Royal Purple vs Mobil 1

The oil provides lubrication of all moving engine parts by covering them with a protective film that reduces wear and friction, so that more energy is transferred to the wheels. In addition, it protects engine parts from dirt, harmful deposits and corrosion. Finally, it cools the motor by removing excessive heat from the combustion chamber and transferring it down to the crankcase tray.

  • Mineral oils
    • Are ordinary oils that people have been using for decades. They are manufactured by cleaning the raw oil and then blended with various additives such as sludge preventive substances, viscosity improvers and wear preventive substances. They are relatively cheap and have average values.
  • Synthetic ones
    • Are completely manufactured in the laboratory through complex chemical processes and are more expensive. Synthetic lubricants are more heat-resistant, i.e. they retain their viscosity longer and do not lose their properties at higher temperatures than mineral oils.
  • Semi-synthetic
    • Is a mixture of the first two, usually at a ratio of 70-80% mineral oil and 20-30% synthetic lubricant.

There is a certain threshold for it to solidify. That is, at a certain temperature, it gets thicker and can even harden. Since the engine heats up considerably during operation, the lubricant must have a high ignition temperature.

One of the main tasks is to prevent corrosion of the powertrain elements, as well as to prevent wear of the rubbing elements by reducing the friction coefficient between them. It lubricates the moving parts, increasing the useful power, facilitating faster cooling and sealing of gaps.

It is designed to provide reliable start of the motor at almost any temperature, reduce fuel consumption and significantly increase the life of moving parts of the engine. To solve the tasks, it must have certain performance characteristics. Engine type, design features, operating conditions, type of fuel used and some other aspects significantly affect the choice of brand. There is a huge range of different oils on sale.

Is Mobil 1 better than Royal Purple?

Mobil 1 meets all the requirements for modern synthetic motor oils. It is based on Mobil’s unique patented formula, with a quality oil base and a unique additive package. Keeping the motor clean and getting rid of existing harmful deposits in the form of soot and sludge are the main positive features that this lubricant has. It excellently disperses soot and dissolves deposits. At the same time, its unique properties, including viscosity indexes, do not change for the worse. The product retains its optimum performance throughout its entire life, i.e. from replacement to replacement.

Royal Purple motor lubricant combines a mixture of premium synthetic base with patented additives that are responsible for high engine performance. Royal Purple API-licensed oils provide excellent protection and improve the performance of all kinds of motors. It meets the warranty requirements of most passenger cars as well as light trucks and SUVs.

As for Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 gear oil, it is hard to say which one is better, since they both need changing only once a year and ensure high performance. However, the latter offers a bit more, i.e. it increases your MPG and ensures a nice ride.

What is the best synthetic oil on the market?

Motor lubricant is one of the indispensable elements of a car engine. It is used to lubricate pistons or rotors in an internal combustion engine, preventing overheating. The added active additives increase the corrosion resistance of the lubricated surfaces and prevent the oil itself from thickening or freezing. That is why it is of a great importance to choose the best synthetic one.

This title goes to Mobil 1, Shell Rotella and Valvoline, which are considered to be the most popular choice among car owners.

Is Amsoil better than Royal Purple?

Amsoil provides wear protection, fuel economy and extended replacement interval. Due to special synthetic technology First in Synthetics and a set of additives it exceeds the requirements of modern motors. AMSOIL is designed for all types of automotive gasoline and diesel engines.

Royal Purple meets both specifications: GM Dexos1 and ILSAC GF-5, and provides their benefits: improved wear protection, fuel economy, improved protection of expensive catalytic exhaust systems and full ethanol fuel compatibility.

According to Amsoil vs Royal Purple Independent Test, Amsoil shows very good results. If you own a race car or a truck, this is an excellent choice. Royal Purple is suitable for engines that are under heavy load and need better oil support. Anyway, these two meet all API performance standards.

Why is Royal Purple so expensive?

Royal Purple combines the high quality of synthetic base oil with its own development – anti-wear additive to maintain maximum power and torque, providing a high level of protection against motor overheating and wear.  It provides a higher level of protection than leading manufacturers of conventional lubricants.

Professional engine builders and racing teams report increased power and longer engine life with Royal Purple products. It combines a mixture of premium synthetic base oils with patented additives to ensure high performance. Royal Purple API-licensed lubricants provide excellent protection and improve the performance of gasoline and diesel engines. It meets the warranty requirements of most passenger cars as well as light trucks and SUVs.

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