Daystar Leveling Kit Install on a Ford F150

Installation begins by raising the vehicle and removing the tire.

  1. Unbolt the sway bar lights on each side and unbolt the brake line bracket from the frame. It’s not necessary to disconnect the brake hoses themselves.
  2. Next, support the lower control arm and separate the upper ball joint from the knuckle. A couple of firm hits with a hammer is all it takes.
  3. With the knuckle out of the way, there’s easy access to the strut itself. Loosen the lower strut bolts and remove the three retaining nuts on the top of the strut.
  4. Lower the control arm enough to remove the upper portion of the strut from its mounting point on the frame. So, in just a few minutes we have access to the strut.

At this point, we could remove it from the vehicle, but really all we need to do is hit to the top of the strut. And actually, leaving it connected makes it a little bit easier to hold everything in place while you’re installing the Daystar products.

So now all we need to do is dab a little Locktite on each stud, thread on the supplied stem extensions and slide the polyurethane spacer. Then we’re ready for reassembly. Yep, it’s really that simple.

What about other applications?

Now, all the late model sprout applications are very similar to what we’re doing here now. Each kit comes with detailed instructions written with to-do-it-yourself or…. But it’s always a good idea to have the manual on hand for reference.

Once the Daystar components are in place, installation is a reverse of removal and is identical for the other side. So, in the space of about an hour we have the truck back on the ground, with plenty of room for a plus-size tire and wheel package.

What’s the maximum size is recommended by Daystar?

This one recommends a 285 70 17 on the late-model F150. Now, that’s equivalent to about a 33 inch all the time. And, just as advertisers, two and a half inch lift has levelled out this F150.

So what about alignment, right? Are there any other special concerns?

Well, as with any lifting or leveling kit, for that matter a professional realignment is required following the installation, but there are no special parameters here. It’s just align it to the factory specification. Now, in some cases the installer also needs to round off the squared edge of the front plastic valance, but this varies according to the vehicle and the tire, and wheel package used. And after that it’s just a matter of enjoying your newly customized F150 which, by the way, they’re pulling to ride exactly like they did before.

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