545RFE Transmission

AT units contain mechanical frameworks, water powered frameworks, electrical frameworks, and PC controls, all cooperating in immaculate agreement which goes for all intents and purposes unnoticed until there is an issue.

Automatic transmissions use gears to make the most effective use of an engine’s torque, allowing the engine to operate at an appropriate speed while providing a wide range of output speeds for the car. At its simplest, automatic transmissions function as follows:

  • The engine connects to the unit at the bell housing. The bell housing contains a torque-converter, which replaces the clutch used in a manual system vehicle
  • The torque-converter connects your motor to the unit and puts pressure on AT fluid to communicate speed
  • Planetary gearsets in the unit create different gear ratios, allowing the car to shift between different gears based on the communication from the torque converter.

    To get a better understanding of how an AT unit works, the best place to start is the bell housing, which contains a torque converter as opposed to a clutch found in manual vehicles.

    The bell housing is the place where the tranny connects to the motor. Inside the unit is the planetary gear sets, which are responsible for providing different gear ratios.

    The torque converter and the planetary gear sets are the two main components of an automatic unit.

    Is the 545rfe a good transmission?

    The 545RFE is based on the 545RE tranny which has been around since 1999. In fact, the 545RE would have been the first widely available production 6-speed auto, except the engineers used the 6th gear as an extra overdrive gear.

    Like the RE, the RFE comes out of the Jeep parts bin and has been used in Jeeps since at least 2004. The biggest difference between the RE and the RFE is that the later does not have support for driver interactive shifting (sport shifting mode).

    As for reliability, the RFE is generally considered above average, but a number of people have had problems after installing an aftermarket computer programmer. For more information, you should look at the Jeep section of Consumer Reports or similar to see if what the reliability rating is for the Hemi and tranny.

    As for the 545 services, the same tranny casing is used on the 45RFE, 5-45RFE, and 68RFE, so this procedure is the same for these transmissions as well, but check part numbers and fluid capacities. The 4.7L and the 5.7L HEMI use the same transmission, so it should also be the same filter part numbers for both engines. There are 2 filters in this unit, the main sump filter, and a cooler return line filter (looks like an oil filter). Both filters are accessed after the trans pan is dropped.

    The main sump filter is different for 2wd and 4wd. The advanced auto 2wd part number is FK-330. The advanced auto 4wd part number is FK-319. This kit comes with a gasket and a round seal as well. I recommend not replacing the round seal, if not properly sealed, it will cause the transmission to burn up.

    You will also need approximately 8 quarts of ATF 4+ as 545 transmission fluid. The converter plus transmission holds approximately 16 quarts.

    Who makes the 545 transmission?

    The RFE is an automatic transmission family from Chrysler. The name refers to its Rear-wheel drive design and Full Electronic control system.

    Competing in its class, Chrysler vehicles are one of the well-loved vehicles in the market for all its outstanding features and those durable Chrysler parts included in its well-inspected specifications.

    Chrysler is a corporation based in the United States that manufactures elegant automobiles; they were in this market long enough to handle technological advancements and innovations to their benefit.

    Founded by Walter Percy Chrysler on June 6, 1925, Chrysler was a product of the remaining assets of Maxwell Motor Company.

    In 1998, Chrysler Corporation merged with Daimler-Benz to become today’s DaimlerChrysler. Just like other known automakers, Chrysler automobiles also went through a series of innovations and technological improvements to fit and meet the current market demands.

    In 1928, Chrysler launched the De Soto brand for the low-medium end level category and the Plymouth brand for the low-end level category. The entity also purchased the Dodge Brothers automobile company with the aims of having a full range of brands like those of the General Motors. But even though Chrysler’s expertise in its engineering features is way good, they still have their periodic financial crises which became their distinction.

    What is the difference between 45rfe and 545rfe?

    The 45RFE and 545RFE are identical mechanically. They are different when it comes to software.

    The 45RE and 545RE’s are the exact same transmission, except the 545RE’s have the 5th gear “electronically activated”. The difference is also in the solenoid pack and the unit control module (TCM). The swap will bolt right in, identically.

    How much HP can a 545 rfe handle?

    Stock Hemi LX’s usually do 180-200 hp at the wheels (same engine components), but they have a better exhaust, which helps. With proper care and maintenance, the 545RFE is a fairly bulletproof transmission, and should handle most anything you can give it with a normally aspirated 4.7 or 5.7, but not as it is set up from the factory.

    When you start throwing a bunch more power at it, you’ll need to increase the line pressure, change the shift schedules to take advantage of your mods, and decrease the torque management, so it will shift firmly and not retard the throttle as much on the upshifts.

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