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Clearance affects the vehicle’s cross-country ability. The greater the distance from the lower point of the car to the road surface, the harder it will be able to pass off-road areas. To increase the size of the wheels, you will need to make a number of changes, otherwise the wheels simply will not climb into the arches.

There exist two types of car lifts, they are body and suspension lift. Body one is designed to lift the body. Accordingly, this change is only available for frame cars, because the frame remains unchanged. Lifting is performed with the help of spacers. This method is considered to be the easiest one, as nothing is required other than installing additional elements.

The only disadvantage of a body lift is the need to modify the elements that will remain at the bottom such as hoses, hand crank rope and other important parts. Suspension lifts are considered to be the best in terms of increasing the vehicle’s cross-country ability.

2018 WRX lift kit

Every driver who has driven off-road at least once knows how important the size of the wheels is. However, without special preparation it will not be possible to establish wheels of the big size. Therefore, before ordering such tires it is necessary to prepare the car in a special way.

However, even properly done job leads to a number of technical problems that are quite costly to solve.  For example, suspension lifts significantly reduce the service life of the individual components in the vehicle. Besides, a car that is raised high becomes shaky, which has a negative impact on its handling at speeds above 49 mph. Also, installation of large wheels increases fuel consumption by 30-40%.

If you decide in favor of it, then you will need a lift kit. You can use Rallitek’s 2” kit as a basis for what you want, but you can also pick all of the specific parts. The usual kit includes subframe drop spacer kit, front and rear kit spacers, front and rear adjustable endlinks as well as front and rear raised springs.

2019 WRX lift kit

2019 WRX lift kit
Source: RalliTEK

The usual lift kit for the 2015+ models has subframe drop spacers or whiteline rear control arms that can be adjusted so that the camber is placed properly. Front arms made by the factory are adjustable, there is no need of replacing them. If you lift your car over an inch, check sway bar geometry. The body roll must be always kept under control, that is why the usual kit includes springs, which should be stiffer than the custom ones in order to act against the elevated gravity center.

2018 Subaru STI lift

2018 Subaru STI lift
Source: Fitment Industries

For doing it you should get rear spacers, subframe bolts as well as the start of your rear alignment kit and the main subframe spacers made from aluminium. You will also need HDPE or plastic spacers and  four rear strut bolts that you are going to replace your stop ones with.  You should use a 0,67 inch for the struts.  And the last but not least go front spacers. In fact, these cars should come a bit higher off the ground, especially when driving on a sand rocky driveway, so lifting these cars is a right way to go.

Lifted Subaru Impreza

Lifted Subaru Impreza
Photo by Stephen: TMYK Garage

Road clearance is mainly increased by installing spacers on the front shock absorbers and rear springs. But this means interference with the design of the car, so it can reduce the controllability in an emergency situation. You can install the spacers by yourself. However, the consequences are unknown, so it is more reasonable to buy a car with a factory large road clearance. Lifting Subaru Impreza is basically the same as with other models, so you will need the same kit that was mentioned above, but choose the size you need. Lifting will allow steeper approach, higher ground clearance and breakover angles.

2019 Subaru WRX Sti lift kit

Source: Roadshow

Lifting your WRX Sti simply gives more space in the wheel arches, which in turn allows you to put more wheels. The suspension elevator not only gives the same increase, but also makes higher, so to speak, the whole car above the road (springs become longer and stiffer). 2019 Subaru WRX Sti kit is usually designed to add a 1″ to the front and rear suspension of your car which gives more clearance for larger wheels and tires.  The kit includes standard parts like front and rear spacers.

Raising a WRX


The easiest way to modify a car for the installation of large wheels is a body lift carried out with a set of spacers placed between the body and frame. The main advantage of it is to preserve the geometry of the suspension, and in cases where the suspension is independent – the preservation of drive angles. If you want to raise your WRX 1 inch or more, you won’t need any large modifications like steering shaft extension.

2012 Subaru Impreza lift kit

The kit is usually installed between the strut top and strut, the plates remain offset. In that way,  you keep factory camber and caster. You can add a 1″ to the front and rear suspension of your car which gives more clearance for larger wheels and tires.  The kit includes subframe drop spacer kit, front and rear kit spacers, front and rear adjustable endlinks as well as front and rear raised springs.

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