What is “Tip start”?

Tip start is also called automatic transmission. An automatic gearbox, or automatic transmission, is a transmission that provides the choice of the optimum gear ratio according to driving conditions without the driver being involved. This ensures good smoothness of movement for the driver as well as driving comfort. Currently, there are several types of automatic transmissions: hydro-mechanical (classical), manual with two clutches (eg, DSG), robotic, stepless variator (CVT).

Components of automatic control:

  • TORQUE CONVERTER. At the heart of vehicle operation is the engine, without which any manipulation is impossible. The same can be said about the transmission, the heart of which is the torque converter. It is the converter that converts and transmits the torque and power needed to drive the vehicle. The torque converter is a complete clutch replacement. The mechanism consists of a turbine and a pump. In order for the fluid with the least loss of volume and energy to flow from the turbine to the pump, the two components are as close to each other as possible. This characteristic also explains the small size of the torque converter. Moreover, there is a locking mode that fully engages the turbine and pump, which significantly minimizes losses;
  • THE PLANETARY SERIES. This is part of the transmission, which performs functions similar to mechanical gearboxes. The planetary range allows the transmission of torque from the torque converter to the wheels by means of transmission fluid;
  • BRAKE LINING, REAR AND FRONT FRICTION. This unit transmits an impulse to the engine, allowing you to change gears. The brake lining is an element of the KP, which allows to suspend the operation of the planetary series, bringing the TS in a stationary state.

    Among the advantages is convenience. There’s no need to be distracted by gearshifting and clutching. The driver can fully concentrate on the road; it’s easier to move around. The responsibility for this process in automatic transmission is the electronics, not the correct pressure on the clutch or accelerator pedal; the car components have a longer service life due to electronic control. Very often, drivers, especially beginners, do not change the speed in time, which leads to engine malfunction, or delay the clutch, or work without it, which leads to its burnout.

    Among the disadvantages of this system is that car with automatic transmissions have high cost. Moreover, they are also more expensive to maintain than vehicles with a manual transmission; there are difficulties in weather conditions. The main way to get out of skidding or dirt is to “sway”, which is impossible with an automatic transmission.

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