How Do I Know If My Mercedes Has Keyless Go?

KEYLESS GO is an upgrade from the KEYLESS START. The latter enables you to start your car once you press on the brakes. You can also start the vehicle by pressing the start or stop button. You do not need a key, and this feature is available across the Benz lineup.

In the case of the KEYLESS GO, you can use what you would find in the KEYLESS START with an added advantage of other features. They include unlocking and locking of doors by touching the door handle. It is possible because the system can sense the proximity of your car.

How does it work?

All you need is to have your smart key nearby, and you can unlock, start, lock, and stop your car. You could even close your windows and sunroof without entering the vehicle.

For unlocking, you need to grab the driver’s door handle when the key is in proximity. The unlocking feature also works on the passenger handles as long as your grip is firm. In most models, you will find that there is a removable push button in the ignition and dash. Where this is the case, you can insert the smart key and start the car with a metal key. Why is this important? Well, your fob battery could die, and this could save you from getting into a fix.

Where you have this button, you can also use it to control the vehicle’s accessories. Note that you will turn the key in one position for every press of the button. As such, ensure that you do not press on the brake as this will affect the positioning. At the first touch, you can turn on accessories such as the radio. On the second press, you will turn on electrical items as well as the dash light. Do this a third time and put your foot on the brake, and everything will turn off. 

Also, you can control the features by simply opening your door. How easy is that?

You can additionally control the engine using this button. Press on the start or stop button and step on the brake, and the engine will come on. Where you want to turn it off, stop the car and leave your foot on the brake. Shift to park and set the parking brake before pressing on the start or stop button.

How about when you want to lock the doors when you are outside? All you need is to locate the sensor on the door handle and touch it. The windows and sunroof will keep closing for as long as your finger is on the sensor.

How can you tell if your Mercedes has KEYLESS GO?

For this, you will need your model’s VIN, which you can use to verify the presence of this feature. You can find this number on your insurance card or car title.

How to enable KEYLESS GO Mercedes

You can enable this feature by pressing the brake pedal, pressing on the button on the dash, or touching the door handle. Where you do not wish to use this feature, you can remove the push to start button. It is essential when handing your car over to valets or in places where you do not know who will handle your vehicle.

How to program KEYLESS GO Mercedes

If you find that you cannot lock or unlock your car using the smart key, you are likely facing a problem with synchronization. You need to insert the key in the steering lock to aid in synchronization. After this, the key should work just fine. If this does not work, you may have to take the car to the dealer who will check and coincide with the remotes using a scan tool. They should program the remote. More often than not, this should not cost you anything.

Mercedes Benz KEYLESS GO Install

If your car has this feature, it should come pre-programmed from the factory. However, you may find that this is not the case as your vehicle does not belong to the KEYLESS GO lineup. In this case, yes, you can still install the feature. However, it will run up high labor costs, more so if you get it done at the dealership. You could try doing it on your own where you have the skills to match. The best thing though, would be to get a KEYLESS GO enabled car from the start.

Mercedes keyless entry not working

If your keyless entry does not work, start by changing the battery on the remote and trying again. If you still face any issue, check if the key lights up when you press the buttons. Next, check for infrared light using your phone camera. It will appear in the form of light. You cannot see this with your eyes; hence using a phone is of the essence. If you can see the light, work on synchronizing the key by placing it in the ignition. You should remove it within ten seconds and hold down the lock button while pressing the unlock button five times. Release all the buttons and check to see if the keyless entry works. If all fails, you might have to diagnose the AAM module.

Mercedes KEYLESS GO retrofit

Sure, you can do this. However, you should note that it is an intensive process that will run up high labor costs. It includes new door handles, a central controller, and other components which will cost you a pretty dime.

Mercedes KEYLESS GO remote start

You can have a remote start in your KEYLESS GO system. The good thing about it is that it will not harm the security features. And in most cases, you will not need an extra key. While at it, you could also get a Mercedes push-button start upgrade. Note that all these changes will cost you a lot of time and money.

Now you know how to activate KEYLESS GO Mercedes features and how they work in your favor. If you have questions, it is always best to consult an expert before undertaking any work on your vehicle.

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