Edelbrock 1406 Rebuild Kit

Carburetor internal combustion engines, which were not so long ago the top of the automotive industry, are almost a thing of the past – they were replaced by injector systems. But as statistics show, they are still common, but their areas of application have narrowed.

It can be called the heart of the engine’s power system. It is responsible for ‘preparing’ the fuel-air combination that will be fed into the engine’s cylinders. In short, the essence of this machine is to create a fuel-air mixture. Also, the carburetor has a diffuser, which is responsible for fuel supply – the engine does not suck it, as many drivers believe. Also, it allows the motor to work normally in different modes. Among them:

  • Idle speed;
  • Average rpm;
  • High (maximum) load;
  • Operating after full cooling, such as after a long stay in the frost.

As it is easy to guess, the carburetor enriches fuel differently and supplies it in different quantities – a certain composition of the fuel-air mixture and a certain amount will correspond to a certain engine mode. Normal operation of the power unit is also supported by adjacent systems, such as cooling system, electrical system, etc.


Here it is especially important to understand that the power unit must be calibrated because otherwise, the entire system will not work to the fullest extent possible.

Edelbrock 1406 rebuild kit with accelerator pump

Edelbrock, LLC, supplies many spare parts for cars and motorcycles to the international market. The product range includes approximately 10,000 items. Edelbrock presents various carburetors, camshaft kits, engine parts, fuel system parts, flywheels, cylinder head, etc. The company produces components for cars, trucks, racing cars, motorcycles, jet skis. A special product line is made for motorcycles of Harley-Davidson brand.

All Edelbrock spare parts are ISO 9001 certified. In every part of the manufacturer, invested hours of research, design, testing. However, Edelbrock rebuild kit has not gained much popularity and high rating among the drivers. Their gaskets have got many complaints, because of their improper sizing.

Weber 8867 rebuild kit

The Weber carburetor is designed to create a fuel mixture of fuel and air in an internal combustion engine. It is designed to increase vehicle power and performance. Weber carburetors are known for their high quality, reliability, performance and durability in operation.

The device of Weber carburetor is notable for its simplicity. It includes thebody, cover, throttle valve body. It also includes the float and its axis, the filter, the jaculator, the valve, the connection. All parts are made of steel, bronze and lead.

Gasoline from the float chamber is supplied to the atomizer thanks to the jaculator. Fuel is sucked into the carburetor from the intake pipe. There is a pressure drop and the gasoline is directed to the collector, then to the cylinder where it burns. Special regulation systems create a mixture of fuel and air in the right proportion.

It is easy to find a Weber rebuild kit for a nice price. It will cost you somewhere from $30 to $40 to get your carburetor operational. One of the kits that have got a high rating is OMIX-ADA Carburetor Rebuild Kit where all parts are a perfect fit for your Weber.

Edelbrock 1406 tuning kit

There was a time when after-sales car service was rare. At that time, the common efforts of the pioneers of this business, in the form of mechanics and drivers, were aimed at meeting the needs of new motorists. It was only after a while that the post-sale car service market found clear edges and shapes.

This was thanks to Edelbrock.

Everything the company produces is considered innovative, has instant and reliable action, and is safe to use. The combination of maximum power with minimum engine load is the company’s advantage, distinguishing it from all others because the car gets a huge reserve of power.

However, there’s no limit to perfection. That is why many car owners decide to upgrade their vehicle including carburetor.The Edelbrock 1406 tuning kit consists of metering rods and jets, one pair of a metering rod as well as retaining springs and a set of step-up springs. You can buy it for $70 to $80.

Edelbrock 1406 rebuild manual

  • First, you need to disconnect the spark plug wire and secure it away from the spark plug.
  • Then remove the air filter assembly.
  • After that, you should disconnect the fuel valve at the base of the fuel tank. If your engine does not have a fuel valve, use the fuel line clamp to prevent fuel from spilling out of the tank when you disconnect the carburetor from the engine. Some carburetors have an electrical device at the base of the fuel tank to control self-ignition. In this case, you should disconnect the device known as the solenoid against self-ignition by removing the wire connector from the solenoid socket.
  • After that, unscrew the carburetor mounting bolts without disconnecting it from the regulator. If the connection tube connects the carburetor to the motor block, first unscrew the tube mounting bolts.
  • Then disconnect it from the tube by unscrewing the nuts and removing it from the studs. You should draw the positions of the regulator springs before unplugging them to facilitate reverse installation.
  • Then disconnect the regulator springs and remove the carburetor, paying special attention not to bend or stretch links, springs, or control levers.

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