Megan Racing Coilovers Review

At the same time this brand is known for its quality and reliability which makes the best price-quality ratio and gives it a competitive edge among other brands. The most popular and wanted items are cat back exhaust systems and coilover adjustable damper kits as well as racing headers and lowering springs.

Megan racing coilovers review – Civic

These coilovers are definitely worth buying. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to install, because they have a place where you can clip your brake line into place, and not many parts have this option, in most cases it is only possible to just zip tie it. They give amazing ride comfort without any banging, although they may seem a bit hard at first.

Megan racing vs BC coilovers

Of course, the most obvious difference between these two is that Megan racing coilovers are more affordable or cheap if you like. You get a wide range of features for a low cost which may seem a bit suspicious, because other reputable ones are sold for a higher price while offering much less features. The low price is achieved by using cheaper and lower quality components that are installed in Megan coilovers.

BC ones are a bit on an expensive side, but they are the best in their price range. However, they do not offer the best damping performance, but at least these coilovers do not blow seals and die.

If we compare BC and Megan, we will see that BC ones have bigger internals as well as beefier shock bodies. Besides, their height adjustment rings do not work loose. Moreover, BC coilovers are of a higher quality and produce less noise. All in all, the BC racing ones are a bit better, but sold for a higher price.

Are Megan coilovers good?

Installing these will give you the strengthened springs which are regulated on height and rigidity. It means that the car can be made lower or be lifted, but it is still possible to make a suspension rigid (for sports driving) and soft again for the usual driving or driving off-road.

The universal kit consists of:

  • – 4 coilover set
  • -rubber seals
  • -adjustable wrenches
  • – 6kg spring rigidity

The inner diameter is 51mm and the glass length is 120 mm. The coilovers are made of steel and aluminium.

However, you may experience some problems with a daily driving, because these ones will give you a super harsh and stiff ride, even when adjusted to the softest setting. Megan coilovers are so popular mainly because of their low price compared to other brands, since it is a relatively young company.

Megan racing Euro street coilovers

This series of coilovers has the same specifications and design as Megan Racing Street series, but it is made for a more comfortable drive due to a more conservative spring. However, you can still get the same sporty vibe, outstanding driving handling and control. Megan racing Euro street coilovers are specifically designed for European vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Volkswagen.

It features 32 levels of damping force adjustment and aluminum brackets that are paired with rubber inserts. This series has an adjustable ride height and conservative spring rates. You get the best quality for a reasonable price. Moreover, this kit is made from high quality materials (the spring is from SAE-9254 cold wound steel) which ensures durability of the parts.

Megan racing coilovers review – BMW

These come with Pillow Ball upper mounts to help get rid of compliance rubber bushings and allow finer adjustment  and fine tuning along with the camera plates, so you can dial in your suspension the way that you want. You can also see adjustment knobs on them that are made for rebound. The rears have external reservoirs for the dampening just like the fronts do. The rears also come with the Pillow Ball upper mounts like the fronts. These coilovers come with a separate height adjustment so no matter how high or low the car is set, you maintain full stroke of the suspension. All the parts seem to be built ultra beefy and are high-quality. All in all Megan Racing Coilovers will be the ultimate upgrade to your BMW.


Megan racing EZ 2

The coilovers of this series are two way adjustable. They have about 4 inches of up-and-down height and they also have 15 way damper settings. One problem with them is that they did not send adjusting knobs for the damping settings, but that is not the issue, since you can adjust those just by hand. These are smooth, but can be a bit rough on some settings. They give a great overall balance, handling and a nice sound.  Overall, you can’t beat the value of these coilovers for such a low price.

BC racing coilovers

This is the series of coilovers designed for city and track. They have upper supports on an articulated joint and upper supports with tilt adjustment. With these you get 30 way adjustable damping and adjustable spring platform. Height adjustment is possible by means of the lower part of the mount, to maintain full tap during driving.

BC Racing uses only the highest category oil, thus increasing productivity. The BR Series a 53 mm diameter damper body to increase the oil volume, the peak temperature is reduced and the damper performance is significantly increased. By adjusting the front and rear damping systems, you can tune the vehicle depending on the conditions you car is in. 

If you want to take part in a rear-wheel drive racing, the weight must be moved to the rear axle of the vehicle by means of adjustments, which will ensure maximum traction and prevent wheel slippage. If you have problems with understeer rotation while drifting, the rear dampers should be rigidly adjusted to prevent slippage, and the front ones should be softer, which allows the car to drift.

BC-Racing coilers are made with high quality spiral springs, which are made of SAE9254 high strength steel.

E36 godspeed coilover review

Godspeed Project makes e36 coilovers that are considered one of the best choices for car tuning.  They offer 32 levels of damping and a pleasant mono tube design. The damper body is power coated. Coilovers are designed with a Pillow Ball mount with a spherical bearing. Dampers are made of carbon seamless steel and give the maximum damper response. The springs are produced using high strength SAE9252 steel which gives you a combo of strength and comfort. Overall these are high quality coilovers at an affordable price which are known for their durability and comfort.

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