Hawkey STI

Many car lovers value them for their individuality. Their main advantages are ergonomic interior, excellent visibility, reliable steering response while driving on slippery surfaces, off-road performance. Among the distinguishing features is all-wheel drive, monocoque body structure and opposed engines. The Subaru Impreza sedan, like the previously introduced hatchback, received the original head optics (it even has its own name – Hawk Eye, ‘falcon’s eye’). The main difference between a sedan and a hatch is the redesigned back of the body and a silhouette, which reminds not of a sedan, but a coupe.

Hawkeye Sti wagon

It is known that the sedan is slightly larger than the hatchback – its length is 175,8 inches, while the hatch is limited to 160 inches. Given the 100 inch wheelbase, a saloon should provide enough space to accommodate five adult passengers.

The serial version of the Impreza model family is built on a new modular platform and has received newly developed economic engines. Sports car concept that is traditional for Impreza sportsmanship is concentrated in WRX and STi versions.

In the latest generation of Subaru, fuel economy has been improved which gives it a competitive edge among other models. The CVT has high reliability and gives the car a dynamic acceleration, eliminates delays when pushing the accelerator pedal. Cars demonstrate excellent performance in motorsport and daily operation.

Hawkeye STi specs

WRX Sti model has a four-wheel drive system with active centre-to-centre differential with increased friction (DCCD). It also has 2.0l JDM engine, twin scroll turbo vf37, stronger Revised Engine internals and equal length exhaust manifold. The fuel feed system has multipoint sequential distributed fuel injection.

Meaneye Sti

Meaneye Sti is also known as Classic eye. Although the classic model is a much better looking car ‘from the front”, later models have far better interiors. At the same time the classic interior feels clean and tidy and gives you that classic Subaru feeling. It has got the original Nardi wheel which is smaller and better in the hand than, for example, the huge Momo one. The steering is very direct and positive.  The official power figure for this car is 276 horsepower.  This car has a fabled reputation and is very popular with classic car lovers.

Hawkeye Sti White

Subaru WRX STi features a special series of white . What is great about this series is that they made some little twists and bends to it to really bring it into its own and to make you want to buy this special release.  The new color is called ceramic white which is different from the white that we are used to seeing.  The newest part is also a lower air intake which is actually functional. However, these cars don’t have fog lamps anymore, but the good news is that it still has great LED adaptive headlights.  The car still has a 2.5 liter flat 4 turbocharged engine that is the last of the EJ motors.

Bugeye STI

Subaru 2000-2002 version has got the nickname ‘Bug eye’ due to its frond-end styling. It has 2.0 petrol engine (300 hp), a manual gearbox and a four-wheel drive. This car is known for excellent steering response, great dynamics (not all turbo versions can boast such dynamics) and nice and comfortable  MOMO chairs as if they were designed for you. The controversy of this car is caused by the stiffness of this car. However, it is made this way to ensure passenger safety and give it more stability for motorsports events.

Subaru Hawkeye Sti price

New Hawkeye Subaru will cost you somewhere from $30.000 just like such models as the Honda Civic Type R or the Volkswagen Golf R. However, it is much cheaper to buy a used one. You can buy it for quite a reasonable price of $10.000-$20.000 depending on its mileage and vehicle history.

Stink eye WRX

Another Subaru version that has got a nickname because of its front-end styling is Subaru Impreza WRX or Stink eye.  It has a 2.5 liter opposed engine (224 hp). Many people think that this redesigned version has got 260l, but such engines went out only in 2009. 2008 version is a transition car in some way, since it was given a new type of the body, but the same engine power as in the previous generation. This car is a Subaru sports hatchback with a more powerful engine and other suspension settings that are different from the younger WRX versions. It is also equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and H4 engine. It is bigger than previous versions – at 180.3 inches long (up 4.5 inches). The wheelbase is enlarged from 99.4 to 103.1 inches, and the car is 1.4 inches taller, at 58.1 inches. 

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