2WD JEEP Wrangler

Jeeps are popular cars owing to their aesthetic value and versatility. Also, they serve all needs. It does not matter if you are a family or a single person. Either way, this car has got your back. Often, when people come across a jeep, they think that it is a four-wheel drive. This thinking owes to the fact that most jeeps are four-wheel drives. That makes them the go-to cars for people looking to venture into the woods, spend some time on the beach or other outdoor spaces. It thus makes sense that you would think all cars come in 4WD.

Does Jeep make a 2 wheel drive Wrangler?

As much as this may seem shocking, Jeep does make 2WD cars. The exciting thing is that you can order your vehicle as a 2WD from the factory, and forego the 4WD. The question is, how many people go down this route? The truth is that most people will opt for 4WD cars. But some will take the two-wheel drive, given the conditions in which they will drive the vehicle. For one, you may not need a car that can drive in harsh conditions. Also, you may want to save some money when buying a car, and the 2WD is the way to go in this case. Finally, you may want better fuel mileage. And what better way to get this than by getting a car that offers you this?

While you may think that the 2WD is a new concept, it will surprise you that Jeep has been offering these cars for more than six decades. That’s right! Even as the jeep family was growing, there was consideration for those who did not need four-wheel drive cars.

Can you convert 2wd to 4wd Jeep?

Suppose you have a 2018 jeep wrangler 2WD and you want to enjoy the benefits of a 4WD, what should you do? Is there a way that you can avoid getting another car by converting your current car? The answer is yes. Note that a 2WD will lack aspects such as a 2WD jeep wrangler front axle and a transfer case. As such, you can get these in your upgraded car. The question is, why should you upgrade your car instead of selling it and getting a 4WD? The answer lies in the Jeep JK 2wd to 4wd conversion cost. A fully equipped 4WD will sell for about thirty thousand dollars. A 2WD will sell for at about twenty thousand dollars. Take in this difference and compare it to the conversion cost, and you will realize that conversion is cheaper. Plus, as you convert the car, you can get aftermarket units to lower the expenses incurred in the process.

2007 jeep wrangler 2wd to 4wd conversion

Are all Jeeps Wranglers 4 wheel drive? The answer is no. The good news, though, is that you can convert your car into a 4WD in a few simple steps. For this process, you will need front and rear driveshafts, a front axle, a vacuum setup, a linkage, and handle as well as a transfer case. 

When getting the transfer/ transmission case, you do not have to worry much about the year as it will not matter much. It helps to note that lower mileage will work in your favor. Look at it in this way. Where you get a new transfer case, you can do without the vacuum setup. But for older cases, you will need to do the vacuum setup. When doing this, you should pay attention to the torque converter that should be fully seated — as such, getting a finger behind it should be impossible. Also, drain the fluid while the trans is out of the car. From here, check for the transmission electrical connectors, which should be three. Two are what you would find in both a 2WD and 4WD, while one is different. For this odd-one-out, there should be five wires. Of these five, three should bear a similar hue to the three on your 2WD connector. The different two wires are what you will use to turn on the light on your 4WD. Proceed to cut and splice the 2WD connector into the three wires of similar hues. In this way, you will leave the two wires that turn on the light hanging.

As for the front and rear driveshafts, ensure that you get the right lengths and styles. Two and four-door models have a one-inch difference in lengths. Also, for the style, it depends on the age of the transfer case. For old ones, the rear driveshaft will slip into the transfer case. Newer ones use a driveshaft that bears a rubber boot and is external. Getting the wrong length or style will impede the success of your work.

The front axle you get should match the rear axle. Note that the age of the axles will determine how much work you put into this process. Older axles are vacuum disconnect and require actuating using a vacuum switch. Newer ones do not require much work. Note that everything between the 2WD and 4WD axles is interchangeable. That includes calipers, spindles, and rotors.

When it comes to the linkage and handle, it helps to get those from the same year. However, it will not matter much as long as you get the right one for your car (i.e., manual or auto). Once you install the linkage, you will need to adjust it. The need or lack thereof of a vacuum setup will depend on the age of the axle.

Most of the work involved is bolt-in, and you will need to dedicate a lot of time to this process. On the upside, you will learn a lot about cars, and you will save some money while at it.

Is a Jeep Wrangler rear-wheel drive?

The jeep wrangler unlimited has a rear-drive layout, which results in better handling of curves and turns during navigation. You can use this car for towing, given that the front wheels have advanced steering owing to the reduced weight. However, traction in this car is not very good when driving in wet or snowy conditions, when in 2WD form. Thus, the answer to ‘are jeep wranglers rear-wheel-drive’ is yes.

Are all jeep wranglers 4 wheel drive?

The answer is no. While most of these cars are 4WD, not all are, and you have the option of choosing a 2WD. When driving this car as a 4WD, power goes to all the wheels, making it an excellent vehicle for use in harsh conditions. Thus, when driving in bad weather, the jeep wrangler 4-wheel drive is a good option.

Hopefully, this article has shed more light on jeep wranglers, and you now know how to go about conversion. Good luck!

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