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There are several reasons why it was developed.

First, they dig Hot Rods (duh) and doing artwork.

Second, The Demand and response from people online wanting my Woodie Works Shirts. So they thought it was about time they get this line of Shirts out to fellow Hot Rodders. For those of you who visited The Woodie Works Site know they build some very different and unusual woodie bodies (also do basic standard Boxes too) for fellow street rodders. You might have seen many of them in and on the covers of many Street rod magazines and at national events. They have been building wooden rods for only a few years, But they have been doing artwork and building hot rods most of my entire life. (You can check out some of my past rides here.)

Third, The Lack of Cool Hot Rod T-shirts and Decals, When they got to the Nats or some other major event , One of the first things they look for and buy is a T-shirt and there is not much to choose from, (Of course they end up with is a So-Cal or a Mooneye’s shirt…Great designs these are my favs.)

This index will help you get around the site.

Products page will give you info on what they offer.

Categories Page will be where you select your interest, then you can look over the different designs. More categories will be up soon.Check out the new THUMBNAIL INDEX of all the DESIGNs.

Specials page will give you info what will be on sale..Cheaper…an will changed often.

Contact Info: Here you can contact the woodguy and get info on Returns and other stuff.

If you are not satisfied with the product, and have not worn or washed the shirts or used the decals in any manner. You can return them to the address above and you will receive a refund minus shipping and handling cost.

Cool Stuff will be for news and info about anything about these pages. Here You can send in your ideas for T-shirt designs and if they like your Ideas and make the design, they will send you one for free. Also Custom Designs of shirts and decals for your shop, hotrod or whatever will be available. Fill out the e-form with your info.

Order Three Shirts and get a FREE Wally Wag Dusting Cloth to try
Plus get the discount offers ..Starting at 5% on everything
The more you purchase the better the discount.

Games and e-zine with your help they would like to get this going, Please contact and send me anything in the hot rod world, news , photos of your ride, events, gripes or whatever. This section will take some time to get up and going, so check back .

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