MB Wheels Review

A single one is mounted on one hub and carries one tire, while a twin one has two rims mounted on the same hub and carrying two tires.

The following types of wheels are used on vehicles:

  • disc
  • collapsible
  • composite

The disc wheel is a disassembled unit consisting of a rim. The disc wheel of a truck can have a composite rim, one of the sides of which consists of a removable split lock ring and a removable side ring, which together form the rim.

Wheel with disassembled rim is a wheel in which one or two disassembled rims are attached directly to the hub, developed to the size of the rim. Such wheels are widely used on heavy cars and buses.

Composite one consists of two elements, each of which includes part of the rim. After assembly, the elements form a rim with two edges. These are used for large wide profile tires and adjustable pressure ones.

The connection to the hub ensures the transmission of torque and centering on the hub. Fixing of on passenger cars is usually made with the help of bolts or nuts that have a conical centering surface. Cast rims are centered on the hub belt. The attachment unit includes stud bolts and unified nuts equipped with freely rotating washers, which prevent damage to the disc. Bolts can be used instead of studs and nuts.

The connection of the disc wheel to the truck hub is carried out by means of studs and nuts with a spherical support surface or studs and unified nuts with freely rotating washers.

MB wheels website

You can find MB parts on their official website, where all discs are divided by style, size, finish, design and construction. You can also search for official dealer centers that offer MB parts. They offer a great selection of rims from five spoke ones to multi spoke. 15”-20” sizes are available.

MB wheels 14

The MB14 is a traditional 5-spoke design that is used on front-wheel drive vehicles. It has a long-lasting one-piece finish with a transparent coating. It is available in silver, matte black and chrome. The bolt patterns can be 5×114.3, 5×127 as well as 5×139 and 5×150. They offer a wide range of rim diameters from 15” to 17”. The single-component screw in the center cap has an embossed MB coating, which is also included with each rim. Moreover, you will get a lifetime structural warranty and a one-year trim warranty.

MB wheels legacy

Drivers are generally less likely to encounter wheel replacement than tires, which are usually replaced twice a year (in season). However, the need to change the rims does sometimes arise.

A disc is the basis, support, and therefore the criterion for its choice is maximum reliability: strength, resistance to deformation, wear, corrosion.

The most inexpensive option is the pressed or standard welded metal discs. In most cases, this option comes in the basic configuration of the car. They have a rather high weight, which in itself does not seem an advantage, because it increases fuel consumption, creating additional loads, easily deformed under high loads and quickly corroded in frequent contact with moisture. Therefore, for aggressive driving style and operation of the car in off-road conditions is not the best option.

Besides, it is an essential element of general aesthetics of a car, and “stamping” here strongly loses to more attractive variants. The only advantages of welded steel disks are their low price and reparability (a damaged deformed disk can be rolled in a workshop). Light alloy ones are distinguished by their aesthetic appeal and a number of high technical and operational properties. They are lightweight, resistant to corrosion and deformation, provide reduced fuel consumption and better maneuverability.

A distinction is made between cast and forged discs.

  • The former are represented by a variety of exterior designs and are relatively inexpensive. However, such a disc cannot be restored, it will need to be replaced.
  • The second are the most high-tech, durable (rather, the suspension will fail, than deform the disc), but also expensive. However, due to the complexity of the technological process and many mechanical operations, forged light alloy discs are not distinguished by a special variability of design.

MB legacy wheels are a good choice for the car. They have beautiful design, reliability and durability. In addition, the wheels have a lifetime warranty, which most manufacturers cannot boast. They are sold exclusively at Discount Tire.

MB wheels wynter

It is a split 5-spoke wheel that is used for driving in harsh winter conditions.  It has machined cutouts in each spoke for extra style and size. It is offered with a snap-on center cap and has popular sizes of 15, 16, 17, and 18 inches in silver trim. You will also get a lifetime structural warranty and 1 year of finish coating.

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