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A car is a significant investment that calls for a lot of attention on your part. From regular cleaning to checkups to repairs when necessary, you need to put in a lot of time to care for your vehicle. And in doing so, you need to know what products you can use in your car. Your mechanic can help you in making such decisions, such as what company would be best.

The general rule of thumb when researching a company is to look at what other people have to say about the company. And when doing this, your emphasis should be on the most recent reviews on the same. This article will delve into low mileage parts consumer reviews to give you an idea of what others have experienced under this company.

That said, let’s get started:

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Late Deliveries

The one thing that people want when shopping online is fast and efficient delivery. You order an engine today, and you want to have it at your doorstep in the next one or two days. That’s how online business works, more so when it comes to fast-moving goods. You should thus expect the same speed with this company, isn’t that so? Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth, based on what previous customers have to say.

The product descriptions show that the engines should get delivered within one or two business days. However, that is not the case. People order items, and weeks go by without receiving the items. As such, you end up inconvenienced, especially where you needed the item for an emergency repair. Woe unto you as you will be in a fix, given that you have to follow specific mechanisms to get your money back. And this is a situation that many people have experienced in recent years.

Poor Communication

Take the situation above and put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Day one, you make the payment and confirm the order, knowing that you will get your engine in one or two days. Day two, you wait for the order knowing that it might not come, as the delivery period is yet to lapse. On the third day, you are sure that a package will come through for you, but that does not happen. You remain patient, and soon, darkness takes over the sky. It’s been two days, and there has been no sign of a package. You know that you paid for the item, and you thus deserve to have some form of communication as to the late arrival. At this point, you feel let down.

On the fourth day, you decide to communicate this late delivery to the company, and this is where all hell breaks loose. They do not reply to your emails and will not respond to your phone calls. To anyone, this is an annoying exercise that can send you over the edge. After all, you did part with your hard-earned cash to make that order. Days turn into weeks, and the frustration gets to you. And no matter how bad you feel, you are unable to communicate this to the company. 

Incomplete Deliveries

By accepting an order, the company implies that it is willing and able to deliver an item to you. That is how online sales work. And when a company is unable to fulfill its end of the bargain, they refund your money or offer you a chance to select something else. Now, look at this example. You fork out a good one thousand dollars of your cash to get a good engine. You and your mechanic rub your hands in glee as you await the delivery. Your engine problems are about to come to an end. As such, you cannot help but feel that a burden is off your back now. A few days go by, and you get nervous, seeing as you are yet to get the engine. You call the company, and the customer sales rep tells you that they are yet to find a shipping company. Naturally, you are willing to wait a few days to see if they can fix the problem. It probably happens now, and then, you tell yourself and take a chill pill.

More days go by, and you get the same reply each time you talk to the company. So you wait and the days turn into weeks. All this while, the company is yet to offer a better excuse or find a solution to the problem. You decide to get your money back, and this is where things take a turn. Not only does the company not refund the money, but you also don’t get the engine. You lose out on both ends, and nothing that you do will offer you some form of solace. That is a story that is common when it comes to low mileage engines reviews.

Damaged Parts

Some people get lucky with their deliveries, and they arrive on time, as stated in the product descriptions. However, there is a catch to this. Most people report that they get damaged parts, which they then have to send back to the company. When doing this, they have to follow a lengthy process of convincing the company that the parts are not what they ordered. This back and forth takes a while before the company gives in to the customer’s demands. Note that the customer has to part with both shipping fees and a restocking fee when getting a refund. If this goes well, you get to save some of your cash. But it is not always this easy. 

The company is known to use wrong shipping tags such that the part ends up in the wrong destination. This following up takes so long that the warranty expires such that you cannot return the part to the company. In this case, you lose everything. Some consumers claim that the company sells these damaged parts over and over, and makes profits from the restocking fees.

In some cases, the company may refuse to take accountability for the damaged parts. A good example would be where they state that you used a mechanic with a few years of experience. In doing this, they imply that the damage is as a result of your negligence. And in this case, you are not going to get your money back.

Poor Customer Service

When things seem to be working against you, the one thing that you need is a helping hand on the other side of the phone. But with this company, that is not something that you should expect. For one, it takes long before the company reaches out to you if you communicate with them by email. As for phone calls, the sales reps are not quick to respond to calls, and will only do so if you are adamant. That’s right. You need to stay by the phone, calling hour after hour until they choose to talk to you. And when they do, you should not expect that it will be a lovely experience.

Many people claim that the reps are rude and will not stick to their word. And where there is no evidence of the phone call, they will claim to have told you things that they did not, if only to void your claim. Maybe the first step to making an order should be getting the low mileage parts phone number and getting a feel of their vibe. Some people have also stated that in pursuit of a refund, the reps got rude on a personal level. Disrespect is a common complaint from previous customers, and that should be a warning sign in this case.

Finally, what you see or read is not always what you get with this company. A large percentage of customers claim that the product descriptions have proven to be misleading in many cases. For example, many clients state that the parts are salvaged auto parts and not low mileage parts, as the company claims.

Bottom Line

One of the allures when it comes to this company is the affordable pricing. Everyone wants a good bargain, but sometimes, the price may be too good to be true. Also, items listed come with attractive warranties as well as a thirty-day money-back guarantee. With these in play, you may get tempted to get in on the deal. However, this company is not hell-bent on honoring their warranty and can leave you frustrated.

While most reviews on low mileage parts lean on the negative side, some people have reported good relations with the company. They make orders and get their products on time and in good condition. However, that does not take away from the fact that most reviews are terrible and that many people have little or no confidence in this company. If you do choose to work with this business, it helps to be very careful as you could end up on the losing end.

Do your research on this company for more info. All the best!

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