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If you install the internal combustion motorunder the hood and try to connect the clutch to the crankshaft, the motor will simply stall. Why? The motor of the car will not have enough capacity in a fraction of a second to spin the wheels to the motor operating speed. This will interfere with the weight of the car and the friction force arising from the coupling of the wheels with the road surface. To solve the problem you can install an intermediate power unit that will reduce the motor force to the required rpm and transfer it to the drive wheels. This is a multi-knot mechanism and is called a transmission.

The main purpose of this unit is the distribution of torque from the motor flywheel to the drive wheels. Based on the type of transmission it can be divided into mechanical, electrical, hydro-volume and combined.

Its parts, assemblies and mechanisms are made of wear-resistant materials capable of withstanding high mechanical loads, exposure to temperature fluctuations, chemical agents. To reduce friction and cool the unit special motor oils are used, which must be regularly changed according to the instructions of the car manufacturer. 

The standard set of transmission consists of several components:

clutches, gearboxes, cardan gear, main gear, differential gears, axle halves.

Depending on the layout (front, rear, all-wheel drive) transmission can include other units: CV joints (joints of equal angular speeds), transfer gearboxes, friction, viscous clutches. 

If a manual gearbox has a simple design, the automatic transmission has more units and assemblies, which in turn affects the cost of its manufacture, repair and operation. However, such a gearbox is more convenient to use, especially when driving in the city, because it does not require constant switching on/off the clutch. In this way, human involvement is minimized. Also, today you can choose from several types of automatic transmissions: hydro-mechanical gearbox (conventional “automatic”), manual transmission with two clutches, robotic gearbox and CVT. Each of these types of power units has its pros and cons.

In the transmission design, front, rear and front wheels can be used as driving wheels. If the rear wheels are used as drive wheels, the vehicle has rear drive and if the front wheels are used as drive wheels, the vehicle has front drive. The front and rear wheels are driven by four-wheel drive cars.

Vehicles with different types of drive have significant differences in the design, both in terms of composition and construction.

NV4500 rebuild cost

The New Venture Gear 4500 – commonly known as the NV4500 – is a New Venture Gear 5-speed manual transmission that was installed on General Motors and Chrysler machines from 1991 to 2007.

The NV4500 was a very popular manual gearbox and was installed on many lightweight Toyota, Ford, Jeep, General Motors and Dodge trucks.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your transmission, there are many things that you can do to return the powerful character of this power unit. It is possible to install certain upgrades like a higher-performance intake or exhaust. You can mount power-enhancing add-ons like a spoiler. Or, you can have the most benefits by getting a rebuild kit.

NV4500 rebuild cost is around $1000 unless you have issues with shafts etc. then the price goes up. It is usually $800 for the rebuild kit and around $300 for labor. Or if you are sure that you can handle the rebuild, then you can buy a rebuild kit (like an nv4500 billet rebuild kit) and save on labor costs.

Dodge nv4500 rebuild kit 4wd

However great a transmission can be, it is prone to malfunctions. Failure of this system often leads to complete inoperability of the machine.

To prevent this from happening, you need regularly inspect the machine following the regulations of the car manufacturer, and repair this power unit in case of any problems in its operation.

The following signs indicate the need for an overhaul:

  • transmissions are not engaged clearly or are switched off spontaneously;
  • a significant effort is required to change gears;
  • leakage of gearbox oil or change of its color;
  • starting with jerks and slipping while driving;
  • noise, clicks, grinding and vibration in the transmission;
  • fluid leaks can be seen in the drive connections.

There are many factors that can cause the above transmission failures.

For example,

the need to repair or replace a VAZ, Ford, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Toyota, Deo, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen transmission can be caused by errors in gearshifting (especially for novice drivers), the use of poor-quality oil and the natural wear of parts.

But the main cause of breakdowns is irregular maintenance.

The NV4500 was a 5-speed manual system made for GM and Chrysler (Dodge) light trucks and SUVs between 1991-2007. It is and was also a popular choice for transmission conversions in SUVs and light trucks made by Toyota, Dodge, Ford and Jeep. The Dodge NV4500 rebuild kit is the best overhaul kit found anywhere. It is a complete kit that includes everything you may need from Synchronizer Ring Kit to Bearing Kit with seals, gaskets and shift fork pads.

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