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A pickup is a car that has an open cargo platform. It serves for transportation of light or relatively heavy loads. In each part of the world pickups have their own features and history of origin and development.

In the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s, mass demand shifted from cars to pickups, resulting in the emergence of new brands in this segment, including even such prestigious brands as Cadillac and Lincoln. Marketers and transporters even have a special term “pickup for individual use”, i.e. used not as a commercial vehicle, but as a private car. After a silence in the 80-90’s the International announced itself, starting to produce a slightly reduced in size road trucks.

Full-size American pickups, i.e. pickups produced in the USA, regardless of the brand, are divided into two categories – B and C.

  • The category B includes:
    • Dodge Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan.
  • Category C includes:
    • Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 and on, Ford F-250, 350 and so on, Chevrolet/GMC 2500 and on.

Pickups are cars with a rear open top bed, also often called a platform. Pickups are very popular because the bed allows them to be used in so many different ways. There are different types of bed styles such as Fleetside, Styleside, Stepside and Flareside. The name depends on the brand and its configuration.

What is the difference between Fleetside and Styleside?

Both Fleetside and Styleside are regular bed configurations. However, the former is Ford, while the latter is Chevy. Other brands also have different names for their usual bed style. For example, it is ‘downside’ for Jeep and ‘wideside’ for GMC.

What is a Flareside?

Ford company has made pickups for almost a century, and during this time they have managed to become one of the leading manufacturers in the segment. The first Ford pickup truck was made in 1925. At that time it was quite successful and had a circulation of 33,800 copies. Since then, the desire of Americans to own a Ford pickup vehicle has been growing every year, and now cars with a blue oval on the body diverge millions of copies annually.

Throughout its history Ford pickups have always been one of the most revered and legendary among American car owners. They combine power, stylish design and time-tested quality, and that’s why millions of these cars are currently sold annually. Despite this, at the beginning of the XXI century, the car giant had to face serious financial problems, which today is almost completely overcome.

Ford F-series is the most popular in the model range of the American manufacturer. The car began its way into the hearts of Americans back in 1948 and since then remains one of the main vehicles in the country. What is worth at least such statistics: since 1983, this car was the most popular choice in the United States for 24 years. The most outstanding car in the series which is F-150, was launched in 1978.

The modern model Ford F-150 belongs to the twelfth generation (2008-2014), which will give way to the thirteenth in 2015. Among the differences from the previous generation is a more spacious and comfortable cabin, updated design, as well as fresh equipment and an expanded choice of cabin options. The car is available with seven engine options, two transmissions, two drives, more than ten sets and three cabins. This car is known for its reliability and high level of safety.

While creating these cars, Ford refers to their own names. Thus, Flareside is the synonym for Stepside that is used on F-series and Super Duty. It refers to the bed when the external well arches are combined with small steps at the front and back.

What does Flareside mean on a truck?

All modern American pickup trucks have bodies with wheel arches located inside the cargo bay. According to Ford’s tradition, this (chronologically later) type of body is sometimes called Fleetside, although more often it is not called in any way, because it is a standard industry. But earlier, and it is actual even for models of 2000th years, the design under name Flareside or Stepside with flat internal boards was applied.

It traces its history back to the early days of the automotive and free-standing wing industry, where the cargo area was built as a rectangular box placed between the rear wings and arches. Since the 1950s there had been fewer and fewer of these machines: their supporters usually claimed that the Fleetside archways were uncomfortable, but in fact the new body, with the wrong shape, allowed to put part of the load at the front and back of the arches, or to place a slightly longer load diagonally. Therefore, the stepside truck beds were completely out of use.

How is Styleside measured?

To measure your Styleside you should put the measuring tape on the bulkhead of the truck body. As you move along the bed guide, pull the measuring tape to the inner edge of the top of the rear door. After that, write down the number in inches.

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