Best BRZ Headlights

Today car parts suppliers can proud of BRZ headlights, which can be easily used as the best FRS headlights. Such flashlights fully perform all tasks assigned to them and give the car freshness and style. These headlights look stylish and even aggressive. They have a black body, white LED daylight light bulbs and orange signal light indicators.  

The headlights under consideration are characterized by an increased level of comfort in terms of road lighting quality. They are also interesting for those who want to install BRZ headlights on FRS. The versatility of the unit and its simple design allows you to quickly solve the problem with outdated or broken headlights.

Of course, professional installation of the unit is always a priority, but even the motorists themselves can change the headlights, apply a tint or connect the light, following the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturers.  

List of Top-Rated BRZ Headlights

VLAND YAA-FT86-0297-H VLAND YAA-FT86-0297-H2012-201816.6 poundsView on Amazon
JDMSPEED New LED Headlights JDMSPEED New LED Headlights2012-201920 poundsView on Amazon
MICROPOWER YAA-FT86-0297-H MICROPOWER YAA-FT86-0297-H2013-201816 poundsView on Amazon
MOSTPLUS 11120297 MOSTPLUS 111202972013-201913 poundsView on Amazon
A&K YAA-FT86-0297-H A&K YAA-FT86-0297-H2012-2019about 16 poundsView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best RZ Headlights



Original design and powerful front light for driving at any time of day and night are the main advantages of this set. The headlights have a main double flashing, and the turning lights are not just flashing, but are gradually filling the entire section with alarm LEDs. The manufacturer VLAND headlights BRZ supplies certified headlights with a fully transparent body. The light passes through the transparent lens freely, and even the relatively low power of the flashlights is sufficient for safe and comfortable driving on the road.  

The headlight has a black body, which gives your car a cool look, and such a car is unlikely to leave people passing by indifferent. The body is made of extra strong plastic, which shows high resistance to external mechanical influences.  

The front headlights were designed specifically for problem-free installation. The design of the connectors is as simple as possible, and almost any car owner can change the old unit in the garage himself. The lights fully match the factory headlights in shape and other physical parameters. Use a screwdriver in the appropriate adjustment section to adjust the low beam and high beam. 


  • cutting-edge design
  • consists of special bright LEDs 
  • the product passes a huge number of tests before it gets into the hands of the buyer
  • headlights are easy to install (just insert the wires into the corresponding sockets)


  • suitable for Subaru models from 2012 to 2018
  • has three types of lighting
  • basic light bulbs are not included in the scope of delivery
  • lighting unit capacity: 35 watts
  • the voltage used is 12 volts
  • headlight weight: 16.6 pounds
  • manufacturer’s brand: VLAND

The headlights are very cool in design and lighting parameters. They will completely replace the factory 2018 BRZ headlights and easily deal with their direct functions. If you’re looking for a combination of style and efficient front lighting, these headlights are the right choice. Of course, the manufacturer recommends installation in a car service center, but if you have a basic knowledge of the electrician and the work of the car in general, there is a possibility of installation by yourself according to instructions. 

How do the headlights perform when it rains or snows?

– The front headlights are resistant to adverse weather conditions. They are fully waterproof, which means they are fully suitable for driving in rain and snow. Powerful lighting and high-quality reflectors create a dense light in front of the car, providing confident traffic on the roadway. 

Are there any other color solutions for the headlight body?

– The headlights are presented in black, and this is the only modification of such headlights from the manufacturer. The original design gives the headlights a special look and thanks to this, many people choose these black lights. 


JDMSPEED New LED Headlights

JDMSPEED New LED Headlights
HeadlightsJDMSPEEDCheck Price
Headlights With Tail LightsJDMSPEEDCheck Price

Stylish black front headlights, and classic red rear lights. Such a set is offered by the manufacturer JDMSPEED. The black headlights look impressive. At the same time, the high output of the transparent body and the powerful light bulbs make it possible to achieve the most comfortable level of road lighting for safe driving in all conditions. 

It should be noted that the headlights fully comply with factory standards for shape and modification. The manufacturer provides a quality warranty for the set of front headlights and rear lights. These lighting units are fully suitable for cars that have been manufactured for 7 years. If you need to replace old headlights for one reason or another, the proposed set of headlights will interest you. This set has several advantages over the refurbishment of old headlights. 


  • good price for a set of stylish front and rear lights
  • the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty
  • the safest possible installation due to the instructions and simple design of the headlight
  • suitable for Subaru BRZ from 2012 to 2019 


  • the total weight of the parcel is almost 20 pounds
  • two sets of headlights (two front headlights and two rear lights) included
  • color: black and red
  • manufacturer brand: JDMSPEED

JDMSPEED brand offers its motorists a complete set of front and rear lights at an affordable price. Stylish design and good assembly quality attract many customers. Even though many car owners like to replace the headlights in their garage, many recommend contacting a special service. The manufacturer assesses the level of difficulty in installing the headlights as average. Professional installation at a specialized service center is highly recommended. The average time to replace old units with new ones is about three hours.  

How many headlights are included?

– The package contains black front headlights and red rear lights one for each side. The headlamps are installed in place of the previous ones according to special instructions and fully meet quality standards. 

Under what conditions are the headlights not covered by the warranty?

– You can find the detailed warranty terms and conditions in the warranty card that accompanies your purchase. If any parts of the headlamp are damaged during non-professional installation, no warranty service will be provided.   



Mega stylish MICROPOWER 4×4 headlights are highly resistant to negative external influences. Rain, snow, or high humidity does not hurt when driving in the harshest conditions. The headlight is manufactured following all quality standards. The level of protection against water meets the IP68 standard. 

The main headlights are not included. The rest of the units work out of the unit box. The signal light is characterized by the successive filling of the LEDs. You can drive on the track with daylight on, which is located in a special section of headlights. Thus, they are not only designed for night time or poor visibility conditions. 

Black headlight body gives a unique look to your favorite car. This is one of the main differences between the factory and these headlights. The manufacturer guarantees high quality of throughput lenses and reflectors. This allows you to create the most powerful light with a wide viewing angle of the road surface. Driving comfort and safety are always in priority when buying headlights for a car. D2H standard light bulbs are recommended for connection.  


  • stylish design in comparison with factory headlights 
  • high resistance to water, dust and vibration
  • designed for quick installation without the need for additional modifications


  • suitable for Subaru cars from 2013 to 2018.
  • main BRZ headlight bulb lamps are not included in the scope of delivery
  • LED turn signal operate without the need to connect additional light bulbs
  • approximate set weight: 16 pounds
  • the unit is designed to work with a voltage of 12 volts and a light power of 35 watts 
  • produced by the company MICROPOWER 4×4

This is an excellent choice for those looking for reliable headlights that can resist any influence from moisture or dirt. High-quality materials used to manufacture the headlights ensure a long lifespan of the lighting unit. Excellent universal design transforms a range of vehicles, while providing quality and reliable front lighting for the road. Please note that manufacturers recommend professional installation in a specialized car service. The setting of the low and high beam level is done manually when the corresponding adjusting unit is affected.   

It is not clear which light bulbs are included in the set.

– The headlights consist of several sections, which perform their special functions. Daytime running lights and signal lights to indicate turning do not require additional light bulbs. As for the main headlights of the front and high-beam, they are not included in the delivery. The manufacturers recommend using D2H light bulbs. 

Why it is not recommended to install the headlights yourself?

– Incorrect installation of the headlights will result in a termination of warranty service. Professional replacement is recommended to avoid electric shock, incorrect installation, and failure of any parts of the headlights.

MOSTPLUS 11120297

MOSTPLUS 11120297

Manufacturer MOSTPLUS offers customers excellent front lights that are suitable for driving, both during the daytime and at night. The main feature of the headlights is their increased resistance to negative weather effects. The headlights are made of high-quality plastic and glass. Transparent glass lenses transmit light completely from low and high beam headlights. The use of high power light bulbs and high-quality reflectors of the light output allows us to achieve maximum visibility and a high level of safety in all conditions.

The headlights are designed for a range of Subaru BRZ cars and are often used as Toyota 86 headlights OEM. You can easily install them instead of stock headlights and get not only good light, but also upgrade the appearance of your car. 


  • stylish design
  • full compliance with factory headlights
  • reliable operation in harsh weather conditions


  • suitable for 2013-2019 SUBARU BRZ
  • Sequential indicator of signal lighting
  • Approximate set weight: 13 pounds
  • Brand of manufacturer: MOSTPLUS

Do agree that you do not want to spoil the new light bulbs due to incorrect connection and installation. For these reasons, the manufacturer strongly recommends professional installation at a car service center. The headlights completely replace stock headlights and even exceed them in all respects in terms of lighting and aesthetic appearance. The headlights are suitable for use in the most difficult weather conditions. They are completely protected from moisture and dust.  

How does the signal unit work in these headlights? How fast is the turn signal flashing?

– The signal light has a traditional orange-yellow color. The LED light bulbs light up one after the other, gradually filling the entire LED unit. The speed of filling the light from zero to full is intense enough to attract the attention of other road users. 

A&K YAA-FT86-0297-H

A&K YAA-FT86-0297-H

The presented front headlights have increased resistance to vibrations. Those who prefer even the most aggressive driving style can safely place such light units and not worry that the headlights will become obsolete too quickly. Also, the headlight body does not let in moisture or even the finest dust. The tightness of the entire unit makes it possible to travel for a long time in all weather conditions.  

As for the level of illumination, the headlights have a higher brightness when used with the recommended lights. Lenses and headlight reflectors concentrate the light in front of the car as efficiently as possible. 


  • high resistance to overheating, moisture and dust 
  • stylish look
  • compactness of all lighting units 
  • more powerful light output


  • includes halogen and Led light bulbs 
  • fully transparent headlights
  • standard weight of about 16 pounds
  • polycarbonate body 
  • shockproof body 
  • no installation instructions
  • manufacturer: A&K

Many suppliers offer shockproof headlights in the market of auto parts. If you need to have really strong headlights, you need to understand what materials they are made of. A quality warranty from the manufacturer A&K can be an important argument in the choice of front car headlights.

Why are standard H1 light bulbs not suitable for use with front headlights?

– The D2H standard base is recommended for installation in such headlights. Other light bulbs may not be suitable or may not provide a high level of illumination at all. Also, the installation of unsuitable light bulbs may cause damage to the headlight components. 


In conclusion, it is noticeable that all presented headlights look approximately the same, but they are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. They give the car a bright and impressive appearance in terms of design. In terms of reliability, almost all samples have increased protection against moisture and dust. Powerful vibrations and minor shocks are also harmless. It is better to entrust the connection of headlights to professional car mechanics and not to engage in independent installation at home. 

Frequently asked question

How to blackout headlights BRZ

You can darken the front lights on the car with a special coating. Sometimes the reliability of this method may be in question. It is better to initially buy headlights that are designed to dampen the light output. Special tint gives originality to such headlights. It must be remembered that the use of tinted headlights is not permitted on the roads in most regions.

How many wraps do you need to tint BRZ headlights

The headlight tinting does not take much consumables or time. Coatings for tinting can be of different densities. You need to understand the real size of the headlight to find the right amount of toning film. It’s always worth the extra tape, especially if you haven’t tinted the headlights yourself before.

How to open up BRZ headlights

It is not difficult to open the headlight to connect the light bulb. To do this, remove the protective wall, insert the light bulb, and connect it to the mains using a suitable, ready-made contact unit. There’s no need to open up the rest of the headlight. Just connect the wires to the power system to make them work. LED light bulbs must not be opened.

How to adjust BRZ headlights

The headlights are adjusted manually by influencing the appropriate controls.
You can adjust the low and high beam with just a screwdriver. Each headlight has two regulators to adjust the light in the horizontal and vertical axes. By operating each control, you can adjust the lighting precisely enough to increase comfort and safety in all conditions.

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