5 Most Popular Car Logo Designs

Automotive brands are the world’s most well-known, well-established, and influential brands. Not only are they expensive, but they also represent the quality of the design and construction of the vehicle and serve as a bragging right to potential buyers.

In fact, a car’s brand’s reputation significantly impacts how people choose their next vehicle. Companies with great importance, like BMW and Mercedes, can sell cars just by the brand’s name.

Besides BMW and Mercedes, many automobile logo designs have been around for decades, have stood the test of time, and earned a place in the logo design hall of fame. 

Here are five famous car logo designs to help you learn about these well-known brands. Find out the interesting and odd stories behind five of the best car logos by reading on.

5 Most Popular Car Logo Designs

From classic designs that have stood the test of time to modern and sleek logos that embody the latest in automotive technology, we will highlight the top 5 car logo designs that have captured the attention and admiration of car enthusiasts everywhere.


The prancing horse that would later grace Enzo Ferrari’s sports vehicles initially appeared on the side of Count Baracca’s fighter jet during World War I. 

Baracca’s parents advised Ferrari to adopt the sign as his emblem since they believed it had given their son good luck. He accomplished this when he founded the Scuderia Ferrari racing team in 1929. 

Ferrari also added the hue of canary yellow to celebrate his hometown of Modena. So, if having good luck means making money, then it worked! 

Things with the name “Ferrari” on them make almost as much money as the cars themselves. On the other hand, the prancing horse on Ferrari cars has always been a sign of strength and power in an animal. 

The unique shape of the logo has made Ferrari a lot of money. Meanwhile, the products with the logo bring in a lot of money for the brand.


Gottlieb Daimler, the technical director of a company called Deutz that made gasoline engines, drew a star above his house in 1872. And he mentioned that the star would one day be on his company’s building.

The three-pointed star is Daimler-Motoren-registered Gesellschaft’s trademark. 

After the merger in 1926, it formed Mercedes-Benz, and its logo was the Benz laurel wreath which became a ring in 1933. The three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz has evolved into a potent symbol of German efficiency and high quality.

Mercedes-Benz makes more than just cars; the three points on the company’s logo show that the brand has the motorized power to rule the seas, the skies, and the ground.

Each Mercedes vehicle now proudly displays the same distinctive three-pointed star, an emblem of Deutz’s affluent aspirations and a mark of the brand’s unmistakable recognizability. Because of the brand’s longevity and widespread recognition, it has become an international icon of excellence.


Subaru was formed in 1953 when Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) merged with five Japanese enterprises.

The name means ‘unite’ and refers to the Taurus constellation’s six-star Pleiades grouping. This cluster of stars inspired the Subaru emblem because it represented the unity of the five enterprises and the tale of the Pleiades when Zeus changed Atlas’ daughters into stars. 

Thus, the Subaru emblem symbolizes unity, reflecting its complex past. Subaru automobiles also excelled in rally contests. Hence the emblem is linked with luxury vehicles and is now used as its international corporate mark in 2003.


Lamborghini autos are strong, entertaining, and silly. The logo features a snorting bull, symbolizing the brand’s untamed spirit. 

When he visited Spain, the breeder of valued fighting bulls inspired Ferruccio Lamborghini. The design also references Lamborghini’s zodiac sign, Taurus, and this logo symbolizes the brand’s lofty automobile goals. 

The bull is imprinted on each car’s front, predicting the ferocious and defiant power of the engine.


Chevrolet’s “bowtie” logo’s origins and history remain a mystery. Three people in founder William C. Durant’s family tell three different origin stories. 

Durant says that the wallpaper in a French hotel influenced the design, and Chevrolet’s 50th-anniversary book backs this up. Catherine, his wife, says the idea came from a 1911 newspaper ad for “Coalettes” gasoline. Margery said that Durant made a sign one night “between soup and fried chicken.” 

Chevrolet acknowledges in their 100th-anniversary book that the origin of the emblem is mysterious. Even though we may never know where the Chevy bowtie originated, the history of the Chevy logo is a compelling look into the past of this well-known brand.

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The logo of a car manufacturer has a clear link to the brand’s success and the quality of the vehicle itself, as seen by these five models. These industrial enterprises’ logos reflect the seriousness of their marketing and branding strategies.

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