Ford F150 Running Rough With No Codes

Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck, developed in the USA. It is the oldest Ford model, produced since the late 1940s. Thus, the car has been on the conveyor belt for almost seventy years, which is an outstanding indicator confirming the high demand and popularity of the Ford F-150. It is noteworthy that in all the years of production, total sales of the pickup of the same name exceeded 28 million pieces worldwide.

Moreover, we have before us the best-selling pickup in the North American market. F-series pickups are the most popular not only in the USA, but also in Canada. Currently, the 13th generation Ford F-Series is produced. Almost all generations had exclusive modifications with powerful engines and special trim. For example, since 1999, the Ford company produces weights pickups, which are a part of a separate model range Ford Super Duty.

The car is the nearest competitor for Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. There are known Ford F-Series models with front and rear drive, as well as with two-door and four-door bodies. Ford F-150 of the 13th generation entered production in 2014.

The new generation of Ford F-150 pickup truck is sold in the U.S. since late 2014. The truck is equipped with gasoline turbocharged 2.7 V6 (325 hp) and 3.5 V6 (365 hp) engines, as well as “atmospheric” 3.5 V6 (282 hp) and 5.0 V8 with an output of 385 hp. Transmission is automatic, six-speed, rear or full drive. Aluminum is widely used in the body and cab of the machine, but the supporting frame is still steel.

In 2016, an “extreme” version of the Ford F-150 Raptor with a modified suspension, all-wheel drive with electronically controlled clutch, V6 3.5 turbocharged engine and ten-speed “automatic” will appear in the range.

Ford f150 shakes when idling

It is not uncommon for a vehicle to experience engine vibration at idle speed. Idle speed is the engine’s operation when the clutch is off and also when the engine is in neutral gear. The torque is not transferred to the PTO shaft in this position.

In normal operation, a stable idle speed of between 800 and 1000 rpm is achieved, depending on the engine type. If this value is lower than the lower limit, the engine will simply shut down and if it exceeds the upper limit, it will overrun and parts of the vehicle will wear out heavily.

There are major reasons why motor vibrates at idling speed.

  • More often than not, this phenomenon occurs when the cylinders run unevenly. The shaking may decrease as the speed increases, but the engine power will drop. The only solution in this situation is to urgently repair the missing cylinder, because this deficiency not only creates unpleasant vibrations, but also contributes to the wear and tear of parts, because the fuel does not burn inside, but only washes away the lubricant.
  • Another fairly common cause of vibration is an improperly fastened motor. In any case, measures, repairs and adjustments must be taken in order to avoid unpleasant sensations. It is possible to find out defects in the motor mounting together with an assistant. You should open the underhood and alternately engage the neutral gear, rear and front, and the assistant should pay attention to the position of the engine at these moments.
  • In addition to the main causes, vibration at idle speed can also be caused by other factors. Its unstable operation is very often affected by components and units associated with the fuel supply that are heavily contaminated. This is most often due to impurities contained in the air and gasoline, which get through the filter mesh of these units; a mixture of gas and liquid can also get water.

Ford f150 running rough acceleration

As a rule, almost every driver sooner or later notices that the car is not pulling well during a long vehicle operation. In other words, the power unit can hardly cope with loads, there is a loss of power, the unit needs to be spun up to high speed to maintain the usual pace, the car is worse acceleration from a place, slowly gaining speed, etc.

So, if there are no other symptoms besides the loss of traction, then you should immediately pay attention to the fuel quality, proper ignition operation and power system.

The next step in the diagnosis is to check the spark plugs. A decrease in the efficiency of these elements is also accompanied by a drop in the powertrain. If problems with the spark plugs and filters can be identified right on the road, more serious problems with the power and ignition system are much more difficult to diagnose and correct on site. In cases where the motor is not gaining speed, and there are jerks and failures when the accelerator pedal is pressed, the carburetor or injector should be checked and adjusted.

Ford f150 running rough check engine light

Injection engines are equipped with special catalytic converters for exhaust treatment. In this case, the catalytic converter is quite vulnerable and at the same time expensive element and all kinds of malfunctions in the engine create a risk of damage.

As a rule, the light comes up when there is a risk of damage to the catalytic converter. Simultaneous engine friction means that one or more cylinders are not working or are not working properly. In practice, this means that fuel in the problem cylinder does not fully burn and then enters the exhaust system.

As a result, the residue of unburned fuel burns out already in the catalytic converter area, as temperatures are very high there. Fuel also gets on the catalyst itself, causing its failure. It is quite obvious that the “check” in the vast majority of cases indicates either a problem with the electronic engine control system itself, or the risk of damage to the catalyst.

The condition of the exhaust system also has a great influence on the engine power. During operation, the filter-catalyst may collapse and the throughput of the exhaust system may be reduced. This is checked by measuring the pressure before and after the catalytic converter. It is also possible to remove the element and visually inspect its condition.

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