White Plasti Dip Rims

What is plasti dip?

Plasti dip is a colored and rubberized coating that you can apply onto car parts through spraying, dipping or brushing. Initially, it worked in coating tool handles, but its uses have since grown. The rubber changes the color of the rims for a while, and you can remove it when you get tired of it. It comes off easily but is quite durable. Plus, it protects the finish of the wheels, adding value to your investment.

It comes in many colors, such as red, black, and white, which were the first matte hues. You can also get others by making your preferred colors using the kit. Also, using a gloss coating goes a long way in enhancing the appearance of the finish.

White plasti dip rims with glossifier

If you want gloss white plasti dip wheels, here is what you need to do. You will need two cans of plasti dip matte white as well as half a can of glossifier. These materials are adequate to cover all the tires. Additionally, you will need card decks, shopping bags, and some tape. It helps to set out everything before commencing on any work.

You have to clean the rims else; this will not be very effective. That means you should thoroughly wash the wheels and get rid of any dirt and debris. From here, protect the rubber by placing cards between the rims and rubber. Next, shove the plastic bags inside to protect the brakes as you do not want them to come into contact with these chemicals.

You can now apply the first coat of paint. While doing this, you do not have to cover the whole area. Also, make sure that the coat is light as you multiple coat layers work better than one thick one. Wait a while, then apply the second coat of paint. Wait again and apply the third coat before giving it time to dry and applying another coat.

Focus heavily around the rims and near the cards, ensuring that you attack the rims from all angles. The color should thicken and become bolder with every application. Finally, apply the final coat. It will account for the light coats as well as to work on any patches that you have missed.

Your rims are good as they are now, but if you want them to look even better, apply a coat of glossifier. Plus, it goes a long way in making the cleaning process a breeze. It will not add much to the shine, but the difference will be evident. Wait a while before applying the second coat of clear glossifier.

Can you use a regular clear coat for this? Yes, you could, as it will also bond. However, it has the downside of being inflexible, and you will thus face difficulty when peeling off the dip.

Does plasti dip stay on rims?

Yes, plasti dip is long-lasting if you go about the application process, as shown. It should give you service for many years. It can withstand washes, and when it gets dull, you can apply a fresh coat. Also, when you want to change the color, you can apply a new coat over the other layers without much hassle. And when you want to remove it, you can peel it off without much fuss. The more layers there are, the easier it becomes for you to remove the coats.

Does plasti dip work on wheels?

Yes, it works on pretty much any surface of the vehicle and delivers an upgrade in appearance. If you get it right, the coat should serve you for many years, even under abuse and washing. Also, the effectiveness of the dip will depend on the condition of the clearcoat, the age of the car, and the availability of a good paint job.

Why not to plasti dip your rims

Are there any reasons why you should not plasti dip your car? Well, there are a few. For one, unless you plan on going white, red, or black, there is limited availability of colors. However, you can work around this by using a make your color kit. Also, plasti dip is solvent-based. As such, you have to be careful when working with gasoline as things could get ugly. Other than that, it is a great way to enhance your car’s aesthetic value and get you some well-deserved head turns.

How long to plasti dip wheels

It would be best if you gave each coat at least half an hour to dry. Once finished, allow the rims at least four hours to dry before using your car to ensure that you get the best results. If possible, let them dry for at least twelve conditions before introducing the coat to weather conditions.

Tips on plasti dipping rims

Plasti dipping will work great if done right, and it thus helps to have some tips working in your favor. 

  • For one, do not move straight to working on your rims. Instead, practice on something of less value, such as a piece of wood. It helps you understand how you should spray and make changes to your technique as you see it fit.
  • Secondly, you should not attempt to work on dirty rims as the dirt will affect the efficiency of the job. Clean the rims with soap and water. The time dedicated to preparation should be twice as long as that you spend on painting.
  • Thirdly, do not get carried away with the coats. Start light as you create a base then work on adding the thickness as you continue. Avoid making the coat run as this will not look good.
  • Fourthly, using many coats works in your favor as it makes peeling off the dip an easy task. If you have ever had problems removing coats, it likely owes to a scarcity in the layers.
  • Finally, work on small spots at a time else the nozzle can clog and start dripping, and this can lead to uneven spraying.

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