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Motorists often face the need to replace old car headlights with new ones from secondary manufacturers. If you own a third series BMW, you should look for e36 headlights. Fortunately, you can find many suppliers of headlights for this series of cars today. 

Let’s remember that e36 is the third generation of passenger cars, which were produced in 90 years. Many motorists dreamed of a stylish car with a streamlined body and four doors. Such cars satisfied many demanding customers. Of course, they are far from new today and often require replacement or maintenance. Many BMW owners are looking for new headlights to replace. Headlights need to be reinstalled if the driver wants to improve the front visibility or to give the car a fresh and original design.

Headlights are even more likely to be replaced due to accidents, corrosion of wires and lights or failure of the entire lighting unit. Classic chrome headlights as well as more stylish black ones are available on the market. Manufacturers have learned how to obtain the highest quality light reflection in reflectors. Many of them also use LEDs. Also, the lenses are made of high-quality German glass, and the headlight body is covered with several protective coatings.   

All this allows you to achieve the best possible level of illumination on poorly lit roads or at night in total darkness. The level of safety using such headlights is significantly increased. New flashlights usually serve much longer than stock ones, if they were installed correctly. Some manufacturers offer detailed instructions for installing new headlights. If the motorist knows how the car works, he can easily install a new headlight unit himself.     

Style of front headlights for BMW

BMW headlights always looked stylish and concise. Suppliers offer a wide range of front headlights to suit every taste. These can be standard chrome-plated headlights or headlights with a black body. Many models have sections for low beam, high beam, and signal lights. Sellers sometimes offer headlights only for low beam and high beam. When buying it is worth paying attention to the headlight set, as some sellers do not include an e36 m3 headlight bulb in the package. This suggests that you get new headlights and should use them with old light bulbs. 

The design of the lights is also different. They are mainly two round large headlights and a separate section for signal lights. Some headlights consist of three circular compartments. They mainly use halogen light bulbs and Led lighting.  

Price of front headlights for BMW 

Many front lights are relatively inexpensive, and you can find lighting for your wallet and not buy, such as expensive e36 Bosch headlights. Some headlights may cost around one thousand dollars, and this option does not suit everyone. It is much more rational to buy, for example, DJ auto e36 headlights, which will cost the buyer around three hundred dollars. Sometimes it is possible to find more budget headlights, which have a worthy quality. 

It is hard to say which headlights are better when we look at e36 Euro headlights vs US. Many European brands sometimes overprice, while you can find a suitable option for your car at a more favorable price.

List of Top-Rated E36 Headlights

AnzoUSA 1213261992-199813.65 poundsView on Amazon
Spec-D Tuning LHP-E3621PCJM-TM Spec-D Tuning LHP-E3621PCJM-TM1992-199813 poundsView on Amazon
AnzoUSA 121325 AnzoUSA 1213251992-199813 poundsView on Amazon
Brock 9221-0015LR Brock 9221-0015LR1992-19998 poundsView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best E36 Headlights

AnzoUSA 121326

AnzoUSA 121326
AnzoUSA Black Clear/Amber G2 Projector121325Check Price
AnzoUSA Chrome Clear/Amber G2121326Check Price

Stylish headlights are one of the main features of the German BMW group. ANZO USA brand, which produces powerful headlights, helps to make the car cool. The housing uses high-performance reflectors that accumulate the light output and save on the power of the light bulbs themselves. This technology ensures constant light, reduced power consumption, and long lifespan of the entire lighting unit. 

According to the manufacturer, carefully designed computer design of headlights makes the car as stylish as possible. We offer a product with reflectors in the same style – chrome. The e36 headlight upgrade can be carried out very quickly due to its simple connection system. The installation of this headlight provides a high level of lighting efficiency on the road surface. Also, the headlights are resistant to various weather conditions. UV rays, high humidity, snow, or rain will do no harm to the headlights with a universal protective coating.


  • the headlights are fully ready for installation and use and equipped with all wires 
  • modern computer development of the lighting unit 
  • stylish chrome design


  • easy and fast connection 
  • meets the requirements of quality certificates
  • manufacturer: ANZO USA
  • weight: 13.65 pounds

The combination of stylish design and high light reflectance plays in favor of the choice of such frontal reflectors. If you like chrome headlights, you can easily replace the outdated for one reason or another headlight unit for a small fee. It is noteworthy that the proposed equipment includes the light bulbs, so you get everything you need to use and install new light on your favorite car immediately.

Are halogen light bulbs suitable for installation in these headlights?

– You get a full set of light bulbs at once. The headlights use the Halo LEDs. The efficiency of such light is much higher and power consumption is reduced. 

Will this light connect to any e36 series car?

– The front headlights are designed for most third-generation BMW cars. It is recommended to clarify the compatibility of the headlight unit with your specific car model when buying.

Spec-D Tuning LHP-E3621PCJM-TM

Spec-D Tuning LHP-E3621PCJM-TM

SPEC-D TUNING headlights for BMW differ in an interesting design. Each headlight has three light sources. Two large round headlights are responsible for the low and high beam. The third element is the signal element. All three sections are designed as round-shaped lights. The round signal lights give the car a retro look. As for the color solution, the round chrome headlights contrast with the black body. 

The front headlights are made of durable plastic, which almost freely passes the light from the light bulbs. LED light bulbs have long been declared as the most efficient and durable to other light sources. You can be sure that the headlights will ensure safe traffic on the road in low light conditions.


  • the product comes in its original packaging with two headlights
  • detailed instructions for installing the new headlights in place of the old ones are enclosed
  • meets all factory standards


  • total weight: 13 pounds
  • headlight manufacturer: SPEC-D TUNING
  • the reflecting element color: black 
  • the manufacturer recommends professional installation

The proposed Front Light Sources are a stylish solution. High-quality LEDs will last a very long time, and the design will please its owner. Although the set contains the headlight installation instructions, the installation at service stations is recommended. Inexpensive but professional solutions are offered by SPEC-D TUNING, so if you are looking for a balance between price and quality, the manufacturer’s front headlights can be a real find.

How do these lights differ from other manufacturers?

– The main difference is the round headlights for all types of lighting, including signal lights. Also, the headlights have a contrasting design. Chrome-plated lights stand out against the black unit of headlights.

Spec-D Tuning LHP-E3621PCJM-TM

AnzoUSA 121325

AnzoUSA 121325
AnzoUSA Black Clear/Amber G2 Projector121325Check Price
AnzoUSA Chrome Clear/Amber G2121326Check Price

ANZO USA has long established itself in the automotive parts market. The headlights of the manufacturer are always distinguished by a defiant design, which is a favorite of many motorists. 

Here is a modification of the light for third-generation cars. Such headlights can replace e36 headlights Camaro with dignity. The front Led light creates a wide viewing angle at night. The efficiency of reflectors and LEDs allows you to move at high speed in low visibility conditions. Traffic safety with these lights is fully ensured.


  • high-performance reflectors Led light bulbs 
  • a proven supplier that has been on the market for over ten years
  • stylish appearance 
  • high level of light transmission through the headlight body 


  • headlight weight: 13 pounds
  • availability of instructions for unit replacement
  • 2 headlights included (for left and right sides)
  • black body-color

When your car needs front light bulbs to be replaced, beautiful headlights help you get your car back to the way it was before. Black headlights on the market are not rare, because this option allows you to modify the car and make it unusual. Also, the high performance reflected LED light always provides sufficient visibility on the road.     

What other color options are available in the range of these headlights?

– ANZO USA offers these headlights in two body versions: black and chrome. 

What is the lifespan of LED lighting?

– Led light bulbs last much longer than front light equivalents, so you can be sure that this light will work for at least a few years. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life of each headlight element. 

How do I install headlights without a car service?

– The product is accompanied by instructions for installing the new unit. If you do not understand how to replace the headlights, or are not sure how to do it, it is better to use the services of professionals. Otherwise, the headlight, wires, or other equipment may be damaged.

Brock 9221-0015LR

Brock 9221-0015LR

It is worth noting that some headlights of modern manufacturers are suitable as BMW e36 headlights in the 3rd gen Camaro. The Brock front headlights have two lenses that allow light to pass through easily and smoothly. A special lens coating provides bright light and maximum visibility in the dark. 

Even though many people choose stylish headlights for their cars, basic headlights are also popular. This is especially true for older car models. The light weight of the headlights and simple installation is always a big plus. 


  • basic headlights with increased reflectivity
  • supplier provides a one-year quality warranty
  • stable housing coating that prevents negative environmental impact


  • headlights designed for cars from 1992 to 1999 
  • meets the requirements of OE standards
  • light bulbs are not included
  • the headlights are presented as chrome-plated lenses in a black body
  • lightweight: 8 pounds
  • manufacturer brand: Brock

Headlights of this brand are designed specifically for the third generation car series e36. Thus, you can change the basic headlights on any car from 1992 to 1999. Large headlight lenses allow you to achieve maximum brightness with any light bulbs. Chromed lenses always shine brightly even in bad weather conditions. The upgraded front lights will ensure complete safety on the road.

How do I replace the front headlight unit myself?

– Use a screwdriver to remove the previous headlights by switching off the light bulbs first. The new headlights are then inserted into the car body and the lights are connected to them with appropriate wires. The installation process is quite simple, especially when it comes to non-new cars. If it is not possible to change the headlights yourself, it is better to contact a car service. 

Are the light bulbs included in the scope of delivery?

– No. The package includes two headlights left and right for each side of the car. The headlights are presented in the form of two light lenses and chrome reflectors in the black body.


Of course, headlight manufacturers cannot forbid customers to install headlights themselves. In this matter you always have to rely on your experience or contact professionals. Changing the headlights is a relatively simple task that does not take much time. Always read the installation instructions before attempting to replace any part of the car.  

We would like to note the cool design of headlights from many manufacturers. Due to interesting solutions you can upgrade or transform your car by just replacing the headlights. 

As for safety when driving in low light conditions, all products have sufficient brightness to meet all requirements. Of course, a lot depends not only on headlights and reflectors, but also on the power of the light bulbs themselves. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer headlights together with low and high beam light bulbs.

Frequently asked question

How to open BMW e36 headlights

You can open the front headlights with just one screwdriver. You need to unscrew a few screws that hold the partitions of each headlight section. Unscrew each section for low beam, high beam, and signal lights and remove the light bulbs.
Light sources can be connected to new headlights afterward. As for the wires, the system is very simple. Simply plug the headlights into the corresponding socket. Do not forget to tighten the headlights completely after installation.

How to align BMW e36 headlights

There is no need to align the headlights themselves after installation. They are fully factory fitted and must stand up tightly instead of the previous headlights. As for the adjustment of the front and rear light bulbs, the adjustment can be made by manual action on the corresponding control and by changing the lighting angle. If you are not able to fully adjust the lighting yourself, the manufacturer strongly recommends contacting a specialist car service. Professionals can install new lighting in a very short period.

How to put e36 headlights together

It is best to assemble the headlights and fully connect them to the car’s light bulbs and electrical wiring at the car service center. If you decide to mount the headlights yourself, it will be difficult to do without instructions. When buying, specify that the seller has instructions for installing the new set of headlights.
The headlights are assembled manually and usually do not require any special equipment. A simple screwdriver or other key is sufficient for this purpose. The headlight wires are arranged as simply and compactly as possible so that you can simply connect the light bulbs to old lights and immediately enjoy all the benefits of new lighting.

What size bulbs are in Depo gen 5 headlights for e36 BMW?

These headlights use a standard H1 plinth. Please specify from the supplier if the light bulbs are included in the scope of delivery. The manufacturers often equip the headlights with ready-made light bulbs and you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the light bulbs and new headlights.

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