MR2 Spyder Exhaust

The elements of the exhaust system are attached to the body using brackets and suspension clamps.

MR2 spyder exhaust manifold                              

One of the main systems of the car is the exhaust system. It is noteworthy that in good condition, the system has a minimal impact on engine performance. The system should not only take the  fumes out of the car, but also to reduce the level of their toxicity in advance (environmental regulations have not yet been abolished).

 Modern car exhaust system, in addition to the above mentioned functions, is also an element of tuning for both conventional and sports cars, affecting not only their external parameters, but also the sound quality.

 It includes:

  • a COLLECTOR in which all the exhaust gases are connected to a single stream;
  • a CATALITIC CONVERTER, which is responsible for reducing exhaust emissions;
  • a RECEIVING PIPE through which parts such as the collector and the catalyst are connected;
  • a RESONATOR is responsible for noise reduction;
  • a SILENCER, which in fact has the same function as a resonator, but is made of a material with higher sound absorption characteristics;
  • the RESONATOR and SILENCER are connected by means of a middle tube.

    If the car is sporty or tuned, the role of the collector is performed by the so-called “spider”, which owes its name to the presence of smooth curves (due to this the resistance to the flow of gases will be the least).  Having passed a collector or a “spider” gases by means of movement through a receiving pipe get into the catalyst where from they leave as harmless as possible.

     In the same part of the system is the process of noise reduction, which will be evidenced by a relatively pleasant sound familiar to motorists. After the next stages of treatment in the exhaust system, the fumes leave the car through the silencer.

    It is noteworthy that by creating a resistance to the flow of fumes, these systems affect the work of other parts and units of the car. By studying the instructions supplied with the vehicle, it is possible to clarify the back pressure level, which is optimal. Remember that only if the exhaust system works properly can the vehicle be operated safely. There are more than enough cases when the fumes stop coming out of the vehicle, gradually penetrating into the interior of the vehicle, so only a proper system of the vehicle can guarantee the safe operation of the vehicle.

    OBX exhaust MR 2 Spyder

    Its special design provides good blowing of the unit and a significant increase in power. OBX gives you average power gain of 10-15 hp. Front-pipe and over-pipe improve extraction, providing power “at the top” in the high rpm range. It is usually made of stainless steel.

    If you want to upgrade your car with the help of this system you should unscrew the old collector, lift the car and then unscrew all the bolts from below. The next step is to remove the whole old system. Then you grab the spider and install it into place and lubricate gaskets with sealant.  Finally, we extend the wires and isolate them so that the wires don’t burn out or get wet.

    Team Moon mr2 spyder exhaust

    This upgrade will surely make your car sound more pleasant and may give it some extra horsepower. If you want to swap your old system for this one, the first step is to remove the plastic shield. Then unscrew the bolts that bring together the catalytic converter and the muffler. After that you should take out the bolts that join the catalytic converter and the  manifold and separate the muffler from the hanger straps. The last step is to install a Team Moon and do everything backwards.

    MR2 Spyder Titanium Exhaust

    Titanium is another exotic material used in these systems. It is more correct to speak not about pure titanium, but about an alloy that includes this light metal. It is necessary to note considerable weight savings when using titanium: the exhaust systems made of titanium alloy are 40% lighter than standard ones. Despite this, they retain the same hardness and reliability.

    Titanium systems are not particularly difficult to produce. They can be manufactured on the same lines and with the same equipment as conventional steel systems. However, the cost still differs – the alloy itself is quite expensive. So that similar parts from titanium alloy and steel will differ in price at times.

    The disadvantage of titanium systems is that winning the weight is their only advantage. Titanium is lighter than steel, but is there any doubt as to whether this difference in price is worth it? For example, a tuned silencer for Volkswagen GTR from Akrapovic costs more than 150 thousand rubles. And all this for the sake of saving the car weight of 7 kilograms and other sound of exhaust.

    Therefore, one should not be surprised that titanium systems have found their application only in sports cars. They are also used in tuning of expensive cars, but mostly to produce an external effect.

    The advantages of titanium pipes are:

    • Resistance to corrosion
    • High temperature resistance
    • Long service life
    • Good stability

      The biggest drawback to these tailpipes is the more expensive set of parts in the exhaust system, but without much saving the overall weight of the entire system. Yes, unfortunately, contrary to popular myth, this material will not allow you to significantly reduce the weight of your machine.

      It’s no wonder why these systems aren’t common on cars. Titanium is most often installed on rare exotic sports cars or tuning SUVs.

      This system for the Toyota MR2 Spyder usually includes an exhaust system made of titanium as well as CatBack set up. It also consists of a titanium resonator and dual tips which gives your car a specific sound that is so recognizable. This system is suitable for the manufacturer’s manifold and stock catalytic convertor.

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