Best Battery for Subaru Outback

AGM batteries do not require a special introduction since they have been used both on new motorcycles and cars and on older models. Such batteries from third-party manufacturers have more advanced characteristics compared to older stock samples. They work long and efficiently, so Best Battery for Subaru Outback will last for years and support all the systems that need constant consumption of large amounts of electricity. When choosing a battery for Subaru outback, do not forget about the design of the battery, its energy consumption, and the cold start, which can be especially important if you use a car in a cold climate most time of the year.

Advantages of AGM batteries for car installation

The characteristics of AGM battery systems make it possible to use the car in harsh conditions. They are usually highly resistant to mechanical stress and active shaking. Their housing is completely sealed and has a molded structure to ensure complete safety. Such batteries are resistant to temperature changes and lose their charge without load much slower than standard lead batteries with liquid electrolyte.

The AGM battery uses fiberglass, which literally absorbs electrolyte and eliminates the presence of fluid in the unit. This allows to produce high-capacity batteries that charge much faster and have a longer recharge cycle, creating optimal conditions for the longest battery life. The 75d23r battery is manufactured by many third-party manufacturers and has a warranty period of more than 4 years. Of course, battery life depends on a number of factors that can significantly reduce or extend the operation period of the battery. Constant temperature changes, frequent discharge, and long-term storage without periodic use are very harmful to batteries.

How to check the battery for exhaustion

If your car doesn’t start well, there are problems with lighting or other electrics, you should immediately check the battery. You can clearly tell if the old 2005 Subaru outback battery is exhausted – the car does not turn on quickly or the headlights begin to fail. Of course, you can experience these issues because of wiring problems, but battery exhaustion is also common.

Checking the battery using a special device allows you to determine the number of used cycles, the period of its service, and how much more it can work. You can make such a diagnosis yourself if you have the appropriate device. If everything is fine, you need to check the generator because it may affect the battery, and its service life can be drastically shortened.

Installing a new battery is simple and does not take much time. The main task is to fix the battery in the car body and not to confuse the connected clamps to the battery contacts. Maintaining the generator and wiring in good condition guarantees the long service life of your battery.

If you have a relatively old car and are looking for a battery for 2006 Subaru outback, manufacturers offer many good and reliable batteries that will last a long time even with intensive power consumption. It is recommended to choose a battery considering the CCA index and its total capacity. The higher the capacity, the more devices you can power. Also, pay attention to the production technology, case, reliability in cold weather, and the guaranteed service life. In general, AGM batteries are very good and usually do not cause any problems with connection and use if you follow simple manufacturer recommendations.

List of Top-Rated Best Battery for Subaru Outback

Odyssey 35-PC1400T12 V65 Ah MaxView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Optima 8025-160 2512 V44 AhView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Optima 8040-218 D3512 V48 AhView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 Delphi BU9075DT12 V60 AhView on Amazon
Andrews 212620 XXS Power D1200 XS12 V44 AhView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Battery for Subaru Outback

Odyssey 35-PC1400T

Odyssey 35-PC1400T

This battery from Odyssey has high power consumption and a completely sealed body. Thanks to the sturdy block and hermetic seal, the battery is protected from intensive shaking. This is a lead battery that easily copes with its task and is able to start your engine even in severe frost. The battery does not need much time to fully recharge. It can be charged from zero to one hundred percent in about 5 hours. This is significantly faster than other lead batteries on the market.

The battery uses pure lead plates installed as tightly as possible to increase energy capacity up to 65 Ah. If you compare this battery with others, you can see that it works three times longer than alternative batteries. The total declared service life is 10 years. In addition, it is a larger battery for Subaru outback in terms of capacity.

High-quality brass terminals are resistant to water and all kinds of vibrations, protected from corrosion that can damage the contacts. Nevertheless, for longer and more correct operation of the system, it is recommended to clean the contacts and terminals from time to time using special cleaning agents.


  • high efficiency
  • quickly starts the engine even at low temperatures
  • recharges in 5 hours


  • maximum voltage – 12 volts
  • type – lead battery
  • consumption – 55 A
  • CCA – 850 units
  • maximum battery capacity – 65 Ah
  • battery weight – 50 pounds
  • manufacturer – Odyssey

If your car consumes large amounts of electricity, this battery can become a reliable assistant for you due to its large capacity. It is a leader among all similar models, thanks to its big capacity and safety. Such a battery can be safely installed on a Subaru Outback car.

Odyssey 35-PC1400T

What is the operating temperature range of this battery?

– The minimum operating temperature of this battery is -40 degrees Celsius. The Maximum plus temperature is +45 degrees Celsius. The manufacturer does not recommend using this battery above or below these values.

How long can this battery last?

– It depends on the operating conditions. In severe weather conditions, it will last up to 4 years. If the operating conditions are gentle, then, according to the manufacturer, the battery can last up to 10 years.

Optima 8025-160 25

Optima 8025-160 25

The battery from Optima is a reliable and high-performance model that can resist harsh weather conditions. This battery provides a guaranteed start, as it has a powerful pulse to cope with the most extreme situations on the road. The battery has a waterproof housing and is resistant even to strong vibrations. Also, the battery is easy to use as it can be mounted in any position. It does not require frequent maintenance, so the service life of this device is prolonged. This battery is very durable, charges quickly, and supports all the devices on board, even when the car’s power indicators are very high. This model is perfect for various vehicles, whether it is an ordinary passenger car or an SUV, this battery is suitable even for trucks. It has a unique spiral cell technology consisting of high-quality lead, so the battery is more expensive than other flat batteries.


  • durable battery with protection against strong vibrations
  • 3x longer service life compared to other batteries
  • easy start even in severe weather conditions
  • this battery has cold starting amplifiers


  • voltage – 12 volts
  • the capacity is 44 Ah.
  • battery weight – 31.7 feet
  • minimum internal resistance – 0.003
  • has 720 CCA for cold start
  • fast charge
  • the battery is resistant to vibration
  • manufacturer – Optima

Such a battery can be easily installed in trucks, because it copes with large volumes of work and, thanks to spiral cells, has high energy efficiency. At the same time, you can easily install such a battery in a passenger car or a racing car, because it has impressive power and it charges quickly.

Optima 8025-160 25

How is a regular lead battery different from this model?

-The lead battery is designed with regular lead plates, and the Optima battery has a number of separate spiral cells that consist of two lead oxide coated plates. They are installed close to each other and can significantly expand the energy intensity of the system.

How fast does this battery charge?

– The approximate charge time of the battery is about 90 minutes. This is pretty quick compared to all systems on the market from secondary manufacturers.

Optima 8040-218 D35

Optima 8040-218 D35

This battery block is designed for cars with high power consumption. It can work for a very long time with an impressive capacity of 48 ampere-hours. The block consists of cylindrical containers with high lead rolls instead of standard plates. So, it is a roll of one huge plate. The lead roll is tight enough for maximum compactness. It has special protection that prevents the spilling of electrolyte and damage from mechanical shock or vibration. The protection is provided by glass partitions that effectively hold the electrolyte and do not allow acid to come out even if the case is physically damaged. This is one of the most protected batteries on the market from third-party manufacturers that specialize in capacious batteries with increased energy consumption. It has a monolithic design and is not afraid of mechanical damage.

It can also start at low temperatures. In addition, the battery can be stored for a long time without recharging, as special technology reduces battery loss during downtime. When it comes to energy loss, the battery is much more efficient than standard systems. It can be used in all weather conditions and stored even in winter at low temperatures.


  • reinforced construction to withstand any strong vibrations
  • for cars with high energy consumption
  • low discharge during long storage
  • works in all weather conditions


  • battery type – AGM
  • maximum voltage – 12 volts
  • launch index – 620 CCA
  • charging cycles – over 300
  • capacity – 48 amp hours
  • approximate parcel weight – 36 pounds
  • manufactured by Optima

This device can be considered the best battery for the 2016 Subaru legacy, as it has a high capacity and an impressive service life, which is 3 times longer than that of regular batteries. The number of guaranteed charging cycles is 300; it supports fast charging. The manufacturer produces a number of batteries with different colors of the top cover. Each type of battery is designed for a specific load and has its own characteristics. This battery with a yellow cover is designed for medium and high loads when using powerful audio systems, other electronic devices, command processors, automatic door lifts, etc.

Optima 8040-218 D35

Can I use the battery for the 2004 Subaru outback?

– Of course, it is suitable for all Subaru outback cars, as well as other vehicles that require a relatively high consumption of electric energy.

What is the difference between Optima batteries with red and yellow caps?

– Batteries with a yellow cap are designed for a load that exceeds average consumption. They are used on cars with additional devices and systems that need a large amount of electricity. Batteries with a red cover are more basic, they have a smaller volume and are usually immediately recharged from the alternator.

Delphi BU9075DT

Delphi BU9075DT

This premium double pole battery provides superior energy exchange. This battery is manufactured using AGM technology, and if you compare it with a simple lead prototype, you will see that the AGM battery has several advantages. For example, a more extended working period and energy efficiency. The battery tolerates extreme climatic conditions, it is resistant to corrosion as its case is absolutely hermetic and protected from strong mechanical influences. Also, this model is resistant to intense vibrations.

Cold Start Indicators (CCA) guarantee your car will start even at -30 degrees Celsius. The battery is safe due to reinforced uprights, sturdy construction, and welds. Optimized compression of the plates and components increases the operability and efficiency and prolongs the service life. The weight of the entire block is quite large, due to its size and overall capacity. This is one of the most capacious batteries on the market, and it makes sense to choose it for use on the Subaru outback cars with devices and systems that require increased electricity consumption.


  • unique glass technology
  • longer life cycle
  • resistant to vibrations
  • premium battery
  • cold start amplifiers


  • device weight – 41.1 feet
  • maximum power – 12 volts
  • total capacity – 60 amp hours
  • produced by Delphi
  • AGM battery

This battery is perfect for modern cars. Thanks to its ability to adapt quickly, this battery model copes well with extreme temperatures. By installing the Delphi battery in your car, you can easily use all its power. 12 volts is an excellent indicator for similar batteries.

Delphi BU9075DT

Does this battery model need special maintenance?

 – No, Delphi batteries undergo a quality test, and their products do not require maintenance.

Is the glass case design more fragile than stock systems?

– In fact, AGM does not use glass partitions but has fiberglass structures to absorb the electrolyte solution and avoid spilling during severe mechanical damage. This technology is more efficient in terms of safety, energy intensity, and reliability.

XXS Power D1200 XS

XXS Power D1200 XS

The battery for the 2010 Subaru outback is also designed for installation on other vehicles. This is a universal system to use on cars, trucks, boats, etc.. It is usually installed on sports cars that participate in races. Due to its large capacity and reliability, the battery replaces the stock one. It starts quickly at any temperature. It is not afraid of mechanical influences and is resistant to any kind of corrosion.

With a capacity of 44 ampere-hours, the battery slowly loses its charge. As for the average recharging, it usually takes 80 minutes. The battery case has a square shape to make the installation as convenient as possible in almost any position. The plates are placed very close to each other, which ensures the proper capacity. Special fiberglass protection prevents the electrolyte from spilling.


  • reliable protection with fiberglass
  • protection from mechanical damage and spillage of acid solution
  • convenient mounting in any position
  • universal battery for all types of vehicles


  • battery type – AGM
  • voltage – 12 volts
  • low temperature start index – 725 CCA
  • capacity – 44 amp hours
  • supplied kit weight – 34 lbs.
  • manufacturer – XS Power

Thanks to the strong and protected body, this battery pack is perfect for cars that participate in races and undergo to extreme loads. This is not the most capacious product on the market, but it has a high CCA and a universal case, which makes it a favorite for race drivers. It is also ideal for cars with an automatic start/stop system, due to its low charge loss and powerful starting impulse. The positive contact is red, and a negative contact is black.

XXS Power D1200 XS

How many recharge cycles does a battery have?

– It has 400 cycles of full discharge and charging. 300 cycles are guaranteed, but its service life is determined by a combination of many factors that can cause its failure, or maintain its maximum performance.

Why is the battery recommended for use on Subaru outback?

– It is recommended for sporty upgrades of Subaru outback. It is a powerful and capacious battery with a good start index and the most robust body with high resistance to mechanical damage. Consider other battery options for Subaru outback if you do not use your car for sports or racing purposes.


In conclusion, it is worth saying that all these batteries are of high quality and reliability. AGM systems are very resistant to mechanical vibrations, strong impacts and can be installed in any position except upside down. All batteries have a high CCA and are capable of starting the engine at temperatures of -25 – 35 degrees. The Odyssey and Optima batteries are exceptionally resistant frost. They can be stored without any problems since they lose their charge much more slowly than ordinary batteries. If you use the car in a harsh cold climate, take a closer look at these options.

The Optima batteries deserve special attention as they have a cylindrical structure and a technological case. Lead rolls provide a high energy intensity. They lose charge slowly when stored and perform as the most tenacious systems. They work 3 times longer than stock systems, according to the manufacturer. In addition, they charge quickly and give a great boost when the car starts.

XS Power is designed for high-speed cars. It has a universal square shape, optimal size and can be mounted on race cars. It has a high engine start index and standard volume. This is the best battery model for racing cars. If you are looking for a battery for the ordinary Subaru outback family car, this option may not be the best one. Consider the products of Optima or Delphi.

The latest Delphi battery has a lower CCA, but higher capacity, optimal parameters. This is a universal battery that will not leave you without electricity, even with the most intensive consumption and additional devices, audio systems, lifts, and other structures.

 If you need the most autonomous and capacious battery, you definitely need to choose a system from Odyssey or Delphi. They have the highest energy intensity among all presented car batteries. The first battery has a capacity of 65 amp-hours, and the second is 60 amp-hours.

Frequently asked Questions

What battery does Subaru use?

The first thing to consider is the size of the battery. All car batteries belong to a particular group in size. This indicator determines whether the battery is suitable for a car according to its physical dimensions. This is the main indicator that you need to check before buying a battery. If the battery you buy is larger than a stock one, most likely, it won’t fit in your car, no matter how good it is. The Subaru battery size usually has an indicator of 25 units. You can find out the exact sizes of this group of blocks on the Internet and compare them with your own battery.
Subaru also uses reliable AGM systems, which have several advantages. Firstly, they do not have a liquid medium, so the electrolyte can’t leak out. They use special glass fiber walls that absorb the fluid and contribute to a denser installation of lead plates. In addition, their case is very strong and monolithic. It is not afraid of vibrations and other mechanical influences. Secondly, the discharge of the battery is much lower than that of alternative batteries. Thirdly, they charge up to 100 percent much faster. Usually, it takes less than 2 hours. Fourthly, AGM batteries can work and start the car at low temperatures up to -35 degrees.
These advantages make AGM systems very promising. Many Subaru cars, including the Subaru Outback, are equipped with such batteries. These batteries significantly exceed stock blocks in capacity, reliability of the case, and CCA.

How long do Subaru Outback batteries last?

The life of any battery depends on many factors determined by various operating and storage conditions. When it comes to factory batteries, the guaranteed service life is about 3 years. If the conditions are good, this period can be much longer. To extend the life of any battery, you must follow recommendations not to harm its electrical potential.
First of all, if you are not an active car user, you need to store it in a garage or another safe place without sudden changes in temperature. Any significant and constant temperature changes can influence the productivity of the battery. You also need to clean the contacts and terminals from time to time since any kind of corrosion can ruin the battery. In addition, it is necessary to prevent loose fixation of the unit in the car as the contacts and internal plates can fail due to constant strong vibrations.
Most of the above measures do not apply to new third-party AGM batteries. Some of these batteries are not afraid of quite a long storage time. They also can resist low temperatures and can start the engine even in severe frost. As for the case and mechanical influences, many systems are not afraid of mechanical influences, shaking, vibration and can be installed in any position, except for the upside-down one.
Third-party battery life is usually more than 4 years. That means that it can work longer without problems than the stock power system in aggressive conditions. If you use the battery carefully, it can work for more than 6 years. These are great indicators for a machine battery. The average number of full recharge cycles of modern AGM batteries is more than 350.

Who makes the best car battery?

We need to understand that there are no best universal batteries in general. They can be the best from different points of view dealing with various tasks. Each system has its own disadvantages and advantages. Anyways, the AGM battery type is definitely the best since these batteries do not have a liquid medium and therefore have a number of advantages. Almost all modern manufacturers focus on such batteries and recommend using them on cars.
In terms of energy intensity, we can point out several batteries from trusted manufacturers. The Odyssey and Delphi batteries have an impressive 65 and 60 ampere-hours capacity, which makes them the most capacious on the market. They have many AGM batteries advantages and are not afraid of intense use and heavy loads. They should be purchased if your car consumers much electricity for music systems, lifting doors, computer processors, and other devices. Such batteries work for a very long time, they easily start the system at low temperatures and are resistant to vibrations.
If we consider the best engine batteries with the highest index of starting at low temperatures, the leaders here are Optima and XS Power. They can start the engine at temperatures lower than – 30 degrees. In addition, they are not afraid of long-term storage at low temperatures. The XS Power battery is commonly used on sports cars, as they show great power when starting the car, have sufficient capacity, and are not afraid of constant vibrations. Such a battery can be installed in different positions – the electrolyte won’t spill, and the terminals will not disconnect from the contacts.

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