Delete Sunrider Soft Top

There are the following options of soft roofs to protect against rain:

  • full-size tents stretched on their own frames
  • full size tents stretched on the safety frame
  • cab tents stretched on the safety frame

    Original tents and equipment for their installation are produced by MOPAR – it is full-size tents stretched on their own frames of unique design. Feature of MOPAR design is that side panels are stretched in the direction from the front door in a unique way – in the panel stitched stiffening rib hooked to the chute in the frame of the door. This principle is not used by other manufacturers.

    For YJ, the factory fitted tent was installed only in combination with metal “steel half doors” and upper soft doors of the original geometry that does not match the contour of the top of all-metal doors. Factory style soft top and soft roofs from MOPAR to all-metal doors do not fit.

    Unique design ones traditionally have their own brand and are sold complete with all necessary equipment of unique design. They can be used with all-metal doors.

    Full size roofs stretched on the safety frame are lighter and smaller in size in packed form (in terms of savings on postage costs), easier to install (stretch) – in terms of muscle effort, combined with all-metal doors.

    Cab tents stretched on the “roll bars” safety frame

    Cab  boot combination from Smittybilt requires standard soft roof equipment which makes it unclear whether YJ all-metal doors are suitable. The trim pressing the top against the windshield frame “windshield retainer/header” is sold separately.

    Jeep soft top

    Jeep is keeping up with the times. It can boast a neoclassical, memorable design that will perfectly emphasize the character and personality of its owner. Such a car will look great in a busy city stream, as well as on dirt roads away from civilization. Its interior is a kingdom of quality materials, ergonomics, unsurpassed practicality and comfort. Even a long trip on a heavy off-road cannot bring extra inconvenience. The manufacturer is well aware that such cars, first of all, should give pleasure from driving in extreme conditions. That is why the SUV is equipped with the most powerful arsenal to overcome off-road of any complexity. Jeep is capable to give weight of pleasure to true fans of extreme driving.

    Initially Wrangler was positioned on the market as an off-road vehicle for two, adapted for use in so-called active driving style. The vehicle was equipped with only 3 doors and a removable roof – either in plastic or tarpaulin version. Conversion into a convertible took place with a screwdriver and pliers in seconds. If necessary, the windscreen is folded onto the hood and the doors are removed. At the same time, the joints of the body panels do not cause vibration and crashing during driving – the mounting points are so precise and well thought out.

    The most popular brands of soft tops are Bestop and Mopar.

    Bestops ones are fixed directly to the safety frame and can be tilted backwards over the front seats without completely removing the roof. They are usually sold complete with all necessary fasteners for installation.

    Those by Mopar are delivered together with the arcs on which it is stretched during installation and follows the contours of the rigid roof in shape. They can be tilted backwards over the seats of the first and second rows, without completely removing the roof and are also sold complete with all necessary fasteners for installation.

    Jeep Wrangler hardtop to soft top conversion

    Of course, hard roof is the most popular choice due to the following advantages:

    • Rigidity of construction
    • Better noise/vibration insulation
    • It’s harder to damage it
    • Easy removal/installation
    • Failure of mechanics (in terms of broken rails, broken wires, broken buttons or wiring
    • Waterproofness
    • Better thermal insulation

      However, some drivers may need to swap this roof for a soft one. For that you need to take off the hard top, disconnect the wires and unscrew the six screws. If you have the factory soft roof, it is carefully packed into the case. Then you need to install a soft one. Note, that experienced Jeep owners, and the actual instruction attached to the car, recommend this conversion at an air temperature of 68F. The first thing when installing a soft one is to  mount the frames on the front doors. After that, attach the roof first to these frames, then to the windscreen frame, then fix the back of it and finally insert the rear tinted “glass” and the two side glasses.

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