What Vehicles Have a 4R70W Transmission?

The term itself came into English from Italian: the noun “transmissio” means transition, transmission. The verb “transmittere” sounds like a transmission, a transmission. Transmission in mechanical engineering is widely understood as a transmission of energy from its source (engine, power plant) to the working bodies of the machine. In a car, regardless of its type (passenger, cargo) transmission means a system of units and mechanisms that transmit the rotational, progressive motion from the engine to the wheels.

On the correct operation of each component of the system depend:

  • safety of the driver, passenger;
  • uel consumption;
  • wear and tear on rubbing, touching parts;
  • the conformity of the specifications with the information declared by the manufacturer.

Its parts, assemblies and mechanisms are made of wear-resistant materials capable of withstanding high mechanical loads, exposure to temperature fluctuations, chemical agents. To reduce friction and cool the unit special engine oils are used, which must be regularly changed according to the instructions of the car manufacturer.

The standard set of transmission consists of several components: clutches, gearboxes, cardan gear, main gear, differential gears, axle halves.

Depending on the layout (front, rear, all-wheel drive) transmission can include other units: CV joints (joints of equal angular speeds), transfer gearboxes, friction, viscous clutches

Are all 4r70w transmissions the same?

Despite its relatively simple design and the presence of four steps, this modification of the gearbox is very popular and has remained on the conveyor until 2006. Thanks to the relatively simple design of automatic transmission, it has excellent reliability and durability. There was no need to service it, and with a measured ride, it could serve many miles without the need for complicated overhaul. In order to be able to mount it on heavy-duty engines, the gearbox was greatly enhanced. The number of solenoids that control the cooling of the lubrication system has been increased.

It can be performed in most repair shops, which specialize in working with automatic transmissions. It is possible and independent repair, but you should understand that the main difficulty in this case is the removal of transmissions from the car.

Among the common breakdowns, which are typical for the 4R70W transmission, we can distinguish the appearance of oil leaks from the leaky gaskets. The complexity of repair in this case is that it is necessary to drain the oil and remove the crankcase tray, which has a sufficiently large size and solid weight. It is difficult to carry out this repair independently without using special equipment. In rare cases, with enough active riding on an unheated gearbox may have problems with solenoids or the clutch drum. Such repair of 4R70W has quite high cost, which is explained by the high cost of used spare parts.

There are slight differences that depend on the year. For example, if you drive 97 Ford, it has an earlier pre-97 connector but at the same time the 4.6/5.4L bolt pattern is available in this car. In 98 and up to 2000, the internals are the same, but there are little changes.

What vehicles have a 4r70w transmission?

Here is the chart for you where you can look up the model and year:

Ford Motor Companymodel and yearmodel and yearmodel and yearmodel and year
FORDCrown Victoria
1995 - 2002
1995 - 2002
1997 - 2002
1995 - 1997
MERCURYGrand Marquis
1995 - 2002
1996 - 2001
1995 - 2002
1997 - 2002

How do I know if I have a 4r70w transmission?

The 4R70W (AODE) features a simple design, which guarantees the unit reliability and long service life. For example, maintenance of the automatic transmission is not required. For installation on cars with powerful engines, the transmission has been upgraded. The volume of oil used is 2.6 gallons. The number of solenoids has been increased. The main task of these parts is to guarantee normal operation of the lubricant cooling complex. Clutch, friction, disks are made of heavy-duty alloy. This fact guarantees the box resistance to premature wear and breakage.

The 4R70W (AODE) AKPP is characterized by a high level of serviceability. Repair 4R70W or replacement of this modification can be carried out at car dealerships specializing in working with automatic transmissions of this type.

Exact information on how to modify the automatic transmission on your car can be found on a plate on the transmission itself or on the bodywork. Often the data on this plate is needed to identify parts for repairing your automatic unit.

You can also specify the type of automatic transmission by the form of the pallet (see the page on possible automatic transmissions). For many “Americans” this is a good way to identify. But the most accurate way to identify the type can be done with the help of the filter.

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