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Stylish and basic Tacoma headlights from secondary manufacturers 

If your car is far from new, you have probably had to change one or another headlight more than once. The importance of the lighting unit on cars should not be underestimated. Like any other part of the car, light performs its function, and without proper lighting on the car, you may be fined at least. Old light bulbs are replaced by Tacoma headlights, which have high performance and look great. Of course, the Tacoma headlights 2017 will look cooler than the headlights of older Toyota models. Headlights for such “retro” pickups still deserve the attention of motorists. 

The basic headlights on pickups are not bad, but as we mentioned above, they have to be changed sooner or later. Modern manufacturers create exact copies in form, function, and style. Such headlights harmoniously take the place of the previous and not just give the car freshness, but also perform their primary functions as effectively as possible. The headlights are made of quality plastic, which completely transmit the light of Toyota Tacoma headlights bulbs. Lighting is also improved by effective new generation reflectors.

How to install new headlights on pickup trucks

Replacing of the 2020 Tacoma headlights is rare and is mainly carried out at certified car dealerships. Admit that there are only a few owners who will dare to change headlights on a new car on their own. Things are much simpler with old pickup trucks. 

A new headlight unit can be installed according to the instructions supplied with the package. By following this instruction, you can remove the old light and mount a new node within one hour. Many motorists who know their car can replace the headlights much faster and without instruction. If you have a different, and not so old model 2016 Toyota Tacoma headlights, it is not always right to install them by yourself. 

The problems that can be encountered when installing the headlights are:

  • incorrect connection of the wires to the lighting elements
  • damage to the body of new headlights, which leads to their malfunction or poor light performance 
    • electric shock
    • difficulties in disassembling old elements, etc.

Next we will consider several manufacturers and models of front headlights for Toyota Tacoma cars. Each headlight is different in style and features of coatings. Many headlights are tested under different conditions and are designed for a wide range of vehicles. 

List of Top-Rated Tacoma Headlights

AKKON 5-HD-JH-TT05-AM-BK AKKON 5-HD-JH-TT05-AM-BK2005-2011low weightView on Amazon
Auto Parts Avenue 8542082294 Auto Parts Avenue 85420822942001`-200411 poundsView on Amazon
Depo 312-1186P-US2 Depo 312-1186P-US22005-200910 poundsView on Amazon
Spyder Auto PRO-YD-TT05-CCFL-BK Spyder Auto PRO-YD-TT05-CCFL-BK2005-201118.75 poundsView on Amazon
TYC 20-5068-00 TYC 20-5068-001997-20004.37 poundsView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Tacoma Headlights



New modern front headlights for Toyota attract with their simplicity and functionality. AKKON offers basic spotlights for pickups, which are made in black using standard reflectors. The headlights have all necessary sections for the installation of the high and low beam and signal lights. The manufacturer does not attach instructions for installing the unit to the delivery package. Despite this, many users can handle the installation themselves.  


  • simple and functional design
  • inexpensive headlights that fully perform all their functions
  • proven over the years manufacturer of car lighting


  • headlights are suitable for Toyota Tacoma cars produced from 2005 to 2011 
  • low weight of the whole unit
  • chrome-plated reflectors

The presented headlights are simple and inexpensive variant of quality front light for Toyota pickups. If your lighting unit is outdated, the new headlights will not only improve the quality of light, but also give the car a fresh look. Please note that the installation instructions are not included in the scope of delivery, so it is recommended that the headlights and the car be handed over to a specialized car service. If you have experience replacing front headlights, you can replace the entire front unit yourself. This requires a basic tool and a minimum of time. Note that such headlights are not 2019 Tacoma headlights. Always check compatibility with the brand of your car.

Why isn’t a detailed installation guide for the front headlights included?

The manufacturer is working on a simple and clear instruction manual. If you are not sure that you can install the lights yourself, contact a professional for help.

Auto Parts Avenue 8542082294

Auto Parts Avenue 8542082294
Headlights Black Housing5-HD-JH-TT05-AM-BKCheck Price
Headlights Black Smoke5-HD-JH-TT05-AM-BKCheck Price
Headlights Chrome Housing5-HD-JH-TT05-AM-BKCheck Price

Auto Parts Avenue supplies a high-quality and reliable front headlights for pickup trucks. The advantage of buying such headlights is the presence of low and high beam light bulbs in the body supplied. Many manufacturers send only the headlight housing without lighting. 

The presented headlights have chrome reflectors of high quality, which is confirmed by the annual warranty on the product. If you are not satisfied with the goods or the headlights for any reason, or it did not fit the car, the seller is ready to refund your money within 30 calendar days. The front headlights do not have any special design, but they look very decent and will be a visible upgrade for your pickup truck. The set of front headlights is suitable for car models from 2001 to 2004. Please note that the unit is designed for use with halogen light bulbs.


  • the seller guarantees a refund within the first 30 days 
  • chrome-plated reflectors 
  • lamps are included in the scope of delivery
  • one hundred percent set
  • easy installation
  • the headlights are covered by an annual warranty


  • for cars from 2001 to 2004 
  • weight: 11 pounds
  • designed for halogen light bulbs
  • a set of four lighting sections for the car’s front headlights.
  • not suitable as a 2006 Tacoma headlights

If you are looking for reliable, long-lasting front lights, this offer may be interesting. Even though the headlights are in a classic color scheme, they can give the car a fresh look and ensure safe driving in the dark. Quality guarantees from the supplier shall confirm the proper quality of the product presented.

Why does the manufacturer not offer other color solutions for the front headlights?

– The presented headlights are basic and suitable for most pickup trucks of the 2000s. If this color does not suit you, you may want to pay attention to headlights from another manufacturer. 

Which light bulbs should be better placed in the headlight housing?

– The headlight set is designed for use with halogen light bulbs. LEDs may not be suitable for the presented headlight unit.

Depo 312-1186P-US2

Depo 312-1186P-US2

DEPO front headlights have a stylish design and high-quality reflective coating. Reflectors help to achieve smooth illumination of the roadway. Driving safety is the advantage of using new headlights instead of stock ones. Products are repeatedly tested by the manufacturer in various conditions. The headlights are distinguished by their endurance and usually serve for more than one year. If the chrome reflector is not suitable for you, you should pay attention to the headlights made in black. The weight of the parcel is not very large. You can install the headlights yourself or by contacting a special car service.


  • thorough testing of all headlight components 
  • stylish look, in contrast to competitors
  • long lifespan


  • total weight: 10 pounds
  • headlights are available in two colors: chrome and black
  • 2 headlights in the scope of delivery 

The combination of reliability and stylish design are the main points that the manufacturer focuses on. Do not forget about the simple design. The chances of such headlights failing on their own are minimal. Such headlights are suitable for the whole range of Toyota Tacoma, but you should specify compatibility for each car model separately before ordering.     

What plastic are the headlights made of?

– The whole body is made of high-quality plastic, which is tested for the influence of negative external factors. The plastic is fully transparent and easily transmits the light. 

Why do many people say it’s better to change the headlights yourself?

– Replacing the light block on a pickup truck yourself is not always a smart solution. Those who have experience in this matter or understand how the car works are recommended to change the headlights themselves. If you don’t know about cars, it’s best not to change the headlights at home.

Depo 312-1186P-US2

Spyder Auto PRO-YD-TT05-CCFL-BK

Spyder Auto PRO-YD-TT05-CCFL-BK

When it comes to stylish front headlights for pickups, many people mention Spyder Auto. The impressive appearance and style is what sets these headlights apart in the car parts market. Using such diffusers takes lighting to a new level. The quality of the assembly and surfaces of the reflectors makes the lighting dense and visible even during the day. 

The manufacturer offers headlights in three colors. Classic chrome color is suitable for those who appreciate traditional external shape. Black headlights always make the car stylish and aggressive. Tinted headlights give the pickup mystery and solidity, but they can only be used for off-road driving.


  • combination of design and reliability
  • the car immediately becomes aggressive
  • headlights are used with new quality light
  • easy installation of the headlight unit


  • a relatively high weight of 18.75 pounds, which indicates the reliability of the design
  • 3-color reflectors 
  • certification compliance

The offered headlights are not suitable as 2015 Tacoma headlights. Colour set designed for earlier Toyota Tacoma models. The manufacturer takes care of the quality and proper appearance of the product. So if you’re looking for more than just headlights, but a stylish solution for your favorite pickup truck, think about Spyder Auto headlights for sure. It is better to mount the headlights in the car body in the workshop. Especially, when you pay a lot of money for quality spare parts for a guarantee. Otherwise, the warranty will no longer apply to the purchased product.  

Which headlight color is best for a pickup truck?

– If you want your car to look more menacing, you should choose black or tinted grey lights. Those last ones can’t be installed for riding in the city. Chrome headlights are more suitable for those who appreciate classic style. 

What do I do if the headlights don’t hold tight after installation?

– If the headlights cannot be fixed in the car body, you may have purchased headlights that are not suitable for use on a particular car model. It may be necessary in some cases to use a small amount of adhesive to secure the headlight to the vehicle body.

TYC 20-5068-00

TYC 20-5068-00
TYC Headlight Driver Side20506800Check Price
TYC Headlight Passenger Side20506700Check Price

TYC brand supplies the simplest basic headlights for Toyota Tacoma cars. Of course, these are not the ultra-trendy and stylish 2019 Toyota Tacoma headlights. Older cars are usually fitted with more conservative and simple headlights that do not make the car pretentious, but give it a retro look. It is difficult to say that they stand out with some special appearance. However, the headlights are more durable and have a higher throughput. The light passes almost freely, reflecting off the light surface of the reflectors. 


  • simple design
  • easy installation
  • suitable for most cars
  • prevent darkening and transmit light well


  • approximate item weight: 4.37 pounds
  • developed for models of the 2000s

The standard front headlights, made in a light range, give a powerful reflection. The quality of the headlight light will be at its best. The headlights are made for a long lifespan and will be suitable for many not new Toyota Tacoma models. Replacing a block usually doesn’t raise questions. Simple design and basic equipment are designed for those who appreciate traditional automobile lighting. The combination of price and quality allows you to use the headlights in an aggressive weather situation and do not feel sorry for the car. You can always replace damaged lighting units with new ones if you want. 

Is there only one headlight in the package?

– No. The headlights are supplied in pairs for left and right front lights on cars. 

How to avoid problems with front headlights installation?

– You will not. If you do not know how to replace the headlights in the garage, it is better to contact a car service. You can install new headlights yourself if you have done it before or fully follow the installation instructions.

TYC 20-5068-00


The most stylish and unusual headlights are offered by the manufacturer Spyder Auto. They also have high light characteristics due to their powerful reflectors. Other options are more modest in terms of design, but suitable for those who are looking for reliable headlights in any style. Traditional chrome headlights always look good, and suppliers allow you to install them on almost any Toyota pickup truck (including Toyota Tundra).

As for the installation process itself, it is not recommended to bother too much. If you have an old car, you can also install the front lights in your garage workshop. Please read the enclosed instructions first before attempting to replace the unit. If the headlights are expensive or you have a pickup truck of a later year of manufacture, it is probably more reasonable to ask a special car service for help. 

Frequently asked question

How to retrofit Tacoma headlights

It’s easy to retrofit headlights on a pickup truck. It makes no sense to replace the individual headlight elements. You can improve the light by replacing old light bulbs with more powerful or economical ones. If you want to retrofit the headlights drastically, you will have to completely replace the entire lighting unit. The headlights are now available in different versions. Black headlights always look good and do not darken the lamps. Efficient lighting is achieved by using quality headlights with a good coating of the lens and the unit in general.

Where are the headlights in a 95 Tacoma

The first Toyota Truck was produced back in 1995. Nowadays it is possible to find headlights on the secondary market to replace the old ones. The front headlights can be changed to 95 Tacoma by unscrewing the front mount above the bumper. The new car lighting set is very easy to replace.

Why would headlights turn on Tacoma for no reason

The front headlights can be switched on independently for no reason. The first thing to sort out is the wiring and the general power supply system. It is recommended to check that the headlights are connected correctly in such a case. Especially, pay attention to the contacts.

How to adjust Tacoma headlights

Mounting and adjusting the front headlights usually takes up to one hour of your time. As a rule, the installation will require a basic tool that will remove the previous unit and disconnect the light bulbs. The light bulbs are then inserted into the new headlight housing and mounted in the same place. Sometimes some glue or sealant may be needed if the headlight does not lift very tightly for various reasons.

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