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If a manual gearbox has a simple design, the automatic transmission has more units and assemblies, which in turn affects the cost of its manufacture, repair and operation. However, such a gearbox is more convenient to use, especially when driving in the city, because it does not require constant switching on/off the clutch. In this way, human involvement in the automatic transmission is minimized.

Also, today the customer can choose from several types of automatic transmissions:

hydro-mechanical gearbox (conventional “automatic”), manual transmission with two clutches, robotic gearbox and CVT.

Each of these types of transmissions has its pros and cons. Among the advantages is that it is easy to use (no need to constantly engage the clutch), it has no risk of overloading the motor (the automatic gearbox itself selects the best moment to shift to a higher or lower gear).

Also, it has shortened time between the lower to higher and back shifts without loss of motor power.

However, such type is known for expensive repair and maintenance, a heavyweight of the unit (compared to a manual gearbox) as well as relatively low vehicle injectivity (most typical for hydraulic transmissions). You are also unable to tow the vehicle with a flexible or rigid coupling (only with a tow truck). TH or Turbo-Hydramatic is an automatic transmission made by General Motors.

How much does it cost to rebuild a TH350?

General Motors transmission is popular in the world car market. In the 20th century, it held a leading position in the world. Many companies that did not produce their own automatic rifles installed it on their vehicles: Akura, BMW, Bentley, Jaguar, Volvo, Opel, Isuzu, Suzuki and others. As for prices to rebuild, you can get a standard TH350 rebuild with shift kit for about $300.

How do you rebuild a th350 automatic transmission?

Before removing it, it is necessary to check the oil leakage from the torque converter oil seals and the axles. Inspect the dispenser sump and check that oil is not leaking from the gasket. All outer parts must be inspected sequentially for cracks (small and large).

All performed external inspection and checking should be recorded in a log, then make a conclusion about the need for repair and its feasibility. If you have found out the big cracks, it is better to stop all works and simply to replace an automatic box.

As a rule, the automatic box is removed together with the torque converter, so you need to unscrew all bolts of the last one from the flywheel in advance. When removing it, check the gap between the flywheel and the torque converter and write it down in a notebook. The gap is of an individual size for each vehicle.

Installing the automatic transmission box on a car is a tedious and time-consuming process. Removal and installation of the dispenser box should be carried out at a specialized service station with professional and experienced car mechanics.

The main difficulty is the correct installation of the torque converter into the gearbox.

The torque converter is installed on two spline shafts, as well as contact and enters into the gear teeth grooves of the oil pump gear with its whisk. In the case of improper installation of the whisk is broken gear teeth and gearing components.

How much does a transmission rebuild kit cost?

A modern car is a complex device that connects the components of hydraulics, electronics, electrics and other systems, all of which require periodic maintenance. Transmission is one of the important components that need attention.

Its main task is to transfer energy from the motor to the wheel axles. Therefore, in the event of malfunction of the vehicle is not possible to normal movement of the vehicle. Only professional and regular maintenance of the car ensures correct and stable operation of elements and safe driving on roads in general.

A transmission rebuild is a great option in most cases. Most kits will usually cost from under $100 to over $300. It is definitely worth buying compared with the cost of a new transmission.

What tools are needed to rebuild a transmission?

On rebuilding of turbo 350 transmissions, there’s a variety of tools that you’ll need to complete this operation. There are tools specifically used to disassemble the unit and other tools that you need actually for reassembly.

  • First off you will need to drill behold a variety of drill bits as well as an impact on to disassemble the unit. The impact gun is only used for disassembling.
  • The next thing is a scuff that is a grinding tool. This will clean gaskets material off the shift plate.
  • In other areas of the transmission, you’ll need a lip seal tool and a small flat blade screwdriver to work on the valve body.
  • You will also need a variety of bolts or a variety of sockets from a 3/8 7/16 7/16 as well as a 1/2 inch and 9/16. So those would be a variety of actual sockets that you’ll need for the disassembly and reassembly.
  • Also, for reassembly, you need a flat blade screwdriver that will help you take snap rings out of the unit and also to reinstall need a pair of channel locks.
  • A scraper is another thing you need to clean the gaskets.

These are the basic tools you will need, but, of course, there are some other things that you can find in either th350 rebuild kit with shift kit or Transtar th350 rebuild kit.

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