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You could drive for miles and miles without giving a thought to your oil filter. If you do this, you are not alone. Many people will shrug off suggestions that they should change their oil filters. They will not pay much thought to the dusty brown filters and how these affect their cars’ performances. However, there is more to this filter than you may know. And no, changing it is not a luxury that you can splurge on now and then, but rather it is a necessity. For one, the oil filter significantly affects the running of your engine. And that is an important aspect, is it not?

Do you need to replace it?

The good news is that you can tell when there is a need for change. Once you get your car on the road, the engine starts working in a bid to keep the vehicle moving. So many parts move simultaneously, and over time, the engine gets hot. The oil works in cooling the combustion chamber, and this ensures that the engine runs at an optimal temperature. It also makes sure that carbon does not build up in the engine. This protection is at its best when using clean oil.

As such, you need an oil filter that can remove contaminants from the oil, keeping it clean. When the filter clogs or gets dirty, its efficiency reduces, and it lets pollutants into the engine. Not only does this affect the fuel economy, but it can also damage the engine. Engine failure can result from this inefficiency.

It is thus best that you replace your oil filter each time you change your oil. All you need to know is where the oil filter is and what size you need. For example, when dealing with a 2003 BMW 325i oil filter size, get dimensions that work for this. 

How do you change the oil filter on a 2006 BMW 325i?

You have two options in this case. In the first one, you can get a mechanic to handle the task and forego the work involved. In the second approach, you get the tools you need and get to work. In the latter case, you get to improve your DIY skills and save some money while at it. Additionally, you will use the tools in other processes, and the acquisitions are thus an investment.

Do not worry as changing the oil filter is a pretty simple process. It also allows you to be more hands-on with your car, such that you can deal with problems as they arise. In the first attempt, you will take some time figuring out where everything is. Later on, you should have a much easier time. It helps to note that you should not spend more than half an hour on this task. Are you feeling up to it? Let’s get started.

  • Tool Assembly

    Where you do not have the necessary tools, you will need to make a trip to the store. You will need rhino ramps, which you can substitute with lower-profile race ramps. You will also need a 2004 BMW 325i oil filter wrench, a ratchet set, and a 17-millimeter socket.

    • Parts Required

      You will need an oil filter to make this replacement. Figure out what size you need, such as the 2001 BMW 325i oil filter size or the 2002 BMW 325i oil filter size. Additionally, you will need seven quarts of approved oil. It is always best to go with genuine products and to avoid any short cuts as the latter could cost you dearly. 

      Before conducting a 2002 BMW 325i oil change, you should ensure that the change is necessary. In most cases, the alert will be in the form of a dash display alerting you as to the need for the same. With the tools at hand, you can now get started on the replacement as follows:


      The first step is to lift the car such that you can reach the oil drain, which lies under the engine. The lifting should take place safely such that neither the vehicle nor you get harmed. Ramps are not only simple to use, but they also don’t cost much. As such, for hassle-free lifting, you can use the ramps. Where the car is low, you can use lower profile race ramps instead of the ramps. Note that using a jack is also possible. However, if you go down this route, you cannot afford to do without the jack stands. In some cases, you may have to stabilize the ramps using heavy materials to keep them from moving. Once you are sure that the car is in place with the parking brake on, you can move on to removing the filter.

      Where is the oil filter in a BMW 325i? If you have not changed a filter before, the chances are high that you do not know what you are looking for. Look for a black round cap under the hood, which should be at the front right side. You can now remove this cap using a filter wrench or other suitable tool in an anti-clockwise motion. This cap covers the oil filter. Now you are getting to know your car better. You can thus tell that the oil filter lies underneath the filter cap. Proceed to pull out the filter and dispose of it in a plastic waste bag. Its use is over. Can you see how easy that was?

      What type of oil does a BMW 325i use?

      Your car uses synthetic oil designed to offer protection from thermal and viscosity breakdown. Before changing the oil, you will need to empty the old oil. Start by locating the oil drain bolt, which should be under the car. At the bottom of the engine bay, you will find a skid plate, which makes it hard to find the bolt. It is a good thing that you lifted the car, making accessibility of the bottom much easier. Locate a trap door on the plate, and you will find the drain bolt under the same. Remove this bolt and ensure that you have an oil pan underneath to catch the oil that will now drain out. 

      As the oil drains, you can focus your energy on installing the new filter. It helps you kill two birds with one stone and thus save time used in this process. Start by replacing the old rings with new ones before sliding the new filter into place. You can now put the oil filter cap back in its place and secure it with a wrench.

      By the time you finish doing this, the oil should have finished draining as it takes three to four minutes to do so. Check to see if the oil has drained before screwing the drain bolt back into place. Wipe the bolt with a clean paper towel to get rid of any debris before tightening it to prevent any leaks in the future. Note that you must replace the crush washer as the old one can result in leaks. Finally, close the skid plate door and wipe off any debris or oil on the surface.

      How much oil does BMW 325i take?

      At this point, all that remains is to change the oil and watch your 2006 BMW 325i oil filter Walmart do the trick. Start by removing the oil fill cap, which has a square top shape. It should be at the top of the engine and should be easy to recognize. Proceed to pour in the seven quarts of synthetic oil, ensuring that you do not make a mess. It helps to use a funnel when doing this as you can avoid dirtying other surfaces. Finally, tighten the fill cap and enjoy the work of your hands.

      You can now reset the oil service light and look forward to a smooth drive. But before you do so, there are some checks that you should perform. Start the engine and check if the warning light has gone off after the reset. Also, look out for any oil leaks that could serve as a danger to you and other road users. Lower the vehicle and look at the oil levels based on what is available on the dashboard. You should also refer to your owner’s manual on how to check the oil level to ensure that you get an accurate reading. If everything looks good, you can take a ride around the area, knowing that your engine is now working as it should. All the best!

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