Silverado Cabin Air Filter

The quality of the fuel mixture plays an important role in the stable operation of the engine and the acceleration dynamics of the car.

If it is dirty, fuel consumption increases and the acceleration dynamics deteriorates , because the engine “suffocates”. Regular replacement of the pollen , which is 10-15 thousand kilometers of mileage, can have a significant impact on engine life and performance.

Of course, it is certainly not worth saving on interior filter replacement. Although the regular replacement is every 15000 to 25000 miles, it is worth to change it sometimes and more often, preferably twice a year with the season change – in winter and in summer. Because it has the property to accumulate allergens and harmful bacteria, which at use of an air conditioner multiply very quickly and can even cause cough or more serious diseases, in particular, pneumonia.

Late replacement leads to misting of the windows when using the heater and an unpleasant smell in the car.

Today, most of these components are installed on the inside of the glove box or under the instrument panel on the driver’s side – it all depends on the manufacturer. Sometimes they are installed under the windshield or under the hood in a special cassette. To find out where it is located in your car, you should read the instruction manual for the car.

Do Chevy trucks have cabin air filters?

Chevy trucks manufactured between 1999 and 2002 have pollen filters, however Silverados manufactured from 2003 to 2010 do not offer this option. By the way, you can see some important components in the Silverado that are also installed in other GM trucks and Suvs.

Does 09 Silverado have cabin air filter?

As it was mentioned above, this model does not have an AC installed. However, cars that do not have them usually have a plastic mesh that traps leaves and other debris from getting into the HVAC system. This element is a part of the system and does not have to be replaced.

How do you change the cabin air filter on a Chevy Silverado?

Before changing it, check your manual to make sure the filter you bought fits your vehicle. In these cars the pollen element is located behind the glovebox, so you need to open the glovebox and remove the screws using a t15 Torx driver. Then you should close the glove box and remove the two Torx screws securing the bottom panel to the glove box assembly. After that, open the glove box, remove the glove box assembly and set it on the floor. Next step is removing the filter housing door.

Then take the old filter out from the housing and clean out any debris inside. Next step is installing your new AC into the housing with its airflow indicating arrow pointing down. After that, reinstall the filter door by threading the bottom tabs into their catch first, then press to lock panel back into place. The last step is to open the glove box and reinstall the screws. As you can see it is not that hard, and timely replacement ensures that the driver and passengers breath purified air.

Does 2018 Silverado have cabin air filter?

This model does have an interior dust filter installed. For replacing the old one all that you are going to need is a t15 Torx bit to get the two screws out. For a better access it is recommended to take everything out of your glovebox. Then you need to open the glovebox and remove the screws using a t 15 Torx driver. Your gold blocks should pull straight out and you will see your cabin filter cover right here

There you will see two tabs on the top, you should pull on those and it should pop right out. Next, take your old cabin filter out being sure to clear any debris that might be in there and then the new one goes in with the arrow pointing down.  After that replace your filter cover making sure it is all clipped in and then put your glove box back in place just giving it four quick taps just to make sure all the clips are in correct place. The last step is replacing all your screws.

What tells you that this element needs changing? You know when it is necessary to change this element in the car by these indicators:

  • there is a persistent unpleasant smell inside the car;
  • the air conditioner in the summer and the stove in the winter are at their maximum, but there is still not enough capacity;
  • windows are sweating, and there is a high level of humidity in the interior.

    It is necessary to take into account that the average duration of filter operation is 20-25 thousand kilometers.

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