Turbo Back vs Cat Back

What’s the difference between turbo back and catback?

Before telling the difference between these two it is important to know how everything works. So Cat one is basically the back part of the exhaust after the catalytic converter. It is going either from the catalyst, i.e. behind it ( CAT – catalyst ) and ( rear – behind it ). They are popular with engines that need to exhaust as much as possible and that do not interfere with this process. They are the most popular upgrade. They work as the muffler and tip as well. Catback has another name which is an “exhaust system”.

Here is a turbo one explained. It is considered to be one of the most powerful upgrades for your car, because it significantly increases performance of your vehicle. Installing it means replacing every part behind the Turbo, even the downpipe.  By partially replacing the exhaust system you will be able to get noticeable power gains.

The main difference between these two is that a turbo will be more powerful than a catback. However, it will cost more money since it means replacing your exhaust system completely. In fact, comparing these two upgrades is not right, because being a more comprehensive setup a turbo back will automatically beat a cat type.

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What is a Turbo back?

Turbo type is the so-called full exhaust immediately after turbocharging. That includes downpipe, decat and Catback. It is made by replacing the part of the exhaust which is between the turbo and cat. You can install it with both no cat and with a high flow cat. While doing a turbo back job or replacing it, you replace every part between the tailpipe and the final outlet. Turbo upgrade means replacing more components compared with a cat upgrade.

Which is better axle back or cat back exhaust?

As it is clear from the name, cat type system replaces everything on the stock system starting from the catalytic converter back to the rear bumper, thus including the intermediate pipe, the muffler and the tail pipe. Whereas axle systems are just everything from the rear axle back to the rear bumper ( muffler, tailpipe, exhaust tip, all the hardware needed to make that connection.). So why would somebody choose one over the other?

The catback system which is one of the more popular upgrades that people make to their vehicle does a really good job at reducing exhaust restriction over the stock exhaust system. That is because it includes the intermediate pipe and the intermediate pipe on the aftermarket cat systems will use mandrel bends as opposed to crush pins so you get a better exhaust flow in there through the intermediate pipe.

Also, these systems are usually a larger diameter or wider pipe than the stock system, so you get a better flow, less exhaust restriction and therefore horsepower gains that way.  Also because the exhaust flow is going through there and because you are replacing more components, you will get a more aggressive performance sound from a cat type.

Axle back system has a few advantages. If you have the exhaust system that already flows well, has a wide exhaust pipe, wide diameter, this is probably a good way to go, because you are replacing the backend components again from the axle to the rear bumper, so you can swap your muffler for something more aesthetically pleasing, besides it is easy to install, because there are less components.

Does cat back exhaust increase horsepower?

It means that the exhaust system directly bolts up right behind the converter depending on your vehicle application. It will give you maximum gains in horsepower, torque and a richer deeper sound and adjust a replacement muffler or even an axle system.

Cat system generally includes larger tubing size than in the factory tubing,  a scavenger X-pipe or a clamshell X-pipe which are both designed for increased torque over broad rpm range and torque is what moves the vehicle. This feature contributes to freeing up more power and giving you that sound that you want for your vehicle.

This upgrade can give you as much as 2.5 additional horsepower which may seem unimpressive. But considering the fact that all that is changed is a muffler that goes in once up and then back down versus a muffler that goes straight through at the exact same size, the fact that you can gain extra horsepower just from that simple change is actually very impressive.

And the best thing is that you are not tampering with the catalytic converter or removing the catalytic converter, so these are legal upgrades, you do not need to worry about anything.

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