Nerf Bars That Bolt to Frame

They are designed to support a lot of functions, but their primary task is to keep the car cover from various deformations – scratches, cracks, blows, abrasions, chips and many other mechanical effects.

As practice has shown, many car owners have no idea what the purpose of such side skirts on a vehicle is. They simply think that it is a part of car tuning or a trick of marketers to increase the value. In fact, they play a rather important role in the design of a car.

These practical lower body components not only provide an attractive appearance, but also have many functions, namely:

  • They reliably protect the body sills.
  • They help passengers get in or out.

They are made of a variety of materials and are usually designed to be individual, specific to the specific vehicle model. This is necessary to better ensure its protective, corrosion-resistant and aesthetic characteristics. Making a choice, it is necessary to consider such circumstances, as properties of coverings, distance between connections, difference in height of connections, degree of cross-country ability.

Are nerf bars universal?

If you think it’s just tuning, then it’s not. Yeah, well, they only decorate and make a better car design. And you definitely need to buy side skirts for a car for those who take care of the external design of the car. But it’s not as simple as that. They also have their own function.

Vehicle nerf bars can be of two different types of connection:

  • Removable or they are also called mobile car nerf bars.
  • Side skirts welded to the car body.

Movable side skirts are usually made of metal or plastic, attached to the car body with screws, and if your vehicle needs repair, in this case, they can be easily removed and repaired with special tools.

If it is tightly welded to the car body, such repair is carried out stationary. Shallow indentations, dents and rust spots are corrected from the outside, the rust area is cleaned and a steel varnish is welded over it. However, as a rule, automobile nerf bars  should be protected, as their repair is quite expensive and the process itself is time-consuming. For this purpose, they are periodically treated with anticorrosive liquids, as well as kept clean and in order. In most cases, they are installed on the car using standard fasteners.

How do nerf bars mount?

In most cases, they are mounted on the vehicle using standard fixings provided by the manufacturer or the manufacturer. In addition, they do not affect the vehicle’s clearance and can be used, for example, when clearing snow from the roof  in winter, or when loading luggage onto the upper trunk.

Where do running boards attach?

So, you can start by removing the front wheels (this is necessary to have easy access to mudguards, sometimes you can do without this item). Remove the mudguards, for this you need to unscrew the screws while everything is simple.

Now it is necessary to remove the standard sill cover. It is mounted on the screws, unscrew them along the entire length.

It is also necessary to remove the rear cutter, after which it is necessary to jerk off the lining on the sill. Plastic plugs that hold the lining can break, it’s not a problem, the nerf bars kit always comes with the right amount of similar parts, if they are needed for installation.

The wide brackets are marked front and rear and we will place them according to this. Side skirts on narrow brackets are most often installed without problems and without the need to monitor the mounting sequence. The brackets are mounted on a cover bolt, which in turn is inserted into the place closed by a blind plug. Remove the plug and place the bolt in its place. The bracket is attached to the inserted cover bolt.

Then the bracket is fixed in 3 and 5 holes (if you count from the back arch), in principle, if you have a different location of bolts, in practice it immediately becomes clear where and what to screw. Install the already pressed bolts in the holes.

Qualitatively tighten all the fasteners and move on to the installation of the front bracket, for this also remove the interfering plugs.

Similarly, fasten the second bracket, the assembly will be quite reliable design.

Now it is time to prepare the threshold for installation. If there are 3M duct tape in some places where the sills are adjacent to the body, it is time to remove the protective film, after which you can already put the threshold on the clips, pressing tightly on the places of articulation. Snap the clip will be with a characteristic sound. The gaps between the nerf bar and the body parts will then have to be checked. If the side skirts have been set correctly, there will be virtually no gap. You need to press tightly against the body the place where the 3M tape was. Now you can start screwing in the self-tapping screws that held the mudguard.

The important point is that some of the nerf bars are placed under the mudguard, and other models do not allow the installation of two such elements of external tuning at once. The lower part of the side skirt is fixed in places where we used to have a standard pad. As a final step, they can be fixed with metal self-tapping screws.

What is rocker panel mount?

A rocker mount, which is also known as a rocker panel mount, is where the mounting brackets attach. You can so this with the help of welded bolts, specially designed clamping adapters, clip nuts or others.

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