How to remove speed limiter on Chevy Silverado?

For this reason, a separate (certified) speed limiter must be installed and sealed when transporting dangerous goods. If it has been installed at the factory, the type approval for the vehicle must include a line indicating the model. It consists of a control unit and an execution mechanism. A signal from the sensor goes to the control unit, which at a certain number of pulses stops supplying power to the executive mechanism (valve, relay).

All modern limiters work on a similar principle. The speed limit occurs through the regulation of the fuel supply to the combustion engine. Electronic control unit (ECU) of the car constantly receives an impulse signal about the current speed from the speedometer. When the car reaches the speed threshold set for the CBU, the ECU transmits the signal to the solenoid valve that regulates the fuel supply to the motor and limits it sharply until the vehicle’s speed is below the critical value.

If the car is equipped with other control and restriction devices, such as remote engine control, the vehicle will go into no-load mode until the speed falls below the critical level.

How do I get rid of speed governor?

The limiter is a program integrated into the vehicle control unit. The program reads engine/vehicle sensors, usually a gear sensor and a speed sensor. Based on algorithms and parameters, the program decides whether or not to limit the speed of the car. If the conditions are met – the control unit switches to a special mode in which it does not allow the motor to gain speed.

This functionality is usually installed on the car by the manufacturer and is intended for a comfortable ride in urban conditions, as well as fuel economy. Therefore, this switch-off is suitable mainly for fans of high speeds. Limiters are also found on trucks, under certain driving conditions can cause difficulties, especially in a loaded form. Switching off the limiter on the truck will, therefore, make it easier to drive on high climbing terrain.

The governor is not a physical part, but a program written into the car’s electronic control unit or ECU. That is why this can be done only programmatically with special equipment.

How do you take the governor off the truck?

The following methods exist for removing the speed limiter:

Activating control unit secret operation mode

Many manufacturers, for marketing reasons, are not taking a completely honest step – the limiter program in the control unit can be disabled by making physical changes to the prepared vehicle wiring. In other words – you need to bite off the wire or add/disconnect a jumper. Manufacturers then make a controlled information leak.

Control unit firmware (tuning chip)

Motorcycles and cars have long been controlled by on-board computers (control units). The computer executes a program which it downloads at startup from a permanent memory device (ROM) integrated into the control unit. The ROM is a chip that can be re-installed. Without going into detail – having understood the electronics and having spoiled the control unit it is possible to unload the control program and, having changed it, to load in similar control units, but with the function of the speed limiter switched off.

Using additional devices

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to remove the speed limiter. A program that includes a limiter in the control unit makes the decision to activate the limiter based on the speed sensor or gear sensor readings. Thus, if a device is installed that allows the control unit to be cheated by telling it that the readings are known to be incorrect, but that fully maintains the normal functionality of the vehicle electronics, the speed limiter will be removed (or, to be precise, the control unit will never create the conditions for its activation).

How fast will a 2017 Chevy Silverado go?

Playing catch-up with Ford’s Super Duty line and chic Ram trucks, Chevy gave its Silverado 2500HD a significant increase in power and traction, providing the pickup with an improved Duramax diesel engine that generates 445 horsepower and 1234 Nm of torque. Heavy pickups remain faithful working horses, but unlike the old-fashioned trucks of the last century, today’s cars are as stylish, luxurious and high-tech as expensive full-size SUVs. This also applies to the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, a hard-working pickup truck with a lot of attractive features.

The huge amount of energy produced by the turbo-diesel makes the Silverado 2500HD not only strong but also fast, which is a great achievement in itself given the weight of the vehicle. It’s a fantastic unit that delivers smooth power at any time and responds instantly. When tested for acceleration, a huge pickup truck accelerated to hundreds of km/h in just 6.4 seconds – a great time for this class of truck.

It boasts 355 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 383 pound-feet of torque at 4,100 rpm.

Sadly, Chevy limits the Silverado’s top speed to a measly 99 mph.

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  • 2014 Silverado bulldog tuner and still shuts off 97 or little over 100 I thought tuner would delete it and throws a code fuel pressure regulator