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Inspired by Subaru’s success on the racetracks, WRX’s sporty style combines power with elegant form. The low fit makes the LED headlamps and the design of the front end stand out even more. Lower, wider and more aggressive – all this reflects the power and speed of these cars. The 18-inch wheels provide the effect of full control over the road.

Subaru WRX has a long history, in fact, the first models were introduced in the first generation of 1992-2001. Here is a short overview of all the WRX models:

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Direct-Auto-SET4-FDP9703 Direct Auto SET4-FDP97031997-2003silverView on Amazon
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How fast is a Subaru WRX?

This is a model with a turbocharged engine of 2.5 liters and 300 hp. It has a manual gearbox, ceramic clutch and a four-wheel drive. The model has a long history of over 20 years in the U.S. In fact, the first model was officially sold in 1994. Unfortunately, WRX STI was left in the third generation while the Impreza sedan moved into a new generation. By the end of 2015 the WRX STI was moved onto the new Impreza platform, but they kept the same turbo flat-four 2.5-liter and added all the long awaited improvements with the fourth-gen car. It also left the Impreza name, leaving just the Subaru WRX STI on the window sticker. All the improvements that were added gave this model the estimated top speed of 160 mph.

How fast is a 2018 Subaru WRX?

In early 2017 during the North American auto show Subaru presented a restyled version of the model, which received minor external improvements, even better finish materials, as well as an expanded list of equipment that was previously unavailable. It is known as 2018 WRX 0-60. In addition, the technical component has been largely improved, which made the car even more responsive and predictable in driving.

The profile of the vehicle shows pumped wheel arches, domed roof, long hood, as well as relief sides. The car boasts stylish parking lights, a compact trunk lid topped with a small spoiler, and a monumental rear bumper with a powerful cone and two pairs of exhaust spouts.

Like its predecessor, the car is available in several body painting variants with two other colors added, they are Lapis Blue and Pure Red. It is equipped with 18″ discs with low-profile tires.

The restyled Subaru WRX is available exclusively with a 2-litre turbocharged boxer engine made of aluminium, as well as direct fuel supply system and a 16-valve timing system. Such engine allows to develop 268 “horses” (at 5600 rpm) and 226 pound-feet torque which is achieved at 2800 rpm, lower than before.  The four-speed automatic and five speed manual transmissions are also available in this model.

Does Subaru WRX have Turbo?

5-seater Subaru WRX (until 2014 Subaru Impreza WRX) is a turbocharged version of the Subaru Impreza. It is an all-wheel drive sports car. This model is available in sedan, wagon (until 2007) and hatchback (since 2007) versions.

Is the WRX comfortable?

The restyled Subaru WRX is an attractive and modern as well as dynamic and well-equipped car with excellent dynamics and handling close to the benchmark. It is a car that can easily compete with more famous sports cars, which have a significantly higher cost.

Updated Subaru is offered with a wide range of systems designed to improve the overall level of car safety. Special attention should be paid to the all-wheel drive system symmetrical AWD. Depending on the type of pre-installed gearbox, the car relies on two different modifications of all-wheel drive.

For many years drivers and car critics have been criticizing Subaru models for quite similar and uninteresting interior design. And finally Subaru took the feedback into the consideration and equipped the WRX model with a modern, stylish and functional enough interior. The front passengers are offered excellent seats with well-developed side support, optimal level of filler stiffness and enough adjustments. Between the front row seats there is a fairly high transmission tunnel which has a comfortable armrest, handbrake poker, a pair of cup holders and a gearbox lever.

The rear sofa is able to accommodate three seats, offering a fairly large amount of free space, by the standards of golf class. It boasts a well thought-out and ergonomic profile, as well as the ability to fold to carry long loads. Among the significant features of the car are exceptional handling, powerful engines and user-friendly infotainment system. And despite the suspension’s firmness, the WRX’s ride is generally comfortable.

All in all, these are one of those fun-to-drive cars in its class, but competitors have nicer cabins and gain better predicted reliability ratings. If you want enjoyment of driving most of all, then this Subaru model will be one of your top picks among compact cars. Otherwise, you will be not impressed with its low ranking. Besides, it is one of the most high-end cars in the class, so it is up to you whether to add Subaru WRX into your collection.

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