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Driving at night when your headlights do not function as they should can get you in trouble with the law. You also endanger your life and that of other road users, thus making it a risky venture. It, therefore, follows that you should get new headlights as soon as possible when those in place do not perform as needed. The first step lies in finding a company that can sell you nice headlights at an affordable price. In this article, we will get into Pensent Inc reviews to bring you closer to deciding in this regard:

What does Pensent Inc sell?

As is the case with any company, they have had their fair share of ups and downs. Most of the customer complaints revolve around problems with their services and products. The others are along the lines of deliveries, sales, warranties, and billing. 

In this article, you will get more information as to what people have to say about Pensent Inc headlights. With this information, you can decide if you are ready to take the leap as you couple this info with your research. Here goes:


Reviews of the Company

Improper Fitting

You see headlights that you like listed on the business website, and you go ahead and make an order. In the stated delivery period, you get a package on your door. Your mechanic is around, and together, you try to fit the headlights, only to discover that they cannot fit. You look at your dimensions and what was on the site, and you realize that the company stated the wrong size. Seeing as this error is on the part of the company, you send the headlights back. And now, you have to wait a few more days before you can get the right part. What an inconvenience!

Unreasonable Restocking Fees

In most businesses, a restocking fee applies when a customer sends back an item. It is a way to shelter the business from loss as well as a means to discourage people from ordering items and sending them back. In most cases, this fee is reasonable. Now take the case of the improper fit above. You know that the dimensions listed were wrong, and that led to you making an order. Thus, this is not your fault, and you should not get charged for anything. You tell yourself this only for the company to hit you with a 20% restocking fee. Unbelieving, you scroll through the return policy, and find this fee listed in the terms and conditions. But, should you pay for returning an item if it owes to a mistake on the part of the company?

Well, this is a question that many clients have asked in recent years, after getting slapped with fees after returning items. It takes a while to get the money back, and to do this; you have to file a complaint. So, it would help if you were on the lookout for extra charges with this company. The good thing is that you are highly likely to get your money back if you remain adamant.

Product Misrepresentation

Online shopping can be quite tricky. You come across memes, where people post what they saw online versus what got delivered. These situations make for a good laugh until they happen to you. That is when the reality of how much it sucks will hit you. Several clients of this company have come forward stating that what they saw is not what they got.

Look at it like this. The company posts images which its states are for reference only, and you should not thus link these images with the products. While this serves as a disclaimer, the products that some clients get are very different from what they ordered. One client ordered two different part numbers and thus expected different items delivered. That is pretty easy. Even someone with minimal experience regarding technical matters would follow this pattern of thought. So the client waited for the parts only to find that the parts were similar through and through. The client compared the parts to what was on the site and realized that the company had made a mistake.

You know how you get when you know you are right, and you deserve some recompense for a mistake? Well, the client contacted the company to tell them that they had erred. The company was quick to interrupt the client and point out that they had the expertise and not the client. The reps stated that they had sent the right items, and in doing so, they shifted blame to the client. The conversation got heated, and the reps decided to fix it by attacking the client’s character. It is a common tactic with companies to ensure that the client feels that they are on the wrong. In this way, the client is likely to back down and accept their fate.

But this client was unrelenting and fought hard for a refund, which they eventually got. The interesting thing is that misrepresentation is a common complaint when it comes to Pensent Inc. The listed images may or may not be what you get on your doorstep when making an order. Also, you need to be adamant in your request for a refund, backed with evidence, or else you will lose the battle.

Poor Refund Policies

You purchase new headlights from this company and are pretty excited to start the setup process. Now you can finally drive to the movies at night without worrying about your safety. The box arrives, and of course, you open it, only to find that the installation kit is not what you expected. You contact the company, and they send you a chart on how to perform the installation, and you realize that the information is limited. You now decide to return the package, but the company refuses to accept it, given that the box is opened. You cannot install the kit and cannot give it back. So you are losing your money for nothing.

Another client bought headlamps from the company, thinking that they would be much brighter than OEM bulbs. After all, this is what the company states in its adverts. As such, it would hold, would it not? The happy client received the package and undertook the installation, but there was nothing much to write home about. The brightness was not all that different, and the client contacted the company. The reps advised the client to rotate them in search of the correct orientation, instructions which the client followed. No change in brightness occurred, and the client decided to return the bulbs. At this point, things took a turn for the worse, and the company refused to accept the bulbs- their reason being that the bulbs had undergone installation.

In both these cases, how else could the clients have tested the kits without installation? The company has had such cases in the past where they have blamed the clients for poor installations. Where clients have used mechanics, the company has questioned the expertise of the said mechanics. In most cases, you end up on the losing end once you attempt an installation.


Bottom Line

From what a large number of clients have to say, there is a lot of blame-shifting when it comes to Pensent Inc. However, that is not to say that people have not had good experiences with this company. Many clients have been lucky and have received their kits with installation instructions within the required time. However, it helps to know what could go wrong, and going through reviews equips you with this knowledge. Engage with people on both physical and online forums and get more info before making a purchase. All the best of luck!

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  • I ordered my headlights last Wednesday and was told I would receive them in 2 days (fri) but I didn’t receive them.