How to Fix Auxiliary Port in Car

Why is my aux port not working in my car? If you have been grappling with this question, the good news is that you are not alone. Many people have gone through this, and you can bid farewell to this problem in no time.

What is an auxiliary jack?

The auxiliary jack is a device that connects an MP3 player to a car audio system using a headphone connection. This connection is possible through the use of cables. The jacks are common in new car models and will work with most MP3 players and phones. As such, you can listen to music on the go. Sometimes, this ease may not be present. It could be that the female port is incorrectly sized or damaged, thus impeding the connection. Where this is the case, there is no reason for concern. All you need to do is to replace the auxiliary jack.

Can you install an auxiliary port in your car?

The answer is yes, and we will detail how you can go about this in a few simple steps.

Step one lies in checking your car’s stereo female AUX input. You should check if the input fits the jack of your sound accessories. This knowledge will come in handy in deciding the size of the jack you need to match with your stereo. Once you know the size of the male jack, you can now move on to the next step.

Step two involves shopping for a replacement that can work with the female input. You can do this at an electronic shop or online, based on what is most convenient for you. Where you can, dismount the car stereo and take it to the shop. Having it at hand will enable you to avoid any mistakes as to the dimensions of the male jack.

How do you get a broken auxiliary port out of a car? Aha! Now, this is the third step in this process. You have already found the size that works for your stereo. All that remains is to remove the incompatible aux jack. You can perform the removal using wire cutters. From here, remove a part of the rubber casing up to a quarter of an inch. It will help in exposing the inner wires. You can then trim the rubber on the connectors leading to the male aux jack.

Step four is all about the connections. Start by inserting the cable into a shrinkable tube before inserting the exposed wire to the cable to the aux jack connector. The length inserted should be adequate such that it covers the joint between the exposed wire and the aux jack connector.

We are now at step number five. Here, you need to secure the joint to ensure that the connection works as it should. You will need a rosin core solder and a soldering iron to solder the joint between the wire and the aux jack connector. Use some putty to seal the joint and allow the joint to dry. The time given to the drying process will depend on the indication as per the packaging. 

Once the drying time is over, you can slide the shrinkable tube to where the joint is and heat it above a candle or other heat source. Do this for ten seconds to tighten it, and you can go back to using the aux port as you did before.

Why won’t my aux cable work in my car?

Suppose you connect your phone to the speaker, and you cannot play music. What could be the problem here? Before you start thinking of how to fix aux port in car Nissan Altima, here are some tips. The first thing you should do is to check if the AUX cord firmly connects to both devices. If this is the problem, the music should start. Where it does not, and there are two rings, it could mean that the cord is incompatible. Where three rings are present, your best bet lies in replacing the cord. It would help if you thus read the above article on how to fix aux port in corolla. 

My AUX port doesn’t work in my car

The port jack is a set of spring terminals that connect to wires. When a plug gets inserted, the springs should snap into place against the different conductors in the plug. Where one or more of the springs lose tension, you can make a connection by tilting or holding the wires. Sometimes, the terminals detach from the circuit board. In this case, you need to adjust the wires to secure the connection.

Thus, where the port does not work, you can try to bend the springs back in place. Alternatively, you could solder them back on the board. Note that the process is not as easy as stated. You need to remove the stereo to get to the springs and to do this, you will need to deal with many screws. After exposing the aux port jack, you can work on soldering and bending the springs as required. You can do this by yourself or rely on an expert for the same.

This bending and soldering is a temporary fix to the problem. If you want to avoid this process altogether in the near future, get a new jack and put the issue to rest. When it comes to how to fix aux port in Honda civic, that’s all you need to know.

How to fix aux port in Chevy Silverado

When you have a problem such as the aux button not working in car, most people head directly to replacing the port. However, there is another way to go about this. You can dismantle the unit and repair the solder, and this can fix the issue for a while. You can also put in a new jack, using some expertise as detailed above. Given how much car audios cost at present, you can as well get a new unit and save yourself the hard labor.

How do I get my aux to work?

Start by checking if the wires in place are cut or worn out, and replacing them where there is a need for the same. If you try soldering the port and this does not work, try replacing it. Where you are unsure of the right processes, always seek the help of a qualified mechanic to help in the same. Else, you could end up causing more harm than good and running up costs in the process. Also, note the time and energy taken in the process. From here, you can decide if you are up to the task before dismantling anything.

All the best of luck!

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