4L80E Rebuild Kit

The transmission consists of several units that interact with each other and transmit torque from the motor crankshaft to the drive wheels, changing their frequency and direction of rotation. The pattern depends on the number and location of the drive wheels in the vehicle. In a passenger car of the classic scheme, the leading wheels are the rear ones. Such a car is called a rear-wheel drive.

4-speed transmission GM 4L80 is made since 1990. It was used for trucks and SUVs with an engine from 5 litres. It is super reliable, simple in design, unpretentious powerful box, which was put on the army armoured personnel carriers Cobra and Eagle armoured vehicles for many years. This transmission can handle the huge torque of the V8 engine in 600 Nm. The 4L family also includes aces: 4L30E, 4L40E, 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L85E.

The 4L80 has the same legendary predecessor, the 3-step 3L80. Many details are interchangeable. The analogue is a lower class in terms of power transmission – 4L60.

Until 1996, the box was called 4L80, and according to the old GM classification – TH400 (Turbo-Hydramatic). It was modified in 1996 when the hydratory plate control became electronic, the letter E appeared in the name and some units were reinforced.

It is quite rare in repairs and reliable. This transmission has withstood many reissues without strong reforms, only occasionally improving gaskets and filters. Clutch and brake packages are designed so reliably and with so much stock that the type of friction has not changed for 30 years – since 1965. Also, it easily accepts any oil from well-known manufacturers. It is not sensitive to the oil level, but it is desirable to check the oil level and quality every six months using a dipstick.

Transtar 4l80e rebuild kit

Among the weak points of this unit is the clutch package Direkt, which wears out first. But this is okay and happens after significant mileage and extreme conditions and loads. When the friction packs of these two long burned oil and the burned oil-impregnated the rest of the friction packs, the whole set of friction packs is replaced.

The American company Transtar is one of the largest suppliers of spare parts for repair of automatic transmissions. It sells spare parts only from the most reliable manufacturers, in its packaging with the Transtar logo. The company has a narrow specialization, representing, in a sense, unique products that cannot be found in original catalogues. All products are certified. Spare parts for import are accompanied by an additional certificate of technical conformity of the country where they will be used.

The assortment includes steel and gasket disks, friction disks, gasket kits, gaskets, filters, oil pumps, accumulators, radiators of automatic transmission cooling, working tools and so on. Spare parts are designed for Chrysler, Ford, GM and other brands of cars.

Transtar products have many positive reviews. Quality of units and components practically does not differ from the original. Among the disadvantages is the lack of sale, difficulties in selecting numbers and codes, high price of spare parts.

The overhaul kit without steels or pistons is made for 1997+ cars. It consists of an overhaul kit and all friction plates you need for the repair. It has all the essentials to get your car back on road.

Raybestos 4l80e rebuild kit

Raybestos is one of the most famous American manufacturers of automotive brake system components. It also produces suspension elements, which are supplied under the name of the gaining popularity of the Spicer brand.

Raybestos’ product portfolio includes brake system components and car suspension components. The latter are levers, stabilizer bushings, hubs, as well as steering rods, ball bearings, tie rods and silent blocks. All these parts are of very high quality, which is no surprise. Raybestos is one of the suppliers of almost all American conveyors, and also spends a lot of money on research and development. Its brake parts have only the highest rates among the customers.

Buyers note their wear resistance, high braking qualities, no tendency to deform and glazing, minimal noise during operation. One drawback is a high price. Unfortunately, it is possible to tell a fake Raybestos before buying only at its low cost. If the American brand brake parts you bought are noisy when working, they are fake.

Its deluxe kit includes everything from friction clutches and pistons to gaskets and orings. It is made for 1997+ cars. The kit is of the highest quality and meets all standards set by professional installers. The total price is around $400.

TCI 4l80e rebuild kit

TCI is one of the best providers of high-performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain parts. You can find kits made for both 91+ and 97+cars. Its overhaul kit includes all you usually need when freshening up an existing transmission. But it does not include valve body modifications or little-used items.

4l80e rebuild cost

If the driver does not follow basic driving regulations and ignores the manufacturer’s recommendations, it can result in transmission malfunction. If the work of the automatic transmission of your car is accompanied by noise and severe tremors, vibrations and delays in switching on, it is better not to hesitate to contact experts.

Types of Transmission Repair:

  • Major overhaul;
  • Partial;
  • Replacing the problem gearbox with a new one;
  • Replacing a broken gearbox with a former gearbox.

A major overhaul is required if the machine has been involved in an accident. Sometimes such a necessity arises if the car owner did not pay attention to minor breakdowns. It is natural that with time they become more serious, after which the car needs a serious and extensive repair.

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