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Without a good battery, your vehicle cannot run at optimum. Not only does it allow you to start your vehicle, but it also powers electrical components in the car. As such, you must ensure that your car battery is in good condition at all times.

You might not give much thought to the battery when it is working as it should. After all, you can start your car by turning a key. And just like that, you are off to run your errands. What you do not see is that the battery does all the work.

Turning the key sends a signal to the battery, which then starts a chemical reaction that translates into electrical energy. The result is that the motor starts running, and the engine fires up. When the battery is not working as it should, the engine will not have enough energy to get your car moving. That’s how important the battery is to your car.

A good car battery should last you a long time. However, it is essential to note that this lifespan is highly dependent on how long the battery can hold charge. It also depends on whether you can recharge the battery. When you can no longer recharge the battery, it is dead. In ideal conditions, a car battery should last you as many as six years. However, this can only happen where you do not live in a region with extreme temperatures.

Most people need to change their car batteries every four years. That is the average time a battery can serve you, give or take based on your region’s climate. As such, you should pay more attention to your car once you hit the three-year mark. In this way, you can catch signs of a battery problem early on and work on replacing the battery as soon as you can. Else, you will put your car at risk of damage.

You should note that when driving a new vehicle, your battery may not give you any signs that it will fail. It is thus essential that you get a mechanic to look at your battery the next time you go in for an inspection. You cannot avoid changing a battery, and knowing how to do so can save you that trip to the garage.

Replacing the battery

When conducting a 2017 WRX battery replacement, it is essential to note that you can do this by yourself. While some people opt to have this done by a mechanic, you are more than able to handle this task. All you need to note are the Subaru OEM battery specs and to have some tips on how to go about this.

For one, you must make sure that the battery is due for a replacement. Else, you could end up changing something that could have lasted a few more months, maybe years. There should be some residue around the terminal, which can either be bluish or whitish. In some cases, the removal of this residue is enough to get the battery working as it should again. As you remove the residue, ensure that you do so with acid-resistant gloves. You will find that in many cases, the residue has some dried sulfuric acid. Touching this can corrode your skin.

Sometimes, the battery may be acting up owing to a lack of enough recharging time. As such, drive for at least thirty minutes, using as few electrical components as you can. That means that you should not run the AC, charge your phone, or anything that can consume considerable power. After this, check if the battery is working as it should. You might find that you can do without that 2016 WRX battery replacement, after all.

Finally, check the alternator of the battery meter. As the engine runs, the alternator should maintain a charge equivalent to 13.8 through to 14.2 volts. If this is the case, the charging system is working as it should. Also, check the voltage of the battery when the engine is off. It should be anywhere between 12.4 through to 12.8 volts where no accessory load is in play. 

If you conduct all these and realize that the battery indeed has a problem, the next step lies in getting a replacement battery. Ensure that you get the right size for your car. The following are examples of the same:

2017 Subaru WRX battery size

The battery should bear the following features: Amp Hour Capacity: 53. Cold Cranking Amperage: 650. Reserve Capacity: 110. Voltage: 12V.

2015 Subaru WRX battery size

The battery should be as follows: Amp Hour Capacity: 53. Cold Cranking Amperage: 650. Reserve Capacity: 110

Go by these sizes such that you can tell the difference between a 2018 Subaru WRX battery size and another battery.

The Process

If you have not done this before, you need to exercise caution in the process. First off, you must do the replacement in a safe environment where the car is on a flat surface. You should park the vehicle away from any open flames or sparks, ensuring that the parking brake is in place. Next, adorn protective gear such as safety goggles and gloves. If you can get an overall, the safer you will be. Remove the cigarette lighter as well as anything else you have plugged into the car. Insert a memory keeper into the socket. Alternatively, you can save all PINs before starting this procedure.

It is now time to locate the battery, which should be on the car’s frame. It is a rectangular box with two cables leading from it. Identify the positive and negative terminals by looking at the signs on them. The positive terminal should have a plus sign while the negative one should bear a minus sign.

Start by loosening the negative clamp with a wrench and slide it off the negative terminal. Starting with the positive terminal can lead to the short-circuiting of the terminal to a grounded part of the car. From the negative terminal, you can move on to the positive terminal. Remove the failing car battery and replace it with the new one. Reconnect the terminals and ensures that you tighten the clamps using a wrench. You can now close the hood and start the car to check if the battery is working as it should. The electronic devices should function as they did in the past.

Do not dispose of the old battery improperly as this could endanger your life and that of others. If you have trouble with the replacement, or are unsure of how to do it, get a professional to help with the same. That said, good luck!

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