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It is convenient to transport crops in, it is convenient to transport them to the point of sale during the harvest. There are special trailers for transporting boats, boats or jet skis, for example. It is very difficult to get your watercraft to the quay from the garage without them. They may be needed to transport materials or construction resources.

So, if you work for yourself and, for example, install stretch ceilings, plasterboard structures or plastic windows, then everything you need to work will be very difficult to place in the trunk of the passenger car. It can serve you a lot in everyday life. You can buy large quantities of food, transport materials for repair work in the apartment, go on vacation as a family and much, much more.

The main design elements are frame, body, drawbar and suspension. The drawbar is an A-shaped (or I-shaped) horizontal lever, fixed to the front of the frame. It has a coupling assembly attached to the car towbar, safety ropes, and some trailers have a wheeled or folding stand.

It can have one, two or more axles. For car trailers such types of suspensions as spring-dependent, lever-spring independent, spring-dependent, rubber-burning independent and torsion independent are used. Cars ones can be equipped with a working brake system (hydraulic inertia type), as well as emergency and parking brakes.

Enclosed Car Trailer

The necessary equipment for it use is a towbar, as well as additional electrical wiring for lights (dimensions, turn signals and brake lights) trailer.

Which enclosed trailer is the best?

A good trailer is an option to increase the load capacity of the car, limited by the frame of the trunk. In addition, when using it to transport goods, the trunk will always stay clean. The most popular type is the single axle trailer, which has an acceptable maneuverability and is optimally suited for various domestic needs. Special trailers are characterized by a non-standard design and a fairly narrow direction. This type can include products for transportation of motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, boats and other equipment.

The body can be solid, welded or assembled with bolted connections. The coating of the body is also important. The galvanized surface will last much longer and is not afraid of the influence of precipitation. But a body coated with enamel is much cheaper.

Among the best enclosed trailers are Haulmark, Continental Cargo, Pace American and Diamond Cargo.

How much does an enclosed car trailer cost?

An average price depends on the type and the number of axles. Single axle ones are less pricy and are designed to tow lighter weights, whereas, dual axle are more expensive and are used for towing heavier weights.

Thus, an enclosed cargo can cost you somewhere from $1,000 to $4,000 for a single axle, and $3000-$15000 for a dual one. Car trailers are sold for $6,000 to $20,000+. Their cost varies depending on size, capacity, material as well as type of hitch.

Of course, you can buy a used closed car trailer on craiglist, which will cost you a lower amount of money.

How do you secure a car in an enclosed trailer?

The main rule of fastening the car on a trailer or caravan for transportation is to strap or chain only the wheels.  You can’t strap bridges, towbars or elements of a frame. This can lead both to deformation and damage to the selected parts of the structure, and to breakage of fasteners – due to inertia, the suspension will move, stretch and loosen the fasteners while driving.

Worst of all, due to an incomplete clipping, it and even the tractor unit can turn over. Only special three-point tensioning belts designed for a certain load should be used as fasteners. Ideally there should be four of them – on each wheel.

Gargo Trailer

Their installation also has a certain order of action.

  • First, you should chain the hook in front of the tire at the point where the vertical cut along the front edge of the tread is vertical.
  • After that you check the correct placement of anti-slip locks.
  • Then you should chain hook along the vertical cut of the rear side of the tread and use additional belt on the side and fix the wheel.
  • After that, you tighten the resulting with the ratchet mechanism belt. Sometimes you can see how some drivers cling only two points to the wheels, or lead the belt through the hub or throw a loop on the upper sector of the wheel and fix the side.

The reliability of such an installation is questionable, while the method described above is used even by top automakers to distribute their new products, each worth several hundred thousand dollars.

Can you rent an enclosed trailer?

Trailer for Cars

The new trailer isn’t cheap. Obviously, buying a trailer is worth it if you use it all the time.  After all, in addition to the cost of the unit itself, the owner will have to monitor its technical condition, if necessary, make repairs, undergo technical inspection and pay for insurance. Also in the absence of a garage you would have to store it somewhere, for example, in a paid parking lot. The space on it for the trailer will cost the same as for a passenger car.

That is why it is easier to search enclosed car trailers for rent. The daily rate will be no more than $100 and the weekly rate is less than $600.

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