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Transmission is one of the important and complex units of the vehicle, consisting of several main devices and mechanisms designed to convert the power produced by the power unit into torque and further transfer to the driving wheels. It depends on its correct operation, whether the vehicle will be able to move from the place, as well as the subsequent nature of the car. Therefore, in the event of the slightest signs indicating its incorrect operation, a transmission diagnosis should be made without delay.

All car owners know that the car or another vehicle has a transmission, but not everyone can explain – what is it? Let’s start with the definitions of its components.

  • The transmission consists of the flywheel. It is a bearing element of the clutch mechanism, which transports force from the motor to the transmission, it is connected to the rear end of the crankshaft and fixed from turning, balanced with the crankshaft statically and dynamically.
  • The clutch is an element that acts as an open link between the motor and the gearbox. A manual transmission is an element located between the clutch and main gear. It is one of the most complex and precise elements not only in the transmission, but also in the vehicle as a whole, and therefore the repair and maintenance requirements for this unit are very high. Three-shaft and twin-shaft are the most common ones.
  • The driveshaft is an element designed to transmit torque from a gearbox or drive axle unit to the wheels of the vehicle.
  • Also, it consists of a cardan gear, main gear and differential. Thus, the transmission is a complex technological element of a car device consisting of units and units designed for transportation and distribution of power flow. The power flow is the path of drive force from the engine through the clutch and gearbox to the main gear with differential and finally to the drive wheels. In other words, everything that connects the engine to the drive wheels is the vehicle’s transmission.

t56 1000hp rebuild kit

TREMEC is a commercial company that was established 10 years ago. It existed before but had other names. When the global economic crisis began, the situation was close to bankruptcy, so it applied a universal move: restructured and rebranded. This step allowed us to start all over again. The debts were paid to the creditors, and consumers paid attention to interesting and high-quality products. The founders of the company are experienced professionals who know firsthand what tuning and parts production are. Some contracts with American car companies allowed to set up serial production.

Consumers have always noted that “TREMEC” is a special quality standard. Indeed, in the U.S. it is extremely difficult to obtain documents confirming this fact due to multistage selection. The company has all the necessary documents to proudly declare that the products meet all established standards.

The T-56 is a six-speed manual transmission. It has been installed in many vehicles from General Motors, Dodge, and Ford Motor Company. It was originally designed and made by BorgWarner for the Dodge Viper. The T-56 has been succeeded by the Tremec TR-6060. Now the T56 is a high-torque capacity manual made for custom, retro-fit installations with Chevrolet Performance crate engines.

It consists of a clutch, transfer case, gearbox, cardan shaft, in addition to the main gear, differential, and CV joints or joints of equal angular speeds. The following signs clearly indicate that one of the mechanisms in the transmission is not working properly:

  • Incomplete activation, as well as clutch deactivation,
  • Unintentional shifting or slipping of the clutch, as well as difficult gear changes.
  • Noise in the gearbox or clutch.
  • The car starts moving around unevenly.
  • Typical knocks when the car is moving at slow speeds.
  • Vibrations when the vehicle is moving.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of this unit, you may use a rebuild kit to bring back its power. Among the most popular one are t56 magnum and gto kits. The rebuild package usually includes everything from viper main shaft and tail housing to seals and springs.

t56 rebuild cost

Faulty manual transmissions do not need to be replaced – repairs are almost always possible. Regardless of its type, if the automatic transmission is damaged, repair or purchase will be very expensive. This complex car component can sometimes cost more than a new mini car. Repairing it is often cheaper than buying a new transmission.

Replacing a faulty power unit with a new one is a relatively quick procedure, but it is also more expensive. Often the costs exceed the residual value of the vehicle (market value). As a result, car owners have only a few options: sell a car with a faulty gearbox or look for a workshop where the transmission is repaired.

Most often, when they hear that the manual transmission is faulty, they decide to sell the used car. But this is because many car owners do not know that a damaged unit can be repaired. But everything depends on the nature of the damage. But statistically speaking, failure of expensive components, as well as their difficult replacement, does not happen very often. However, in this case, it is not worth repairing it, because it is likely to cost a very round sum.

A standard rebuild full tear-down, degrease & thorough inspection of the entire unit, professional reassembly and new seals. It will cost you around $2000 to $2500 to have it done.

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