Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500

Brake pads are two plates that stop the car by squeezing the wheel. The quality of their coatings and the base material itself determines braking efficiency and the lifespan of the braking system. The best brake pads for dodge ram 1500 will always have special semi-metal alloys with several additional layers applied.

The basic material from which the pads are made is ceramics. Any additional coatings depend on the production technology and the tasks entrusted to the braking system. The most common pads are those with a strong friction coating that is resistant to intense and prolonged friction. The lifespan of the pad depends on it.

There are also special gaskets in the brake pad, which also have several coatings. These layers are designed to suppress noise, vibration, and other mechanical effects that may occur during braking. The design of the pads is as simple as possible. They are made by pressing and generally represent integral monoblock constructions.

List of Top-Rated Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500

Bosch BC965 Bosch BC9652006-2010FrontView on Amazon
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC966B Wagner ThermoQuiet QC966B2002-2005FrontView on Amazon
Power Stop Z36-1084 Power Stop Z36-10842006-2010FrontView on Amazon
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC967A Wagner ThermoQuiet QC967A2002-2010RearView on Amazon
Bosch BSD1084 Bosch BSD10842006-2010FrontView on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB299P.650 Hawk Performance HB299P.6501998-2003Front
View on Amazon
Bosch BP1096 Bosch BP10962006-2010RearView on Amazon
EBC Brakes DP61738 EBC Brakes DP617382006-2010FrontView on Amazon
Power Stop Z36-898 American Black ABD1400C2012RearView on Amazon
Power Stop Z36-898 Power Stop Z36-8982002-2019RearView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500

Bosch BC965

Bosch BC965
SeriesQuietCast Premium
Friction MaterialCeramic
Designed toMatch OE style
Powder-coated backingYes
Synthetic lubricantIncluded
Integrally moldedYes, all

Bosch brake pads are always equipped with a special coating that is minimally worn out during braking. In this way it preserves the integrity not only of the pads, but also of the rotors, which are also exposed to friction. The gasket of the pad is coated with several materials that reduce noise and are slightly corrosive. So, using Bosch pads, you install a braking system that will work without having to be replaced for a long time.


  • light weight
  • a quality alloy that is used in aerospace engineering
  • have a high braking force


  • without the use of copper
  • fully comply with the factory pads
  • installation set included
  • set weight: 4 pounds
  • manufacturer: Bosch
Bosch BC965

QuietCast is a modern disk pads for universal use. They can be installed both for normal driving and for driving in more extreme conditions. The manufacturer has long established itself among competitors and always provides quality spare parts to its customers.

Where to apply the grease supplied in the set?

– It is not usually applied to the pads, but to the calipers and caliper guides, which significantly reduces the possibility of squeaking and other noise during braking.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC966B

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC966B
Brake MaterialCeramic
HardwarePremium stainless-steel
Cleaner Wheels FormulationYes
Long LifeYes

Wagner brake pads are a monolithic construction made of pressed alloy, which is very resistant to wear. The pads have special grooves that effectively deal with overheating, and the coatings help to minimize noise during braking. Good quality and relatively low cost make these pads favorites for many motorists.


  • Special design to prevent overheating
  • Long lifespan
  • maximum clean wheels
  • complete installation set is supplied


  • monolithic structure
  • designed for all types of vehicles
  • Approximate weight: 5 pounds
  • producer company: Wagner

The manufacturer always recommends installing new pads with their special rotors. Such a combination allows you to achieve maximum efficiency of the braking system, which greatly improves your safety on the road.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC966B

To what safe limit can the brake pad be obliterated without replacement?

– The maximum allowable limits at which it is already necessary to change the brake pads are usually marked with corresponding lines on the pads. If there are no such markers, the pads must be replaced when one-fourth of the total size of the part remains.

Power Stop Z36-1084

Power Stop Z36-1084
“Evolution Sport”Carbon FiberZ23-1084Check Price
Ceramic with HardwareCeramic17-1084Check Price
Carbon-Fiber CeramicTruck & TowZ36-1084Check Price
Brake MaterialCeramic, carbon and steel
HardwarePremium stainless-steel
Powder-coated BackingYes
Chamfered and SlottedTo ensure Noise-Free Braking
Long LifeYes
Thermally Stable CompoundYes

These pads are a carbon alloy together with stainless steel. This combination is the most effective in terms of wear resistance and durability. These brake pads are designed for sufficiently aggressive operation. They are suitable for towing and use on steep slopes. The pad gasket consists of two special rubberized layers, which soften the braking process and absorb vibrations and noise.


  • Average price range
  • Made of carbon-ceramic
  • Effectively eliminate dirt and dust
  • protective gaskets are made of stainless steel


  • materials: ceramic, carbon and steel
  • installation set is included in the scope of delivery
  • Approximate weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer Brand: Power Stop

It is an excellent choice for those who prefer extreme or aggressive driving in the most adverse conditions. Power stop z36 truck & tow brake pads increase safety during towing and also have the longest possible lifespan.

Power Stop Z36-1084

What reduces the contamination of rotors and brake pads?

– This is achieved by using carbon fiber and a special rubber coating on the pads. It is difficult to say that the dirt is not being appeared on breaking pads at all, but the wheels always look neat and clean.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC967A

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC967A
Brake MaterialCeramic
The Dynamic Noise AbsorptionYes
The exclusive Integrally Molded Insulator (IMI)Yes
Long LifeYes

Monolithic brake pads from Wagner have an increased resistance to abrasion. They have special heat dissipation, which has a positive effect on prolonged braking performance. This efficient cooling system significantly extends the lifespan of the pad. The brake pad design reduces wear and causes no noise even during the longest braking period.


  • can be particularly silent
  • are suitable for a huge number of vehicles
  • monolithic block
  • There are grooves for effective cooling


  • material: ceramic
  • parcel weight: 3 pounds
  • manufacturer: Wagner

Perhaps this is one of the best 2017 ram 1500 brake pads in terms of value for money. These are versatile brake pads that can be fitted to any type of car. They are designed for heavy loads and can withstand heavy loads transporting.

How else can braking efficiency and safety be improved?

– If you want to maximize safety on the road and increase braking power, it is also worth buying new rotors, which together with the new brake pads effectively perform braking even in the most unfavorable conditions.

Bosch BSD1084

Bosch BSD1084
Brake MaterialCeramic
Designed forFront-wheel mounting
Synthetic LubricatorYes, to set
Long LifeYes

The Bosch brake pads are manufactured using a special technology and are designed for front-wheel mounting. These are reinforced brake pads that are designed for intensive use in a wide variety of conditions. They are thoroughly tested, and with this set you get reliable pads that increase your safety on the road when towing or transporting heavy loads in hilly terrain.


  • Reinforced brake pads
  • Designed for transporting heavy loads and high loads
  • passed many tests
  • suitable for Ram from 2011 to 2015


  • mounting position: for front wheels
  • weight: up to 5 pounds
  • Bosch company

The set includes pads for one front axle of the car, synthetic lubricator, and parts for installation. The reinforced design of the pads allows them to be used for towing or transporting particularly heavy loads.

Bosch BSD1084

How long can these brake pads last?

– 2015 ram 1500 brake pad life is highly dependent on the conditions in which they are used. The more intense the load, the faster the pads will be worn out. Of course, it is hard to say how long your brake pads will last, but usually they will last at least a few months.

Hawk Performance HB299P.650

Hawk Performance HB299P.650
Brake MaterialCarbon fiber
Designed forFrequent & Heavy Hauling
Severe-Duty Truck BrakeYes
Fade ResistanceExtremely High
Coefficient of FrictionExtremely High

The presented brake pads are made based on a special carbon fiber. This material can withstand severe pressure and intense friction. The pad coating has a high coefficient of friction, which gives the system a powerful braking force.


  • made in full compliance with the factory pads
  • designed for excessive loads
  • have a high coefficient of friction


  • effective noise suppression system
  • for cars Dodge, Ford, Lincoln
  • car weight more than 1 ton
  • manufacturer: Hawk Performance

When towing or transporting heavy loads, the brake pads are subjected to extreme stress. But they can withstand high temperatures and are designed to fit on heavy vehicles over 1 ton.

What is the maximum weight these brake pads can handle?

– It’s hard to say, but they are designed for heavy loads and are only recommended for installation when your track weighs more than one ton and it is intended to tow or carry heavy loads.

Bosch BP1096

Bosch BP1096
Brake MaterialCeramic
Quiet operationYes
Premium qualitySlots and Chamfers
Protective Transfer LayerYes

The advantage of these brake pads lies in high-quality coatings that are designed specifically for increased friction and braking power. The pads also effectively reduce vibration and noise when braking. The special coating and the shape with grooves avoid overheating the pad, which significantly prolongs its lifespan.


  • adequate price
  • modern production technology
  • reliable materials


  • for rear wheels
  • set weight: 2 pounds
  • manufacturer’s company: Bosch

This is an excellent version of brake pads 2006 dodge ram 1500 at an affordable price. There is no doubt about the quality of the product, as the company always has strict control at all stages of production.

Can any single coating peel off and thus reduce the pad’s efficiency?

– The pads are created by pressing all the coatings and the result is a single conjoint block. The individual coating cannot peel off due to the monolithic design of the block.

EBC Brakes DP61738

EBC Brakes DP61738
Friction MaterialOrganic Friction
Sport Replacement PadFor Truck and SUV
Nominal Friction Coefficient0.45
Built-in Noise-reducing ShimsYes

Manufacturer EBC Brakes offers sports brake pads that not only handle the car stop as efficiently as possible, but also look very attractive. The special shape of the pads together with quality coatings creates pads that have enhanced braking performance and can withstand overheating under heavy load.


  • cool design
  • withstand high loads
  • designed for heavy vehicles and sports driving


  • for trucks and sports cars
  • color: green
  • set weight 4.5 pounds
  • manufacturer: EBC Brakes

A high coefficient of friction increases the braking ability of the pads. They can be safely used for heavy vehicles or on cars that are subjected to excessive loads while driving fast, operating in mountainous regions, or on highways.

How do you extend the lifespan of brake pads?

– This is primarily dependent on the conditions under which the vehicle is used and the loads on the braking system. These pads can last much longer than other similar systems on the market. The lifespan of the pads is extended by careful driving, but these pads are designed for aggressive use

American Black ABD1400C

American Black ABD1400C
Brake MaterialCeramic
Premium ChamfersShims, Grooves
Quiet and safeYes

The special formula allows increasing the wear period of the pad. The efficient alloy extends the life of the pads and allows them to cope with any braking as quickly as possible. The pad coatings reduce noise, vibration, eliminate dirt and create a high friction coefficient during friction.


  • effectively cope with pollution
  • fully comply with the factory design
  • do not make noise and do not overheat


  • for rear wheels
  • weight: 5 pounds
  • American Black brand

These are good brake pads, which have the lowest cost among other analogs. The braking performance of the system is at a decent level, so it is suitable for those looking for inexpensive but effective pads.

How does the wheel get rid of dirt?

– Special rough coatings and furrows facilitate quick wheel cleaning and eliminate dust and other dirt when rotating.

Power Stop Z36-898

Power Stop Z36-898
Brake MaterialCarbon Fiber
HardwarePremium Stainless Steel
ShimsPremium Stainless Steel
Chamfered and slottedTo Ensure Noise-free Braking
Long pad LifeYes

These brake pads are designed for heavy vehicles or towing. Increased adhesion of the pad surfaces increases braking power. High-quality ceramic alloy with carbon fiber increases efficiency and extends the entire system lifespan.


  • technological carbon brakes
  • increased braking force
  • stainless steel gaskets
  • practically do not corrode


  • material: carbon fiber
  • location: rear wheels
  • weighing: 3 pounds
  • Power Stop Company

These brake pads can be considered as the best brakes for lifted ram 1500. They can effectively cope with braking in all conditions and look very stylish.

Can one rely on these brake pads when driving on mountain roads?

– These brake pads are designed specifically for mountainous terrain and for use in difficult conditions. You can confidently rely on the efficiency and reliability of these pads.


Let’s not talk about the importance of the serviceability of brake pads, which provides maximum safety on the road. Any driver must have a reliable braking system on his car. Fortunately, in the auto parts market you can easily find both brake pads for 2003 dodge ram 1500, and pads for earlier cars. For example, 1996 dodge ram 1500 brake pads from modern third-party manufacturers will work no worse than brake pads for newer cars.

Frequently asked question

How much are brakes for a Dodge Ram?

The cost of brake pads depends on the production technology. Pads, which are designed to work in extreme conditions, usually have a higher braking force and usually cost around $ 90. Simpler models, which are also of a good quality, but used for normal riding, can cost between $40 and $80.

What are the best brake pads for towing?

If the vehicle is intended to be used in an aggressive environment or for towing purposes, the brake pads from the Power Stop manufacturer are recommended. They are made of a very strong ceramic and carbon alloy. Stainless steel is also included in their construction. They can withstand extreme loads, so they are used for towing.

Are power stop brakes and rotors good?

The manufacturer of Power Stop specializes in reinforced pads that can withstand heavy loads. They are good if used for towing or transporting large loads in mountainous areas.

How do you change the brakes on a Dodge Ram 1500?

You can always change the brake pads in your garage. Lubricants and special steel fixtures for mounting are supplied in sets from many manufacturers. You need to remove the wheels with the pad mounts. Remove the pads. Lubricate the new set of pads and then fix them in the same place. This is how the dodge ram 1500 brake upgrade is made, which ensures safety on the road even with the most aggressive driving.

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