How To Clean Spark Plugs With WD40?

First of all, it should be said that if your power unit is in order, then there should be no soot. Of course, the candle will be a little black, but it is okay, the central insulator will almost always be clean on a functional motor. But if there is black oily soot, black flakes, etc., then it may indicate a malfunction of power systems or ignition systems. Also, low-quality fuel can be the reason for that. Of course, the most obvious is usual wear and tear of spark plugs (their electrodes must be replaced).

There are now only two main types of spark plugs: ordinary nickel and advanced iridium.

  • Nickel ones have a central electrode and a side electrode made of nickel alloy with other metals, steel, etc. can also be used. There are no precious metals, the central electrode is made in the form of a cylinder.
  • Iridium electrodes also have central and side electrodes. Their base is also made of ordinary metals, but there is the spraying of iridium, platinum and other precious variants from above in a few microns. This is done so that the central part, which is sharpened like a needle, does not burn from high temperatures.

It’s worth noting the cleaning in these two main types, will be very different.

Is it OK to put WD40 on spark plugs?

Today the brand “WD-40” is the most popular and demanded brand on the automobile market. The company owns production enterprises in the USA and Great Britain. The total annual sales volume is about 400 million euros.

The assortment of the company “WD-40” does not end with WD-40 lubricants, which are produced in sprays of 100, 200, 300, 400 ml and cans of 5 l for use in car dealerships, also, the company “WD-40” is engaged in the production of lubricants 3-IN-ONE, cleaners Solvol, Lava, and other household products.

You can use it to repel water from spark plugs, distributors, generators, and batteries. It is also a nice way to prevent corrosion and protect against moisture. Besides, it makes removal of spark plugs much easier. 

What can I use to clean spark plugs?

Cleaning means the removal from the surface of all foreign elements formed during the operation of the vehicle (soot, deposits, excrescences, etc.).

All methods can be divided into the following groups:

  • mechanical;
  • temperature;
  • chemical;
  • ultrasonic.

The last option is the only one that will require special equipment. The high degree of cleaning allows achieving “almost new” state of the surface. Therefore, this method is widely used to restore expensive sets of refractory metals (platinum or iridium).

Specialized equipment can perform sandblasting cleaning. To do this, the part is mounted on a bracket, after which its work items are exposed to a jet of air with the smallest particles of abrasive. Pressure (high flow rate) ensures good removal of foreign particles.

The home analogue of the equipment is a brush on metal and thin threads. Naturally, the quality of this method will be lower and largely depends on perseverance. However, it does not require financial expenses. 

Before that, leave the spark plug in a solvent that eats up the scale. And then use intense reciprocating movements of the hand to get the desired result.

Cleaning the spark plugs with certain chemical compositions is the softest method and is, therefore, the only way recommended by the manufacturers.

You may use as a cleanser:

  • carburetor cleaning fluids;
  • ammonium acetate solution (20%);
  • means for cleaning sewers, toilets and other types of scale;
  • drinks with orthophosphoric acid in their composition (e.g. Coca-Cola)

The surface is pre-prepared (degreased) and then lower the working part in a container. Sometimes non-combustible solutions are heated on slow fire. After 40 minutes it is washed with water and dried.

If necessary, cleaning can be carried out several times, but it is worth remembering that cleansers are aggressive and not only remove soot, but also can damage the protective coatings of the elements.

Can fouled spark plugs be cleaned?

A fouled spark plug means that it gets coated in oil or carbon. This results in incorrect sparking. It can be cleaned and reused. But most likely, it will not have the same efficiency as before. To clean it, you can use a wire brush or a special cleaner. It is also possible to use a knife to scrape off the soot.

Can I use carb cleaner to clean spark plugs?

The carburetor cleaning fluid is not only used for its intended purpose. It can also be used to clean parts such as the injector, flaps, and other engine components. That is why it will work fine on spark plugs. The sprays will be great for manual cleaning. In this case, the special nozzle tubes included in the scope of delivery provide ease of use. They allow the product to be applied in the most difficult to reach places.

How to clean a spark plug with gasoline?

Gasoline is often used for this purpose with a combination of other cleaners like ammonium acetate solution. It is used for surface degreasing. However, you can use it on plugs and then scrub the dirt off with a brush and polish it up afterwards.

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