight unit. You can be sure of the reliability of the design, which ensures a long lifespan of the headlights. The simple but stylish design of the rear lights always catches the eye on the road and clearly defines the dimensions of the car. 

Are these lights prohibited for driving in the city?

– Even though the headlights have a tinted gray color, their body is completely transparent. They transmit light well from the LEDs and the main light bulb. This signal lighting meets all safety requirements. Light works without controversy for years.

iJDMTOY PT413-18130

iJDMTOY PT413-18130

The flashlights under consideration are an exclusive product of iJDMTOY. Parking lights have a simple design and lightweight. The fog lamp has a metal body and a high-performance glass spotlight. The light bulbs contain super bright LEDs that are used as parking or daytime driving lights. Please note that to install such a set you will need to have special wires to connect to the car power system.

The seller supplies each headlight with a black body, a round searchlight with glass lenses and LEDs, and corresponding wires. The flashlights are compatible with H3 and 9005 or 9006 halogen light bulbs. They are not included in the supplied set.


  • Powerful fog lighting
  • Durable metal body
  • headlights are compatible with halogen light bulbs


  • special wires are required for installation of lighting
  • type of lighting: Xenon
  • lightweight: three pounds
  • for the model range from 2013 to 2016
  • Manufacturer of iJDMTOY headlight unit

Excellent option for those looking for high-quality fog lighting. The strong metal body of the headlights ensures a long service life of the lights. Reliability and safety are ensured by powerful fog lights, which are also used for daytime driving or when parking. Probably it will not be easy to install the headlights yourself, so it is recommended to install them in a specialized car service. 

Does the upper headlight element for signal lights come in the delivery set?

– It seems that the turn signal unit is not included in this offer. The manufacturer offers two fog lights, two metal bodies for them, and a special connecting element in the form of appropriate wires.

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-XB08G-TM

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-XB08G-TM

Certified manufacturer Spec-D Tuning has produced cool stylish headlights, which can easily compete with the Vland frs headlights. These headlights use LED lights and halogen light bulbs, which create the most efficient lighting of the road surface. The pairs have five small round LED light bulbs that set them apart from other headlights. The headlight with this design looks very attractive and stylish. 

Due to the combination of modern LED round light bulbs and traditional flashlights, it is possible to get the brightest possible lighting, even though the body of the flashlights is black. High-quality assembly of headlights allows their use in the harshest weather conditions. They easily resist vibration, moisture, or dust.    


  • Interesting design and maximum lighting level
  • A completely new set that hasn’t been used before
  • Halogen FRS headlights bulb for low and high beam is included in the set


  • turn signal lights are not included
  • used with round led light bulbs
  • no installation instructions
  • lights are suitable for a range of cars from 2008 to 2010
  • the manufacturer of the set: Spec-D Tuning

If you are interested in stylish and powerful lights, then you should think about buying these headlights. They are made of high-quality materials and will surely last more than one year even with the most aggressive use of the car. By purchasing these headlights, you get a complete set of front lighting, except for the turn signal light bulbs. 

Why are there no lights for turning signals in this set?

– This is not a big problem. Use stock turn signal light bulbs with these headlights.

In the photo, it seems that these are tinted lights? What color are these headlights?

– These lights are made of completely transparent plastic. They are not tinted. The body color is black, but the light is fully reflected and creates the most effective lighting in front of the car. 


There are many offers of beautiful and bright headlights for any scion FRS cars on the auto parts market. You can always find a set of stylish front and rear headlights to give your car a fresh look. Manufacturers take care of the quality of assembly and test the headlights in different conditions. Modern headlight body and reflector coverings provide powerful lighting that serves for a long period without maintenance. 

Frequently asked questions

What headlights do scion FRS use

These cars often use headlights consisting of LEDs and powerful halogen spotlights. The round LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan, while the halogen light bulbs provide maximum brightness. Signal lighting is also often represented by LED light bulbs. Sometimes they are not included in the scope of delivery and new headlights need to be used with the turn signals.

How to install Vland headlights 14 FRS

Installation of such headlights is as easy as possible due to the simple housing and “plug and play” system. All you have to do is turn off the old headlights, insert the light bulbs into the new body, and fix it in the same place. There is no need to use additional wires. As the installation instructions are not included, the manufacturer recommends contacting technical service.

Why does my high beam turn on when turning off headlights FRS

Firstly, this problem can be hidden in the high beam relay malfunction. Probably it’s out of order. Secondly, there may be a malfunction in the light switch itself. Third, the problem may be that the headlights are not connected properly when they are installed. If the headlights are old, then a reasonable solution is to reinstall the front headlight or replace individual elements. In any case, it is recommended to contact a professional car electrician.

How to wire spec d headlights FRS

Although headlight installation instructions are not included and manufacturers recommend professional installation, many people try to connect the light bulbs themselves. It is sometimes difficult to sort out the wires, although these headlights are of the “plug and play” type. Problems sometimes arise with the connection of turn signals and often even the instructions here do not help, so it is advisable to ask for help from a car technician.

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