Pulstar Spark Plugs Problems

If they work with interruptions, it can lead to a number of problems: the car loses power during acceleration, there are difficulties in starting the engine, there is a vibration at idle speed. These elements are responsible for subsequent engine operation. Therefore, the malfunction of even one unit can cause malfunction of the entire engine. This is just one reason why their replacement should not be treated lightly. In more advanced cases, fuel consumption may increase, motor startup may fail and the engine’s dynamic performance may deteriorate.

They also have another function – they are used to remove heat from the combustion chamber. This means that they become very hot. Usually, the car engine has a different spark plug for each cylinder.

The four-cylinder motor has four units. However, there are exceptions to this rule – engines with hemispherical combustion chambers have two for each cylinder. Over time, it will wear out. Old units may not spark properly. This affects engine operation, resulting in power loss. Changing spark plugs is different from other repair work – it’s much easier and only requires a couple of tools. You do not need to be an experienced car mechanic to change spark plugs. In most cases, the replacement of old spark plugs does not take more than an hour.

The lifetime of depends on the materials from which the electrodes are made and operating conditions (this includes both climatic conditions and, for example, the quality of the fuel used).

Does spark plugs add horsepower?

These elements are an expendable material, just like filters, and no matter how modern they are, the electrodes still shrink in size from time to time, thus the gap increases and the ceramic insulator collapses. That is why it is so important to do a regular replacement.

Installing new units will increase your engine performance and even add some extra horsepower. In some situations, this element can increase your horsepower by 6%-12% depending on the class of the motor. The theory behind it is that by giving more spark to the firing tip, it combusts more fuel.

Does changing spark plugs improve performance?

Like almost any part in a car design, the spark plug has its own limited resource. Based on the average lifetime, the spark plugs can be classified as so-called consumables. Untimely replacement of worn-out units can lead to ignition problems in the fuel-air mixture. Ignition omissions are not desirable even in the short term. Otherwise, there may be several negative consequences. Thus, new elements will help keep your engine at its peak performance and efficiency levels.

For example, according to pulstar spark plugs review, this product is known for its plasma-assisted combustion method that produces more horsepower and torque, as well as quicker throttle response. Also, pulstar dyno testings have verified Pulstar’s performance enhancement.

What are the best high performance spark plugs?

The first thing that every driver cares about is fuel consumption. Indeed, these elements can affect the efficiency of the engine. Consumption can increase due to a malfunction, namely in the production of electrodes, when the standard spark gap increases and the spark becomes weak, resulting in fuel in the cylinder does not burn out and the engine does not give the declared power. The same situation occurs when the electrode gap is initially incorrect.

Both too large a gap and too small a gap weakens the spark formation, which leads to the fuel in the combustion chamber not burning out and, as a result, the power drop and increased fuel consumption while maintaining the desired speed of the car.

The new elements provide excellent flammability, optimal engine performance and significant fuel economy. Among the best products that increase performance are Denso Iridium, Bosch 9617 Double Iridium, Motorcraft SP-515, NGK (3657) IZFR5K-11 Laser Iridium and NGK (5464) BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX spark plugs.

Are Brisk Spark Plugs any good?

Brisk is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive spark plugs. It has rightfully earned its popularity, because this Czech company was founded in 1935 and has been actively developing and improving since then.

BRISK products meet international quality standards. In their production the equipment allowing to make 3D measurements of parameters of let out products is used. Also an automated line for the production of side electrodes is set up, electronic quality control is performed. The stability of the insulator is provided by a special sintering process, in which the insulator loses its original fragility and becomes resistant to mechanical stress. The company has developed several series of BRISK spark plugs for cars. Selection of suitable spark plugs for a particular vehicle model can be done by using the appropriate markings adopted by the manufacturer or by using online catalogues.

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