F250 Headlights

Best F250 Headlights

The variety of F250 headlights for old pickups today is surprising. Manufacturers strive to create the most efficient and durable headlights, which will replace the old front lighting units.

Best F250 Headlights

They do it perfectly and the range of headlights F250 headlights 2019 for older cars is now available as basic headlights without redundancy, as well as ultra-modern units with LED light bulbs in black bodies. The latter look very stylish and significantly transform the old car. LEDs also improve lighting efficiency by increasing brightness and reducing energy consumption.

F250 Headlights

Different headlights meet all safety and reliability requirements for lighting below. They fully match the factory headlights in shape and other parameters and are therefore quickly replaced even in the garage.

List of Top-Rated F250 Headlights

HEADLIGHTSDEPOT FR348-4C HEADLIGHTSDEPOT FR348-4C1999-2004HalogenView on Amazon
AKKON 5-444-FS11V2-LB-C AKKON 5-444-FS11V2-LB-C2011-2016H1, H7View on Amazon
Evan Fischer F2TZ13008A Evan Fischer F2TZ13008A1992-1996HalogenView on Amazon
VIPMOTOZ AZN-JH-FF25099-AMB VIPMOTOZ AZN-JH-FF25099-AMB1999-2004HalogenView on Amazon
AnzoUSA 111184 AnzoUSA 1111841992-1998Hybrid View on Amazon
HEADLIGHTSDEPOT FR088-B0016 HEADLIGHTSDEPOT FR088-B00161992-1998HalogenView on Amazon
AKKON 9-E1FEX01MC2 AKKON 9-E1FEX01MC21999-20049004, 9007View on Amazon

Reviews of the Best F250 Headlights


Housing Color LampChrome, Silver
DOT CertifiedYes
Type LampHalogen
Durable Against DamagesYes

General overview

Quite good basic headlights are found in the market of auto parts rather often. You are offered a standard set of 4 spare parts, which is a cool replacement for the stock headlights. This set has a good level of brightness due to its chrome reflectors in various grooved forms. Such headlights look very good and you can give new life to an old pickup truck with their help.

Headlights perform well in rainy weather, as they are waterproof and there is rarely any condensation due to temperature differences. Vibrations and minor mechanical impacts are also unable to damage these front headlights.


  • the headlights are quality certified and meet factory requirements
  • perfectly replace the old stock headlights and do not require any special wires
  • bright chrome body


  • for fords from 1999 to 2004 (not suitable as 2018 F250 headlights)
  • light bulb type: halogen
  • headlight weight: 7 pounds
  • manufacturer company: HEADLIGHTSDEPOT

The proposed headlights 2002 F250 headlights are a good replacement for the old factory lights, which can no longer perform their direct functions. The new chrome set has good reflective light performance. They are easy to install and can be used with old factory light bulbs and wiring.

How can I restore a cracked headlight?

It is possible to restore the headlight housing indeed. To do this, you must first find the same old headlight with a new lens to replace it. Buying a new headlight from a third party manufacturer to replace a cracked lens makes no sense at all. It’s easier not to repair a broken headlight, but just to replace it with another one. You can always find inexpensive, but rather high-quality headlights in the market of auto parts. And if your front headlight burst, you should just replace it with a new one.

AKKON 5-444-FS11V2-LB-C

AKKON 5-444-FS11V2-LB-C
Low and High Beam TypeYes
Low BeamH7
High BeamH1
Dot CertificationYes
SAE ApprovedYes

Chrome and black LED headlight always looks very stylish if it has an LED tube. This option for headlights is offered to all motorists. The headlights consist of an LED unit and a section with halogen spotlights. The lens in the headlight is made of glass to maximize the transmission and concentration of light passing through it. This gives enhanced lighting even from a standard light bulb. By replacing old headlights with these, you will immediately feel a big difference in brightness, even if you use your old standard light bulbs.

Light bulbs for installation in the headlight body are included in the set. Since the headlights are multifunctional and have different types of lighting, the manufacturer insists on the professional installation of the headlights in conditions of a car service. Despite this, the connection system itself is not very complex and is implemented on a “plug and play” basis.


  • light bulbs are included in the scope of delivery
  • headlights meet all factory requirements
  • modern led headlights with different types of lighting
  • stylish design and high-quality lenses


  • for cars from 2011 to 2016
  • high beam H1 light bulbs
  • low beam H7 light bulbs
  • manufacturer’s brand: AKKON

If you are looking for a decent replacement for F250 headlights 2015, these modern and stylish LED headlights are the right choice. The design and functionality of the headlights allow for maximum dense and bright lighting. LED tube gives the car a chic look and ride with such headlights become very comfortable in any place and any weather.

Will standard factory light bulbs be suitable for use in these headlights?

If your car was equipped with headlight bulbs with the type of base H1 and H7, you can use them, because the headlights are structurally designed to install such light bulbs in them. The turn signal light can also be factory-produced.

Evan Fischer F2TZ13008A

Evan Fischer F2TZ13008A
Lamp TypeHalogen
PositionLeft and Right
CAPA CertificationYes
DOT CertificationYes

It is the easiest and most versatile front headlight unit to fit on many pickup trucks. The headlights provide enough power to drive safely on the road in bad weather or in the dark. The set is resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. As for the installation procedure, if you know the basic principles for connecting a headlight, you can replace it yourself in your garage.


  • basic set with bright chrome reflectors
  • light bulbs are included in the scope of delivery
  • The headlamps are certified for quality and compliance with stock headlights
  • a one-year warranty is provided


  • color: chrome
  • type of light bulbs used: halogen light bulbs
  • come with the light bulbs
  • manufacturer of headlight: Evan Fischer

If you have a pickup truck from 1992 to 1996 and you need to change the headlights, it is an affordable alternative to the factory headlights. They are of quite high quality and provide excellent bright light for driving in any weather. Versatility and brightness are the main advantages of this inexpensive set of front lighting units.

Do these headlights come without a turn signal section?

Yes. This is a basic set of main headlights, represented only by high beam and low beam lights. Turn signal reflectors are not included in the scope of delivery.


VIPMOTOZ Factory ChromeAZN-JH-FF25099-AMBCheck Price
VIPMOTOZ Infinity BlackAZN-JH-FF25099-AM-BKCheck Price
VIPMOTOZ Sterling ChromeAZN-JH-FF25099-AM-CCheck Price
Fully Plug & PlayNo Rewiring Necessary
Lamp TypeHalogen
PositionLeft and Right
CAPA CertificationYes
DOT CertificationYes

These headlights have a triple protective coating, which can effectively resist micro-particles, ultraviolet radiation, and wet weather conditions.

The headlight is supplied with amber turn signals. It has a high-quality chrome reflector that allows you to improve the brightness of the light. The difference with standard factory headlights is very noticeable. They are used with basic factory light bulbs and are installed on cars very quickly.


  • increased level of protection
  • easy installation
  • bright reflection from the chrome body


  • for cars from 1999 to 2004
  • IP66 protection against moisture and snow
  • halogen type of light bulbs
  • weight: 12 pounds
  • brand: VIPMOTOZ

Headlights from a third party manufacturer completely replace the factory front light unit and improve the brightness of the road in front of the car. These are reliable and bright reflectors that can serve for several years without interruption. Please note that the light bulbs for these headlights are not included in the scope of delivery.

Which light bulb should I use for the main light and turn signal?

For all types of lighting these headlights can be fitted with the factory standard F250 headlights bulbs from your previous stock headlight set. Usually these are standard halogen light bulbs. Some motorists put LED light bulbs in the headlight if they fit the design and type of base.

AnzoUSA 111184

AnzoUSA 111184
AnzoUSA Halo HeadlightBlack1992-1998111184Check Price
AnzoUSA Halo HeadlightChrome1992-1998111183Check Price
Headlight StyleProjector with halo
Easy InstallationYes
LED Light BulbsYes

We should notice at once that the presented headlights look like 2019 ford F250 headlights. But they are designed for installation on cars from 1992 to 1998. The black headlight body looks very stylish, and the presence of LED lights in the device makes this set one of the most attractive on the market. The headlight is characterized by LED light bulbs for daytime traffic, three spotlights, and a lead ring around the main spotlight. This design significantly improves the functionality of the headlight, the brightness of the lighting, and the aesthetics of the car.


  • quick and easy installation
  • stylish unusual design
  • multifunctional lighting
  • LED light bulbs are used


  • glass spotlight in the main light bulb
  • hybrid lighting type
  • the approximate weight of the headlights: 17 pounds
  • manufacturer’s company: AnzoUSA

Do you have a car from 1992 to 1998, and you want to turn your old car into a modern stylish pickup truck? Then this set deserves to be installed on the car, because it gives excellent lighting and transforms the car. Headlights also show great resistance to water, high temperatures, and abrasive dirt particles.

AnzoUSA 111184

How is the light direction regulated in the vertical axis?

Adjustment is carried out through the corresponding assembly on the back cover of the headlight.


Housing ColorChrome, Silver
Driver and Passenger SideYes
Type of BulbHalogen
Piece Fits6

Excellent replacement for factory headlights is available from the manufacturer HEADLIGHTSDEPOT. This set of headlights replaces the low beam and high beam headlights, as well as the turn signal lights. The headlight body is fully factory fitted and it is very difficult to distinguish the stock headlights from the new ones at first sight. The headlights have the necessary level of protection against moisture and dirt. Moreover, they are designed for use with standard halogen light bulbs.


  • The headlights are DOT certified and meet all safety requirements
  • look like the original factory headlight set
  • bright lighting with quality reflectors


  • for a car from 1992 to 1998
  • used with halogen light bulbs
  • the total weight of the set: 15 pounds
  • manufacturer: HEADLIGHTSDEPOT

This set is suitable for replacing old defective headlights. They will easily replace the stock lights, and this replacement will not even be noticeable. Of course, with the new headlights the brightness will be higher and they will refresh the appearance of the car a little.

How do I install and adjust the headlight?

The installation procedure is simple. It requires the removal of the old headlight and light bulbs. The light bulbs are then connected to the headlight and the car’s general power supply system. The lighting direction is adjusted using the appropriate controls at the rear of the headlight body.


AKKON Excursion SuperdutyBlack9-E1FEX01BK1Check Price
AKKON Superduty OE BezelChrome9-E1FEX01MC1-AMZCheck Price
AKKON SuperDuty ExcursionChrome V29-E1FEX01MC2Check Price
AKKON Smoke HeadlightsSmoked2C3Z13008AACheck Price
Housing ColorChrome, Grey
Low and High Beam9004 and 9007
DOT & SAE CertificationYes
Type of BulbHalogen
Easy InstallationYes

Headlights from AKKON offer an interesting coloring in the form of chrome-plated dark grey headlights with bright and saturated amber signals. The headlights have a completely transparent body and provide enough light for safe driving at any time of day.

As for weather conditions, the headlights can be used on a car that is often driven in rain or snow. The set of headlights is resistant to water and dust and shows itself perfectly in both hot and cold weather. Headlights have many advantages, one of which is the proper quality of the body at a low cost of the whole set of headlights.


  • there is a 90-day quality warranty
  • stylish appearance
  • proper lighting brightness
  • easy installation of the entire lighting set


  • body color: dark grey chrome
  • low beam lamp type: 9004
  • high beam light bulb type: 9007
  • brand of the manufacturer: AKKON

Use these headlights as a worthy alternative to the factory front headlights on cars manufactured in 1999 – 2004.

Can I use these headlights as F250 headlights 2008?

These headlights are not suitable for the car of 2008. Check the compatibility of the headlight unit with your specific car model with your retailer.


Considering all the above, you can understand that the range of headlights for F250 is wide enough and you can always choose headlights for any wallet and taste. The most attractive are the chrome or black headlights with LED lighting sections, of course, which work at the level of F250 headlights 2017. Simple light blocks also have decent quality and high brightness.

Frequently asked question

How to adjust headlights F250?

The spotlight position controllers in space relative to the horizontal and vertical axis are usually located at the rear of the headlights. Adjustment is made in front of the wall at a distance of approximately 7 meters for low beam. The direction of the light can be adjusted and fixed very precisely by manipulating the appropriate controller. Adjustment is usually done either with a key or with a screwdriver.

How to change F250 headlights?

To replace the old headlights on your jeep, simply remove the old unit and remove all the light bulbs from it. Disconnect the wires and then insert the light bulbs into the new headlights. After that, the new headlight blocks are fixed in their usual place. Manufacturers create headlights that are easy to install and fully comply with the factory’s headlights in terms of shape, construction, and requirements for brightness and safety.

How to take out headlights ford F250?

You should loosen all the headlight mounts and completely unscrew them before removing the headlights from the body of the car. If the headlight is not pulled out, make sure that you have unscrewed all possible screws with which the headlight can be attached. If everything is done correctly, the headlight can be removed quite freely and further replacement can be provided.

How to install Spyder projector headlights F250?

These headlights are installed just like any other. The headlights are mounted on a “plug and play” principle. It is necessary to fix the headlight in the car body and make a direct connection of wires to the electrical system of the car. It is better to do it at a car service center, but if you know the car device, you can perform the procedure at home.

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