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The classic mustang headlights of almost rectangular shape with large round headlights always look impressive on the car. Such headlights appeared in the fifth generation of the Ford Mustang. The front light in earlier and later models has a different look. 2019 mustang headlights rarely need to be replaced due to the novelty of the car, but owners of earlier cars have to buy new headlights more often. We will try to figure out how to install the headlights on your car and consider the headlights for two generations of cars, which to this day delight its owners.

About headlights on new and old cars

First of all, it should be noted that many will not dare to replace the headlights on new cars, 2018 mustang headlights, for example. The car is relatively new, and the purchased headlights have their warranty period. Nobody wants the whole car, the electrical system, or the headlights damaged due to incorrect installation. In such cases, it would be wise to come to the car service center and ask for help from experienced mechanics. This removes your responsibility for improperly connecting the headlights. 

If your car is not so new, and you have a basic understanding of the device car and repeatedly repaired it yourself, the installation of headlights will not be a problem for you. Of course, if the headlights are completely incompatible with the car model, you should not even try to put them in there. Some are trying to put fox body mustang headlights or other headlights from unverified manufacturers. Before buying headlights, always make sure that the headlights of your car model are fully compatible. 

How to replace the headlights yourself

To replace the headlights yourself, first of all, you need to make sure that they are fully functional and intact. Check all the parts for availability before starting to install the headlights. Second, you need to unscrew the old headlight mounts. They may be hidden under the hood or wing. Headlights are usually fixed in two or four places and can be easily removed with a standard screwdriver. 

After that you need to take the light bulbs with wires out of the old body and gently insert them into the new headlights. Then the new headlights are screwed to the same mounts. If preliminary mechanical adjustment of the light horizontally and vertically is required beforehand, perform it by acting on the corresponding adjustment elements. Make sure that the headlights are fully functioning correctly.

Some third-party manufacturers attach instructions for the installation of new headlights. In that case, it’s even easier to do. Using the instruction manual, you can quickly find the necessary parts and do not spend a lot of time replacing the headlights. Most of them have a simple design and connection system to the car’s electrical system. 

List of Top-Rated Mustang Headlights

PhotoProductYearsLamp typeDetails
Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM05-CH-CL1 Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM05-CH-CL12005-2009H13View on Amazon
Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-MST99G-TM Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-MST99G-TM1999-2004H1View on Amazon
AKKON 5-HD-JH-FM05-BK AKKON 5-HD-JH-FM05-BK2005-2009H13View on Amazon
Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM99-CH-AM Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM99-CH-AM1999-20049007View on Amazon
DNA Motoring HL-OH-FM99-BK-AM DNA Motoring HL-OH-FM99-BK-AM1999-20049007View on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Mustang Headlights

Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM05-CH-CL1

Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM05-CH-CL1
Headlight Assembly Lamps BlackAD-HL-OH-FM05-BK-CL1Check Price
Headlight Assembly Lamps ChromeAD-HL-OH-FM05-CH-CL1Check Price

Cool traditional headlights in three colors are available for all motorists. The manufacturer Auto Dynasty has created black, chrome and tinted headlights for Ford Mustang, which were released between 2005 and 2009. Each model looks very impressive, despite the low cost of the whole set. 

Only H13 halogen light bulbs are suitable for these headlights, which are not included in the scope of delivery. This means that the headlights can be used with stock lamps or new ones will have to be purchased. 

Although the headlights are inexpensive, they do not have the cheap look that is typical for many third-party car equipment manufacturers. The headlights are assembled tightly with high-quality plastic, which is resistant to various negative mechanical and weather influences. 


  • available in three colors (black, chrome and tinted) 
  • low price for headlights
  • easy to install, plug-and-play 
  • intended for Ford Mustang owners from 2005 to 2009


  • headlight color: black with chrome lights
  • instructions are not included in the box 
  • the headlights are for use with halogen lighting only
  • used with the H13 base for low and high beam
  • the light bulbs themselves are not in the parcel 
  • original brand: Auto Dynasty
  • total weight is almost 8 pounds

This option is worth paying attention to everyone who is looking for simple and at the same time stylish headlights for his car. Although there are no instructions for installing the headlights, their simplest design allows you to do everything by hand. Large round headlights with halogen light bulbs create powerful lighting. This ensures a high level of road safety at any time. 

Will H1 light bulbs be suitable for headlights?

– The design of the headlights suggests their use with H13 light bulbs. They are not included in the supplied set. You may need to purchase these lamps separately. 

Whether the front lights will stand on the 2004 Mustang. 

– No. These headlights are not suitable for earlier car models. They are made to replace the factory headlights and installation for the series from 2005 to 2009. 

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-MST99G-TM

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-MST99G-TM

SPEC-D TUNING offers quality front light. The headlight material is plastic, which completely transmits light output. Note that the headlights are black and the lenses are tinted. This gives the headlights a very stylish look, and the light creates a full-frontal lighting, in which traffic on the road is quite safe. It’s a good thing the set comes with a mustang headlight bulb for each headlight. The searchlight uses the H1 light bulb. This way you get near-and long-distance lighting. 

The headlight supplier offers favorable warranty terms and a refund if the product does not fit you within the first 30 days of purchase. The headlights work together with halogen and LED light bulbs, which increases lighting efficiency. LED lamps have a longer lifespan. The headlight body is made of durable and transparent plastic, which is highly resistant to UV radiation, mechanical stress, moisture, and dust. 


  • equipped with two round led light bulbs
  • a 90-day warranty is provided 
  • you can return the headlights within the first 30 days and you’ll get your money back
  • manufactured following safety requirements and standards
  • suitable for installation on cars from 1999 to 2004


  • black headlights with light tinting
  • designed for use with H1 light bulbs separately for low and high beam
  • weight of the set is approximately 19 pounds
  • manufacturer: SPEC-D TUNING
  • installation instruction is not included in the shipping package

Beautiful and powerful front headlights – that’s what you can say about the proposed product. They fully meet all the requirements of the factory manufacturer. As there are no instructions for installing the headlights, the manufacturers recommend installing the headlights at a special car service. The headlight unit is very simple, so many motorists can install it on their own. If you are looking for stylish and functional flashlights, you should pay attention to them.

Spec-D Tuning 2LHP-MST99G-TM

The use of tinted lights is prohibited on public roads. Are these lights suitable for driving in the city?

 – The headlight body is completely transparent. That means they’re fully transmitting the light output. Only the lenses of the flashlights are tinted. The use of halogen light bulbs and LEDs allows you to get a full illumination of the road surface. 


Headlight Lamp Black Housing5-HD-JH-FM05-BKCheck Price
Headlight Lamp Chrome Housing5-HD-JH-FM05-CCheck Price

Manufacturer AKKON has established itself in the auto parts market as a manufacturer of stylish and functional headlights for cars. Many people choose these headlights because they provide the best possible lighting and long lifespan. 

The proposed flashlights are a classic version for fifth-generation cars. They are not suitable as Mustang headlights 2012. In any case, you should check their compatibility with your specific car model before purchasing. Installation instructions are not included in the set, but the design of the headlights is as simple as possible. Chrome headlights always look very stylish and bright. They provide maximum light reflection and guarantee safe driving in the dark. 


  • There is a choice of black or chrome headlights 
  • The supplier provides a 90-day limited quality warranty
  • the product is only compatible with halogen factory light bulbs


  • lamp type: H13
  • no installation instructions
  • Headlights are designed for cars from 2005 to 2009 
  • manufactured by AKKON

Classic chrome headlights always look stylish and impressive. They fully perform the functions assigned to them. Manufacturers recommend professional installation due to lack of instructions. To adjust the headlights horizontally, you will need a hexagonal key. 

Do I need additional wires to connect the headlights in the car?

– The design of the headlights is as simple as possible and they are installed without the need for additional wires. All you need to do is to insert the light bulb into the new headlight unit and fix it to the machine body.

Which lamps are suitable for use with these headlights?

– Flashlights can only be used with H13 type halogen light bulbs. Please note that the light is not included in the scope of delivery. This means that you need to buy either new light bulbs or use headlights with basic factory light bulbs.

Auto Dynasty AD-HL-OH-FM99-CH-AM

Headlight BlackAD-HL-OH-FM99-BK-CL1Check Price
Headlight ChromeAD-HL-OH-FM99-CH-CL1Check Price
Headlight Black / AmberAD-HL-OH-FM99-BK-AMCheck Price
Headlight Chrome / AmberAD-HL-OH-FM99-CH-AMCheck Price
Headlight SmokeAD-HL-OH-FM99-SM-CL1Check Price
Headlight Smoke / AmberAD-HL-OH-FM99-SM-AMCheck Price

The company Auto Dynasty offers excellent 2003 chrome headlights. Such headlights will make the car stylish and fashionable. The reflectors do their job as efficiently as possible and provide maximum illumination on the road. Their use with the powerful 9007 flashlights makes driving on the road comfortable and safe. The headlights have a simple design and can be installed as easily as possible, even though the manufacturer does not provide detailed instructions for installing new headlights in the machine body. 

The headlights are characterized by reinforced signal lights, which have a bright amber color. The three turning signal sections are very visible in the flow of other cars. You can be sure that the headlights are a hundred percent good at signalling.    


  • suitable for installation on cars from 1999 to 2004
  • headlights look stylish and beautiful
  • superior lighting performance under all weather conditions


  • Amber turn signal 
  • Transparent lens 
  • No light bulbs included
  • Base/plinth type 9007 for low and high beam lighting
  • Approximate weight: 13 pounds
  • Manufactured by Auto Dynasty

Are you looking for stylish and powerful lightings? Then you should pay attention to the product offered. You can install the light on the car even without instructions by looking at the recommendations in the product description. They are suitable for fourth-generation Mustangs. In any case, check the compatibility of the headlights in your car.

Can I use headlights with LED light bulbs?

– The headlights are designed for use with halogen light bulbs only. The type of base is 9007. These are mandatory requirements in the front low and high beam light bulbs.

DNA Motoring HL-OH-FM99-BK-AM

DNA Motoring HL-OH-FM99-BK-AM

The installation of bright front lights is a prerequisite for safe and comfortable driving on any road. The offered mustang headlights 99-04 are thoroughly tested for body tightness. They do not pass air and moisture. You don’t have to worry about driving in bad weather conditions, such as snow or rain. 

The triple signal light reflector attracts more attention on the road. This is one of the advantages of these front headlights. DNA MOTORING has taken care of high lighting efficiency.

It’s not hard to adjust the light. It can be quickly adjusted horizontally and vertically by influencing the respective components. The box does not contain any instructions for installing the headlights, so a professional replacement of the headlights in a car service is recommended.


  • headlights are designed for use with Mustangs of 1999-2004 
  • high-quality housing that allows you to achieve bright lighting 
  • give the car a special style


  • black body color with amber signal light
  • lamp type: 9007
  • light bulbs are not supplied with headlights
  • weight: 13 pounds
  • Manufacturer: DNA MOTORING

Beautiful headlights can be found quite often, but to neglect the appearance and focus on functionality is not always logical. If you want to put stylish lights, then this is a good choice. The headlights are very noticeable and catch your eye. They densely illuminate the front of the road and travel at night becomes very comfortable. 

Are there headlights in chrome version?

– These headlights are made in black with chrome lenses and amber turn signals. There is no pure chrome version.


In general, many of the headlights perform well in service. They’re nicely made and don’t look cheap. The front headlights of the fourth and fifth-generation Mustangs pass all tests for resistance to rain, damp climate, and dust. 

Frequently asked question

How to turn on mustang headlights

Before switching on the new headlights on the vehicle, make sure that all the components supplied are in place. After connecting the light bulbs to the headlights through the power supply wiring, you can switch the headlights on and check that everything is working correctly.

How to install mustang headlights

Instructions for installing new headlights are not always supplied by the manufacturer. In this case the manufacturer has to recommend a professional installation, although most often everything can be done manually in the customer’s garage. To do this, remove the old headlights by unscrewing the fixings with a screwdriver. The light bulbs are then pulled out of the housing and inserted into the new headlight housing. Then the entire unit is attached back. Of course, if you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to go to a car service, where the headlights will be replaced very quickly.

How to aim mustang headlights

The headlights are guided by adjusting units located on the rear side of the headlight housing. To do this, take a screwdriver or a corresponding key and use it to adjust the position of the light bulbs to the vertical axis and horizontal axis. This is followed by the final fixation of the headlight in the car body.

How can I clean my 2004 mustang headlights

The headlights are fully factory fitted and require periodic maintenance. If you notice that the headlight housing has become obscured over time, or that the headlight has minor dust or other mechanical scratches, you can sand and polish it. This will help to restore the headlights to their original brilliance and ability to fully transmit light from light bulbs and reflectors. If this procedure does not help, it may be more reasonable to change the headlights to new ones.

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