Best Toyota Tundra Headlights

Toyota Tundra is a noble full-size pickup truck, which has been loved by many Americans for its reliability and practicality. The appearance of the car also has a significant role, and therefore owners of old pickup trucks are always trying to upgrade their cars. It is often necessary to buy Toyota Tundra headlights from secondary manufacturers, especially when it comes to pickups produced in the 2000s. The car itself can serve for years, but the headlights have to be changed frequently, especially if the car is operated in severe weather conditions.

The market of auto parts is full of various blocks of car headlights and many of them are worth our attention, as they allow for a small fee to provide reliable lighting on the car and give it a fresh look. Here we will try to find the best replacement headlights for 2008 Toyota Tundra and not only. 

Restoration of old headlights or purchase of new ones 

There are many reasons why headlights lose their appearance over time. First of all, the headlights just get muddy from time to time. Secondly, fine dust and stones turn into abrasive during movement, which greatly destroys the headlight coating. In this case, even if the headlights do not need to be replaced, they are already poorly performing their functions. 

The headlight recovery procedure helps to correct the situation. Grinding and polishing the headlights can restore their original appearance. You do not have to take your car to a car service to grind the headlights. Many motorists are trying to solve the problem on their own. But sometimes it is not possible to get the desired result and the quality of lighting is significantly impaired. In these cases, you cannot do without replacing the entire set of headlights. The need to replace the front headlights is determined by the service life of the previous headlights and their extent of wear. It is clear that headlights 2020 Toyota Tundra headlights will not need repairing at least because they are new and it is unlikely that their condition can deteriorate in a short period.

If the headlights are only one year old, but they’re a little blurry, it’s better to do the grinding and polishing. If the headlights have been in use for several years and the light level seems to have become less, it is better to buy a new set of headlights. Remember the importance of safe driving on the road, especially when driving at night or in harsh weather conditions.

List of Top-Rated Toyota Tundra Headlights

PhotoProductYearsType LightsDetails
AKKON 9-E1TTU00BK1 AKKON 9-E1TTU00BK12000-2004H4View on Amazon
Aftermarket Auto Parts TY716-B001R TY716-B001L Aftermarket Auto Parts TY716-B001R TY716-B001L2001-2004HalogenView on Amazon
AKKON 9-P1TTU07BS AKKON 9-P1TTU07BS2007-2013H7View on Amazon
AKKON 9-E1TTU05MC1 AKKON 9-E1TTU05MC12005-2006H4 / 9003View on Amazon
AutoLightsBulbs TY796-B001L TY796-B001R AutoLightsBulbs TY796-B001L TY796-B001R2005-2007H4View on Amazon
AKKON 5-HD-JH-TTU07-AM-BK AKKON 5-HD-JH-TTU07-AM-BK2007-2013H11View on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Toyota Tundra Headlights


Access Headlights Black Housing9-E1TTU00BK1Check Price
Access Headlights Black Smoke9-E1TTU00BS1Check Price
Access Headlights Chrome V29-E1TTU00MC1Check Price

Brand AKKON established itself as a manufacturer of spare parts for old cars of many brands. The front headlights of the manufacturer are designed to provide maximum light levels. Despite the black body of the headlights, they produce quite a bright light. If you wish, you can use traditional chrome reflectors if you want to keep the pickup truck’s basic appearance. The set includes two headlights for installation on the driver and passenger sides. 

As for the installation of the headlights, it is very simple. The manufacturer does not attach instructions for connection, but many people can replace old headlights with new ones on their own. This will require basic tools and a little time within the hour.


  • manufacturer offers 3 styles of headlights (black, tinted and chrome)
  • a proven manufacturer on the market that has been operating for many years


  • housing color: black
  • the H4 Dual light bulb type is used 
  • without wires (inserted immediately in the place of the previous headlights and connected to a special connector)
  • manufactured by AKKON
  • no installation instructions  

Headlights are not suitable for relatively new cars, for example, 2017 Tundra headlights. They are designed for Toyota cars manufactured between 2000 and 2004. If you look for stylish headlights for an old pickup truck, this option is very interesting. You can upgrade your car at your taste, picking up the color of headlights, which is most harmonious with the color of your car.  

Can I buy all three colors at once?

– Of course, but the price is specified for each set separately. The cost of all three sets will be around three hundred dollars. 

How much worse do tinted headlights transmit light?

– Headlight tinting reduces the level of light transmitted to some extent and serves as a kind of sunglasses. For this reason, such headlights are prohibited on public roads. The degree of shading depends on the density of the tinted coating.

Aftermarket Auto Parts TY716-B001R TY716-B001L

Aftermarket Auto Parts TY716-B001R TY716-B001L

Many modern headlights use LED strip, which has advantages over ordinary light bulbs. But old light bulbs are also used today everywhere. The manufacturer offers us just such ordinary headlights to replace those that do not perform their functions. 

The old light bulbs are often turbid, bursting, or exposed to other destructive influences. Corrosion of elements is also a common thing. When the headlight cannot be restored by grinding and polishing, a replacement of the housing is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are cheap basic headlights on the market, which can be quickly installed and restore the functionality of the front light on the car. 


  • basic headlights that can be replaced quickly and easily
  • high efficiency of headlight reflectors
  • low market value


  • type of light bulbs used: halogen
  • parcel weight is approximately 10 pounds 
  • basic chrome headlights

If you just need to change the old headlights, then this simple option is the right one. The headlights will ensure proper road lighting and give the car a fresh look. Please note that headlights can be used with old halogen light bulbs and therefore do not need to be purchased separately.


AKKON Black Housing9-P1TTU07BKCheck Price
AKKON Black Smoke9-P1TTU07BSCheck Price
AKKON Chrome Housing9-P1TTU07CCheck Price

Finally the manufacturer AKKON offers 2013 Toyota Tundra led headlights. Owners of newer cars can now easily replace the old headlights and achieve a solid car appearance. The headlights are available in three basic colors. For those who like light-colored headlights, there is a chrome body. For those who like aggressive style, black or tinted headlights will be a good thing. 

The headlight consists of several lighting elements that perform a basic and signal function. These are two low and high beam headlights, which are made of transparent lenses and combined with an LED strip. Signal lights are located above the main light.  


  • headlights look expensive due to their stylish design
  • color selection option
  • halogen and led light compatibility


  • for cars from 2007 to 2013
  • type of low beam light bulb: H7 
  • high beam type H1
  • set weight 20 pounds
  • manufacturer: AKKON

The headlights meet the requirements of the most picky customers. The manufacturer has created headlights that combine design and light quality. The front headlights don’t look as cheap as the competition’s. The high-quality transparent headlight coating fully transmits light and thus ensures safe movement at any speed.  

How do the headlights connect to the car’s electrical system?

– To connect the led node requires the presence of wires. We recommend that you do not perform the installation yourself, but ask the car mechanics for help. 

What material is the headlight made of?

– The headlight is made using transparent strong plastic. The lenses are made of glass and the body is made of durable plastic, which can resist use in rather difficult weather conditions. Such headlights are also resistant to minor mechanical impacts.


Toyota Headlights Black Housing9-E1TTU05BK1Check Price
Toyota Headlights Chrome Housing9-E1TTU05MC1Check Price

Not all AKKON headlights are used with Tundra OEM led headlights. Traditional headlights with halogen lighting are very popular. The manufacturer offers two versions of headlights: in chrome and black. It is possible to install the headlights yourself, but there are no instructions from the manufacturer. For this reason, many people give the car to the car service, where the installation is carried out by professionals. 

The front headlight is made of their transparent strong plastic, which is resistant to minor mechanical damage from dust and stones. The coating of the headlights also prevents the negative effects of UV radiation and moisture. With these lights, you can drive in a variety of weather conditions.


  • standard shape base headlights
  • easy connection system (although the manual is not included in the package)
  • headlights meet all quality standards
  • classic chrome reflectors


  • used with 9003/H4 base
  • are only suitable for 2005 and 2006 pickup trucks
  • manufactured by AKKON

These headlights are best suited for cars of the year 2006. Toyota Tundra headlight bulb replacement is quick and easy due to the simple structure of all headlight elements. Instead of buying expensive analogs on the car equipment market, it is often better to buy standard headlights and not to worry that they may not fit into the car or deal with their direct function.

Why aren’t there tinted headlights included in the set? Is it possible to apply the tint yourself?

– Tinted headlights are prohibited for use on public roads. If you want, you can tint the headlights yourself. To do this you need to buy a special film, which reduces the light output and makes the headlights more stylish. 

AutoLightsBulbs TY796-B001L TY796-B001R

AutoLightsBulbs TY796-B001L TY796-B001R

The simplest light reflectors are offered by AutoLightsBulbs. These front light bulbs are well coated and have the easiest connection system possible. 

The chrome-plated reflector reflects the light of the lamp as effectively as possible. This allows you to achieve a sufficient level of illumination in front of the car. The light is fully certified and meets the quality control requirements. It should be noted that the front lights come with light bulbs and you do not need to buy them separately. Many other front headlight manufacturers do not include the light bulb in the set on sale.  


  • maximum practicality
  • low cost 
  • easy connection
  • stock light bulb is included in the package


  • halogen light bulbs
  • approximate weight: 12 pounds 
  • manufacturer: AutoLightsBulbs

These light bulbs are perfect for those who are looking for an inexpensive replacement for their headlights. Of course, this is not a headlight revolution tundra, but simple lights that simply perform their basic function. Chrome body, low price, and easy installation are the advantages of this model of front headlights.


Toyota Headlights Black Housing5-HD-JH-TTU07-AM-BKCheck Price
Toyota Headlights Black Smoke5-HD-JH-TTU07-AM-BSMCheck Price
Toyota Headlights Chrome Housing5-HD-JH-TTU07-AM-CCheck Price

Some of the most interesting headlights are available in four versions: chrome, black, tinted gray and all-gray. These are quite technological headlights, which use modern light and high-quality materials. The coating of lenses and lighting elements is resistant to external influences of moisture, dirt, and dust.

As for the appearance, these headlights look very impressive in any color. Depending on the color of your car, you can always choose the most optimal headlight housing color. 


  • designed for almost all Toyota Tundra models
  • the headlight device is as simple as possible and does not require additional wiring


  • used for Tundra models from 2007 to 2013
  • has 4 light elements
  • supplied without light bulbs
  • headlight manufacturer: AKKON
  • used with the H11 base types for low beam and 9005 for high beam

This is a more stylish solution for car owners. Headlights do not look cheap, although their cost is low. It is noteworthy that they can be installed on almost any car model. With all these characteristics, the price of headlights makes you happy, because such analogs might cost much more than a hundred bucks. Simple installation can also attract customers, because it is not necessary to hand over the car to the car service to replace the headlights.  

What type of light is used in these headlights?

– The headlights are supplied without lighting elements. It is recommended to use light bulbs of H11 and 9005 standards for low and high beam respectively.


You can make tundra led headlight conversion by choosing a worthy replacement in the market of auto parts. Customers are offered a variety of options from the most basic to more stylish and high-impact. Most headlights have a long lifespan and are distinguished by effective light reflection indicators. If the headlights do not look good or do not work correctly, we recommend changing the headlights to more stylish ones that fully meet all requirements. By the way, many headlights can be replaced independently in your garage, even when the manufacturer strongly recommends a professional installation. It’s up to everyone to decide what to do.   

Frequently asked question 

How to remove and install new headlights on a 2010 Toyota Tundra

Replacing the headlights is a simple procedure, which is performed in the garage or just outside. Of course, if you have newer models of cars, it is better to entrust the installation to professionals.
To remove the old unit, you need to unscrew the bolts under the hood. Then you should disconnect the light bulbs from the wiring. Then pull out the old headlight kit and insert the lamps into the new headlights. Then install the headlights in the car body and fix them with a screwdriver. Don’t forget to adjust the lighting along the horizontal and vertical axes. Then test the lighting operation. Many models of headlights are easy to connect without wires. To do this, you just need to insert the wires from the car’s power supply into the appropriate sockets and they are ready for use.

How to black out Toyota Tundra OEM headlights

Any headlights can be tinted with a special film, which is easy to find in the market of auto parts. This is an easy procedure and you can perform it at home. You can also get rid of the need to do the tinting yourself and buy ready-made tinted headlights, which are made by several manufacturers, such as AKKON.

What are the best and brightest headlights for 2016 Toyota Tundra

One might think that the brightest front headlights are chrome-plated, but that’s not always the case. When choosing headlights, pay attention to the efficiency of the reflected surface and the power of the light bulbs that are used inside the housing. Hybrid headlights with halogen light bulbs and LEDs are the best and brightest.

How to adjust headlights on 2008 Toyota Tundra

The headlight settings are performed manually when replacing the headlights. If you have a basic understanding of car electrics, you can easily deal with this task. Usually it is enough to have a screwdriver. The instructions for the headlights show the nodes on which you can quickly adjust the light horizontally and vertically.

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