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In addition, when buyers wanted to cancel an order, the company refused to do so, explaining that, according to the policy and offer, a refund is not possible. Eventually, the state of Maryland sued them.

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This company has repeatedly violated the law on consumer rights by deceiving and misleading its customers. They fraudulently took over the money of consumers without sending their orders. As a result, the state of Maryland asked them  to suspend its operations, but the company did not plead guilty.

The company has been repeatedly complained about refunds, answering calls, and more. However, Maryland Speed justified the non-return of money and product delay by the terms of purchase on its website. Authorities repeatedly tried to contact them, but the company did not return calls. There was also no cancellation policy on the site, which is a gross violation.

When representatives were contacted in 2018, the representatives claimed that orders had already been shipped or were on the site, but did not provide tracking numbers.

On September 5, 2018, the General Prosecutor’s office filed a complaint against the company. Maryland Speeds’ activities were found to be fraudulent, deceptive, and often misleading. However, it was not possible to finally close this case, as representatives do not get in touch. Their website is currently down for maintenance.

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The collector is part of the inlet or outlet path of the vehicle’s systems. Usually, the “inlet” is used to supply and mix fuel mixture to the engine cylinders, but the “exhaust” on the contrary diverts already burned gases into the catalyst, and after that into the silencer.

As a rule, the manifold is a fairly simple hollow part made of cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron manifolds are usually a single part made by casting, as cast iron is almost impossible to bend. Steel is a more tear-resistant material, so steel collectors are made from curved pipes by welding. Inside the cast iron collector there are short channels leading into a single chamber. Integral collectors are characterized by low efficiency due to the fact that the short channels are not able to accept a large number of gases at once and do not provide the required level of blowing of the combustion chamber. Their advantage is low cost and ease of production.

Tubular steel collectors came into industrial production from the world of motorsport. Parts of this type are usually made of stainless steel, and in the case of the most expensive brands of cars, ceramics. Advantage of ceramics is its low thermal conductivity, therefore collectors from this material practically do not allocate heat to a hood space. Tubular collectors at the expense of the increased length of channels improve indicators of capacity, and recently this quality of the manufacturer start to use more and more actively. They are easier to optimize by pressure inside the channels and other parameters.

Kooks Headers and Exhaust were available on Maryland Speed website. However, buyers never got their orders. The company refused to cancel saying there was a restocking fee.  Allegedly, their contract claimed it was a special order.

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The owner of this scam online shop is Branden Farthing who was also charged.

Initially, the charges were made in September 2018. The company was found to be fraudulent because it took money from customers without sending orders. They owe at least $220,877.14.

What happened to Maryland Speed

At this time, the store site is not working, but consumers have not returned either their money or orders. The lawsuit is still ongoing, as the company does not answer the phone. In the network a lot of warnings cheated customers who have not received their auto parts.

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When the car engine is running, combustion products are formed which are characterized by high temperature and toxicity. For their cooling and removal from cylinders, as well as to reduce environmental pollution in the design of the exhaust system is provided. Another function of this system is to reduce noise generated by engine operation. Exhaust system consists of a series of elements, each of which performs a specific function.

The main task of the exhaust system is the effective removal of exhaust gases from the engine cylinders, reducing their toxicity and noise levels. By knowing what the exhaust system is made up of in a car, you can better understand how it works and why it might malfunction. The design of a standard exhaust system depends on the type of fuel used as well as the environmental standards used.

In the classic version for gasoline engines, this system works as follows: Engine exhaust valves open and fumes with residual unburned fuel are ejected from the cylinders. The gas from each cylinder enters the exhaust manifold, where it is combined in a single stream. Through the intake pipe, the gases from the exhaust manifold pass through the first lambda probe (oxygen sensor), which captures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. Based on these data, the electronic control unit corrects the fuel supply and composition of the fuel-air mixture. The gases then enter the catalytic converter, where they react chemically with metal oxidizers (platinum, palladium) and metal-regenerator (rhodium).

The operating temperature of the gases should not be below 570°F. A second lambda-probe passes through the gases at the catalyst outlet, which is used to assess the serviceability of the catalytic converter. Then the purified exhaust gases get to the resonator and then to the silencer, where the exhaust flows are converted (narrowed, expanded, redirected, absorbed), which reduces the noise level. From the main silencer the gases are already entering the atmosphere. Maryland Speed is not deemed an approved dealer for Kooks exhaust. Kooks highly recommend to buy their parts only at any of their approved dealers.

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