Rubicon Transfer Case

It is equipped with a two-liter turbo four with an output of 272 hp and an 8-speed “automatic”, as well as an electronic all-wheel drive clutch and transfer gearbox with the highest gear ratio in addition.

Jeep Wrangler has many disadvantages, but all of them are overlapping by its off-road qualities.

The Italian engineers did not do without purely stylistic solutions and still made an important addition to the design: in the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon they combined two types of all-wheel drive – Part time plug-in remains, and a permanent full drive with a multi-disc electronic control clutch is added.

In Auto 4 mode, all-wheel drive Rubicon is almost no different from all-wheel drive Nissan Qashqai or Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion, except that the main drive axle of Wrangler is rear, and all without exception parquet flooring – front. Electronics monitors wheel slippage and, in the event of slippage, activates the front axle itself and distributes the torque. This drive is designed for 90% of movements on this car, in winter, in the rain, and just when you need to go out of the traffic lights.

But in the 4H mode the clutch is switched off and the transfer box comes into action. In 4L mode, i.e. on a lowered one, there is the world’s largest gear ratio for a serial car: 4 to 1, i.e. the amount of traction going from engine to wheels increases by 4 times. Unlike other versions of Wrangler, Rubicon is equipped with reinforced Dana 44 axles, rigid Tru-Loc locks in front and rear interwheel differentials. Selec-Trac transfer gearbox is a two-speed transmission with a gear ratio of 4.0.

Rubicon transfer case vs sport

You can only feel the full power of Jeep all-wheel drive systems when you are driving this car. Rock-Trac is installed on Wrangler Rubicon and Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

Wrangler Rubicon owes its unique ability to climb boulders to the Rock-Trac transfer box. With a reduction ratio of 4 in the transfer gearbox, Rock-Trac allows the car to climb at light speed through steep hills and descents, as well as “over obstacles”.

Quadra-Trac II is installed on Grand Cherokee and Commander Sport. It is installed as an option on Grand Cherokee Limited and Commander Limited. This active all-wheel drive system can, if necessary, redistribute up to 100% of the engine torque to the front or rear wheels thanks to an electronically controlled inter-axis differential. The transfer gearbox is neutral and the reduction ratio is 2.72.

Rubicon transfer case to ax15

They began installing ax15 in 1987. It was mounted on car Jeep Wrangler, with 4-liter engines,  Jeep Cherokee, for cars with a diesel engine and partially with 4-liter engines, Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) with a diesel engine and, partly, in 1993, with 4-liter engines. The output shaft is 23 slot. It is also fitted to all Jeep cars with in-line six-cylinder engines. Oil is multigrade SAE 75W90 according to API GL3 standards (use of oils with GL-4, and even more so GL-5 leads to premature wear of synchronizers) and its filling capacity –is 3,3 l.

If you want a Rubicon transfer case installed on AX15, it should bolt up. However, the input shaft is different, so you need to do some changes. The installation also depends on the AX15 year. It is always better to ask the shop you bought it at. 

NV241 transfer case upgrade

  • If you want to do an upgrade, the first thing you do is start by pulling the fork off and put your speed sensor to the side.
  • Then remove four bolts and tap it with a hammer and it’ll pop right off.
  • After that take snap ring pliers and pull that off. There’s actually a nice little lip here to put a screwdriver underneath and just crack it loose and pop that off. Here you will see bearing housing and this holds your pump in place. There’s also a snap ring right that you should pull off. Then you can pull your drive gear off, there’s another snap ring underneath that which keeps that gear in place – remove that as well.
  • The next step is to crack the seals loose, some of them have a little slot around the edges where you can stick a screwdriver nicely. And then the oil pump will come with the upper housing. Now you can see gear facing the front and you should slide this gear up. Now you have most of your transfer case disassembled.
  • When you get your new parts, line them up to the old ones and make sure that you did get the right parts.

    All you need to do now is to swap your old parts with new ones and do everything backwards to get the system in place.

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