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Replacing F150 Headlights

Replacing headlights is a common thing in car services. Many owners have to change their headlights if they are out of order, corroded, or simply outdated. The Ford F-series line is very diverse, so selecting the right headlights often takes a long time. The use of secondary flashlights f150 headlights on Fords of even the oldest modifications is possible thanks to the work of third parties, which are focused on the car market and produce a lot of spare parts. They make headlights for even the oldest pickups. And if 2019 ford f150 headlights are not so popular because of the novelty of the car, the front headlights of earlier cars are more and more often require replacement.

Motorists often change spare parts for cars themselves. And that’s okay. But do not forget that sometimes there are many questions or problems, especially with rare models of headlights or pickups, where the installation of new headlights can not be done by your own.

Problems with installing front headlights on Ford f150

Problems with the service installation of headlights are very rare, as manufacturers try to produce parts as efficiently as possible, so that they fully match the factory headlights in shape and device. For example, when you buy expensive Morimoto f150 headlights, you are likely to give the car to the service to make the installation as accurate and professional as possible. The work of expensive headlights and their warranty period depend on this. And if you buy cheap headlights for your old pickup truck, you don’t always want to pay the service for installing the light.

It is often not possible to remove the first factory flashlight when changing the light yourself. You need to know the device of a particular pickup truck, at least. If you haven’t done it before, the task may become impossible. It is strongly discouraged to put expensive headlights on your own. Of course, you can find more budget analogs of expensive light f150 headlights 2018 on the market. The manufacturer often attaches detailed installation instructions to these headlights.  

The installation problems can be more serious, if the contacts are severely corroded or the wiring is damaged. If the car has been used for years in high humidity or off-road conditions, corrosion is highly likely. Make sure that your system is working properly and only then do the installation yourself.

New front headlights vs Stock lights

If we talk about stock front lights, you need to understand that they lose their functionality because of long use. Some outdated pickup models can’t boast a decent or stylish look. For these reasons, many car owners want to change stock headlights and buy more effective and beautiful lighting.

The front light in the car has various modifications. More efficient coatings are applied to the lenses, which increase the productivity of the light bulbs. The quality of the reflectors also plays an important role in the performance of the entire set of front lights. Some new flashlights do well in bad weather conditions. Others work better at night. Some manufacturers have reinforced light bulbs that are visible during the day. For this reason, when you select new front headlights, consider a set of milestones of these parameters.   

List of Top-Rated Replacing F150 Headlights

AnzoUSA 111357 AnzoUSA 1113572015-2017blackView on Amazon
Direct-Auto-SET4-FDP9703 Direct Auto SET4-FDP97031997-2003silverView on Amazon
DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-BK-CL1 DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-BK-CL12004-2008blackView on Amazon
AKKON 5-444-FF15004-HL-G2-BK AKKON 5-444-FF15004-HL-G2-BK2004-2008blackView on Amazon
HEADLIGHTSDEPOT FR088-B0016 HEADLIGHTSDEPOT FR088-B00161992-1996silverView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Replacing F150 Headlights

AnzoUSA 111357

AnzoUSA 111357

ANZO USA creates luxurious front headlights for installation with halogen light bulbs for front lighting of the roadway. Your Ford will transform, and delight you with its impressive and respectable look. Black reflectors with bright amber signal unit do not leave anyone indifferent. The headlight is composed of three connected lighting units that cover the tasks of low beam, high beam, and signal light on a car. 


  • headlights are carefully tested in high temperature and humidity conditions
  • wide-angle of illumination of the road even in poor visibility conditions


  • used only for halogen light bulbs
  • stylish amber signal reflector
  • total weight: 27 pounds
  • has a black body with reflectors

If you are faced with the task of not just replacing a faulty front headlight unit, but also giving your car an impressive appearance, these headlights can be a real find for you. Note that installing the front headlights on this car by yourself is not for everyone, so it is recommended to take the car to a special car service, where the installation of new headlights is done professionally and without threats to your car and your health.

AnzoUSA 111357

Are there headlights with different colors available?

– Unfortunately, this headlight only comes in black with a bright turn signal.

AnzoUSA 111357

Direct Auto SET4-FDP9703

Direct Auto SET4-FDP9703

The headlights for the 90s and 2000s model series from DirectAuto are simple and even standard. If you just need to replace the old front headlights, then you should pay attention to this headlight supplier. The traditional chrome reflector will fit any old Ford perfectly.


  • classic color of the internal reflector
  • low price
  • you can install it yourself without a special service


  • comes in a double set of two headlights for each side of the car
  • suitable for cars from 1997 to 2003
  • the total weight of the set is 11.2 pounds

If you are a true motorist and stay true to your iron horse and take care of it, these classic headlights will return your car to its former appearance. Also, the new headlights have a high level of light reflection of light bulbs, which will make your driving more comfortable. 

Are these headlights suitable for pickup trucks manufactured before 1997?

– No. The headlights are designed for installation on the 97-03 Ford Pickups F150 F250 model.

The set includes four front headlights, which means two sets?

– The package contains two headlights, one for the left and right sides. Since one headlight consists of two sections, it turns out that you have four separate lighting elements. 

DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-BK-CL1

DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-BK-CL1
DNA Motoring Black clearHL-OH-F1504-BK-CL1Check Price
DNA Motoring Smoked clearHL-OH-F1504-SM-CL1Check Price

Testing a headlight for resistance to external influences is an important part of the headlight production process. If the headlight is easily damaged or corroded, the light breaks down quickly and can be corrected by replacing the entire unit. DNA MOTORING offers front lights that are highly airtight and resistant to moisture and air. The product is perfect for driving in the most adverse weather conditions. 


  • easy and clear replacement of old light source
  • relatively low price on the market of auto equipment
  • Certified check that there are no problems with tightness and resistance to external influences


  • color: black
  • fully transparent headlights
  • set weight: 12.25 pounds 
  • low-beam and high-beam lenses
  • light bulbs are not included in the package

It is worth noting that the headlights are supplied without light bulbs. If you have good front headlight bulbs, you can simply remove the old headlight unit. Then install the new set and connect the lights. After that, you can test the new headlights in practice. If you have not previously installed headlights on a pickup truck, you should contact a professional car mechanic for help. Headlights should be installed on 04-08 Ford F-150 pickups. So your good old Ford with the new f150 headlights 2004 will be slightly upgraded and will bring you the pleasure of safe driving. 

How to avoid fogging of the lenses of the headlights?

– If the headlights constantly fog up, then this defect can only be corrected by replacing the old unit. The headlights that are not airtight or have been damaged will fog up. 

Why don’t the headlights fit my car?

– You need to clarify the car model and headlight compatibility when buying headlights. The front light is factory-fitted on all F-150 pickup trucks from 2004 to 2008.

AKKON 5-444-FF15004-HL-G2-BK

AKKON 5-444-FF15004-HL-G2-BK

Together with the f150 headlights bulb, AKKON branded headlights are not only used for night driving or in bad weather. The headlight unit is also specially designed for driving during the day with the headlights on. The brightness of the entire lighting structure is impressive. 

The headlights have special high brightness reflectors, which work together with high-quality glass lenses, capable of 100% light transmission. Due to a special development of the supplier, the headlights and turn signals consume significantly less power and last much longer than the basic headlights.


  • increased brightness of light reflectors
  • the headlights were designed specifically for daytime driving
  • high-quality glass lenses are used
  • halogen light bulbs together with reflectors give amazing power both day and night


  • compatible with 2004 – 2008 F150 cars
  • two headlights are included in the delivery (one on the passenger side and one on the driver’s side)

If you are not satisfied with a simple standard front lighting, it is recommended to purchase headlights with increased brightness. A noticeable increase in the illumination capacity of the headlights increases safety on the road, even when driving during the day. Lower energy consumption for light bulbs in this design also plays in favor of choosing this light. 

How many headlights are included?

– You get 2 headlights for the left and right sides of the car. Each headlight consists of four sections. Each is designed for driving at night or during the day, with a low or high beam.

Why can’t I connect the new unit to the old light bulbs?

– If you are having difficulty with the connection of the new lights, please contact a specialized service. 



It is not a problem to find flashlights for old Ford models today. The auto parts market is full of different suppliers. You need to understand a little bit about what light is right for you, and you can quickly upgrade your favorite car yourself. HEADLIGHTSDEPOT offers headlights for a wide range of pickup trucks. Of course, this is not the 2010 f150 headlamps, but they look impressive and meet all the requirements for modern car lighting on the road. 


  • very simple installation that does not require special service
  • low price compared to competitors
  • full-fledged enhanced road lighting at night 


  • has a relatively light weight: 15 pounds
  • designed for halogen light bulbs
  • suitable for a wide range of pickups

The presented front headlights are created for fords of the 90s. It is necessary to understand that such a unit will not fit, for example, to 2013 ford f150 headlights. Check your model and front headlights compatibility before buying. The headlights have three main sections for low and high beam. You’ll recognize them by the wide bottom strip of orange signal light. If you are looking for inexpensive and versatile front lights, then this option can be very worthwhile. 

How do headlights better meet lighting requirements?

– The presented headlights fully meet all the requirements for the front lighting of the pickup. The new set produces better light, due to the high-quality diffusers of low and high beam.

How do I replace the old unit with a handy tool?

– To replace an old front headlight set you will need a screwdriver, a wrench, and a hexagon wrench. This depends on the specific model of your car. For the complete reinstallation of the headlights, please refer to the enclosed supplier’s instructions.  


At the end of the review, we should emphasize the importance of properly connecting the headlights. Don’t spare a little money and give the pickup truck to a headlight replacement service if you’re not sure you can handle the task yourself. 

Since the legendary Ford’s car range is very extensive, always make sure that the product matches your vehicle model before buying. It is often happens when customers purchase headlights and find that they do not fit or do not match the factory shape of the headlight space.

Lighting features depend on reflectors and type of light bulbs. New headlights are all used with halogen light bulbs, and a special compartment uses LEDs. These LED light bulbs can save energy. If you need high-quality light, choose headlights with special reflectors, lenses, and light bulbs. This approach will significantly increase the comfort and safety of driving.      

Frequently asked question

How to adjust ford f150 headlights

You can set up the headlights on your own if you know about cars and have previously replaced them. This can be done in your garage or just on the street. All you have to do is change the old headlight unit and when you install a new one, adjust the light direction so that it illuminates the front of the car correctly.

How to install Spyder headlights f150

It is not difficult to install the front headlights in the garage or on the street. First, you need to unscrew and remove the stock lighting unit. Thereafter, a new headlight unit is installed in the car body. Then connect the light bulbs to the new headlights. These lights initially have all the necessary wiring. To install the front headlights, you will need a basic set of tools, and the installation itself will not take much time.

How to replace f150 headlights

Replacing the front lighting on a Ford is a simple procedure. It can be performed by every motorist who has changed the light on their car at least once. Please note that if you are not ready to make repairs yourself, contact a specialized car service. To replace an old lighting unit, unscrew it with a screwdriver on the inside. After that, you need to disconnect the lamps carefully. Then replace the unit and connect the old light bulbs to the new headlights. Then attach the headlights to the car body.

How to smoke headlights f150 2003

To dim the headlights for the Ford, just buy a special modification, which is designed for driving out of town. Such headlights are produced by different companies, and it is easy to find the necessary variant in the auto parts market. Remember that the use of tinted pairs for normal driving is prohibited in many countries.

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