Best RAM 1500 Headlights

You can always find headlights in the auto parts market that will fit perfectly to your pickup truck and at least improve the front lighting characteristics of the vehicle. Manufacturers in the market of spare parts are trying to offer customers comfortable and stylish solutions. Aggressive and brutal headlights not only distinguish the car among others, but perfectly perform their lighting functions. Installation of the new ram 1500 headlights on pickup trucks of different production years is quite easy.

The main feature of installing the front headlights is a simple procedure to replace the old unit with a new one. So if your light is out of order or just morally outdated, it is worth choosing the lighting on your wallet and taste. As for the type of headlights, they differ in the quality of the inner lens focusing the light, the color of the reflector, and the configuration of the light bulbs.   

Why do I have to replace the headlights

Reasons for changing headlamps on a car are trivial. Typically, this would include impact or crash, corrosion of the lighting unit components, or internal misting of the headlight body. Of course, a headlight strike is an unpleasant event. It is good that the replacement of the lighting unit is inexpensive and fast. Corrosion of wires or elements of the headlight is much more insidious. Oxidation occurs imperceptibly, but as a result, you have to completely replace the wires or the headlight unit. Fogging of the headlights also leads to corrosion. Therefore, to avoid such problems, I recommend using headlight kits from reliable suppliers. These light bulbs use good materials, and the quality of assembly of the unit is always at the right level. 

Less often the car owner wants to change the headlights to new ones because one does not like external parameters and wants to give his pickup a more stylish or brutal look. For example “2012 ram 1500 headlights led” usually have several varieties and color options, which allow everyone to choose a stylish light for the car. Traditional color solutions are chrome reflectors or black. 

Self-installation of headlights on ram 1500 headlights

In most cases, installing headlights on pickup trucks is a simple procedure. Today all you have to do is watch the video on Youtube to find out how to replace the old unit with the new one. 

Most often, Dodge Ram, because of its design makes you remove the front bumper, and to remove an outdated or ruined headlight you need to make just a couple of movements with a screwdriver. Of course, some headlights, such as “2013 ram 1500 headlights” are not always easy to replace. It depends on the car model and the headlight itself, which is produced by the secondary manufacturer. Some brands do not recommend installing new headlights on their own and do not even offer their customers instructions in the package. For example, many people can handle “2018 ram 1500 headlights” themselves. And some customers do, however, ask for specialist help. If you are not sure of your abilities, of course, it is better to give the task of installing the headlights in the car service.

List of Top-Rated Ram 1500 Headlights

AKKON 5-444-DR06V2-LB-BK AKKON 5-444-DR06V2-LB-BK2006-2008YesView on Amazon
ModifyStreet HD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G2 ModifyStreet HD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G22009-2018YesView on Amazon
Spyder Auto PRO-YD-DR02-HL-C Spyder Auto PRO-YD-DR02-HL-C2002-2005YesView on Amazon
Auto Dynasty 4333012417 Auto Dynasty 43330124171994-2002YesView on Amazon

Reviews of the Best Ram 1500 Headlights

AKKON 5-444-DR06V2-LB-BK

AKKON 5-444-DR06V2-LB-BK
Black Housing V15-444-DR06V2-LB-BKCheck Price
Black Housing V25-PRO-JH-DR06-LBBRL-BKCheck Price
Chrome Housing V25-PRO-JH-DR06-LBBRL-CCheck Price
Chrome Housings V15-444-DR06V2-LB-CCheck Price

The headlight with a black body always looks modern and aggressive. Front headlights from the manufacturer AKKON have excellent stylish design. Despite the black body, the quality of the spotlight lenses and reflectors allows you to achieve the desired level of light for both low and high beam. This minimizes the chance of the oncoming driver being blinded. 

The manufacturer assures that all equipment is thoroughly tested before reaching the end-user. The spotlight part of the construction allows accumulating light and reflecting it with a powerful light output. Imagine that your headlight with ordinary light suddenly turns into a magnifying glass which passes through a powerful light. This is the process inside the reflex construction of the headlight.


  • quality assurance
  • stylish black body
  • easy to install and connect


  • A separate unit includes low beam, high beam and signal light bulbs
  • light bulbs are not included
  • does not require additional wires

Front headlights for Dodge RAM in black are suitable for those who want to have more than just quality light. Changing your headlights will give your car a more daring and even threatening look. It is this factor that is decisive when buying this set. Many people are very happy with what their Dodge looks like after buying these particular headlights. 

AKKON 5-444-DR06V2-LB-BK

Are there such headlights with a different color body?

– Headlights are only available in black. 

Black absorbs light. How much lower is the illumination when using such headlights?

– The design of the assembly using a special lens directs light in such a way that its power is not reduced, but concentrated like the light passing through the magnifying lens. 

ModifyStreet HD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G2

ModifyStreet HD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G2
For Quad/Dual 2019 BlackHD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G2Check Price
For Quad/Dual 2019 ChromeHD-MS-DR09-PPT-C-A-G2Check Price
For Quad/Dual 2019 Jet BlackHD-MS-DR09-PPT-LB-A-G2Check Price
For Stock Projector 2019 BlackHD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G2-CVTCheck Price
For Stock Projector 2019 ChromeHD-MS-DR09-PPT-C-A-G2-CVTCheck Price
For Quad/Dual 2019 G2 BlackAXHL-DR09-PPTS-B-A-G3Check Price
For Quad/Dual 2019 G2 ChromeAXHL-DR09-PPTS-C-A-G3Check Price
For Quad/Dual 2019 G2 Jet BlackAXHL-DR09-PPTS-LBS-A-G3Check Price

The ModifyStreet headlights are designed to accentuate your style and improve the lighting performance of a pickup truck in low-light conditions. You will also notice how much better the headlights have become when the weather is adverse. A high-quality assembly of the reflector module allows you to achieve the desired light level using halogen light bulbs. The presented headlights have their advantages and features: 


  • wide lighting angle 
  • compatible with the large dodge model line
  • stylish design made in black


  • color: black
  • certified parts that make up the lighting unit
  • includes 2 headlights (right and left)
  • professional installation in a specialized service is recommended
  • weight: 20 pounds

Installing the 2019 ram 1500 headlights requires removing the bumper and working with the vehicle’s electrical system. For this reason, the purchase of such headlights is not suitable for everyone. If you have never changed headlights yourself, it is advisable to contact a specialist in this matter. Besides, it’s worth remembering that headlights won’t suit you if you have stock light bulbs. It is worth to clarify the compatibility of the node with the configuration of your pickup truck when buying. The presence of halogen light should be suitable for the headlights that are being considered. 

ModifyStreet HD-MS-DR09-PPT-B-A-G2

Why it is not recommended to install headlights yourself?

– There are no instructions for connection in the set. Incorrect installation may result in product failure or injury to the person making the non-professional installation. For this reason, the headlights should be installed in a special service. 

How much better is the lighting with branded headlights compared to stock ones?

– The lighting becomes brighter and wider in both low and high light conditions. This is achieved through quality reflectors and the use of suitable light bulbs.



You can choose the headlights that will be in harmony with your car without the help of specialists. Just pay attention to the brand VIPMOTOZ, which operates on the market of lighting 2005 dodge ram 1500 headlights for about 10 years. There are several options for headlights to choose from. Black or chrome-plated body, heavy-duty protective coating and low weight are not all that such headlights can boast.  


  • headlights perform well in the most extreme weather conditions 
  • the range has several modifications that differ in design and color of the body 
  • suitable for the model range from 2002 to 2005
  • you can return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase


  • 3-layer protective coating that compensates for negative external impact 
  • A high-quality lens from a German manufacturer that provides high light output capacity. 
  • 2 headlights are supplied on the driver and passenger sides
  • light weight: 15 pounds
  • designed for use with halogen light bulbs

Specialists have prepared the unit for manual replacement as best as possible. All wires are easily disconnected and connected to the power system. You can replace the headlight yourself if you are willing to spend about an hour of your time. If you have not changed the lighting before, the most difficult task for you will be to remove the factory headlight from the car. It will be easy to connect a new one at all, due to the simple and clear instructions.  

How long will the new headlight unit last when operating in high humidity conditions?

– The headlights have an extra-strong coating, which protects the light bulbs from ultraviolet radiation and condensation. It is difficult to say how long the headlight will last in specific conditions, but the expected service life is several years. 



If you can’t always find 2001 dodge ram 1500 headlights, it’s easier to find a stylish solution for later release pickups. There is a wide range of front headlights on the market. If you prefer chrome design, these light bulbs deserve your attention. You can replace the light bulbs at home yourself. Twist the assembly mounts, install new headlights and insert the socket together with the light bulb into the new body. 


  • better durability 
  • UV protection 
  • stylish design
  • headlights are easy to install yourself in your garage


  • relatively light weight: 15 pounds
  • suitable for halogen light bulbs
  • special lens made of high-quality German glass 

This headlight variant is recommended for use in a wide variety of weather conditions. If you prefer to drive aggressively enough, the VIPMOTOZ Chrome lights will perform their tasks 100%. Many users notice that the installed chrome unit works much brighter in the dark.

How do I get the headlights back if they don’t suit my car?

– You can return your purchase only until 30 days from the date of purchase. The product cannot be returned if more time has passed. You can make a refund on the website using a special form.  

Spyder Auto PRO-YD-DR02-HL-C

Spyder Auto PRO-YD-DR02-HL-C
Spyder Auto BlackPRO-YD-DR02-HL-BKCheck Price
Spyder Auto SmokePRO-YD-DR02-HL-SMCCheck Price

Double 2010 dodge ram 1500 headlights with signal light performed in dark vein. There are also headlights in grey, which are not suitable for normal driving, but are designed for off-road driving. The light is of high quality. Reflectors provide better and more consistent lighting while driving.   


  • gives the car an aggressive appearance
  • easy set installation
  • quality assurance


  • ability to choose the color of the reflecting body
  • relatively lightweight: 15.75 pounds
  • consists of high-beam, low-beam and signal light sections

Spyder Auto’s car headlights are made for demanding drivers who want to get maximum quality light from the headlights and give the pickup an external aggressiveness. 

Can the headlights be used with new LED light bulbs or only with halogen light bulbs?

– This product is designed for halogen light bulbs. If you add Led light bulbs to the front light, the warranty will not apply to the product.   

Auto Dynasty 4333012417

Auto Dynasty 4333012417
Headlight Light Chrome / AmberAD-HL-OH-DR944P-CH-AM-ZCheck Price
Headlight Light Smoke / AmberAD-HL-OH-DR944P-SM-AM-ZCheck Price

Auto Dynasty headlights are designed to provide full lighting of the roadway. High-performance reflectors allow you to get high-quality fill light in front of the car. Instructions for installing the flashlights are quite simple, but the manufacturer strongly recommends contacting a special service, if you have not changed the headlights before or do not understand this issue. 


  • there are three headlight versions available: chrome, black, and grey
  • stylish appearance and high-quality lighting for your money


  • lightweight set: 7.3 pounds
  • ram 1500 headlights bulbs are not included in the scope of delivery
  • works only with halogen light bulbs
  • only suitable for the earliest pickup truck models

If you own the earliest model of Dodge Ram, this offer will be interesting for you. There’s nothing easier than replacing your car’s old headlights and not just giving it a fresh look, but getting lighting that meets all quality standards.

What problems can occur when connecting a new lighting unit?

– A non-professional approach to replacing the car’s headlights may result in a short circuit or even electric shock. If you do not know how to replace the front lights yourself, it is best to ask a professional for help.    


To sum up, we note the high efficiency of modern reflectors, which effectively reflect light and increase the width of view in the dark. When choosing the headlights for your pickup truck, pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty and the requirements for the light bulbs inside the headlight body.

Special attention should be paid to the headlights, which use a coating of several protective layers. Such a body will protect the headlight from overheating, sunlight, external mechanical and weather factors. Also make sure that the headlight is properly installed. Even a good unit will not solve the problem of front lighting on the road if it is not installed correctly. By choosing the right headlight, you save yourself the trouble with its direct functions and the constant replacement of the front light kit set.

Frequently asked question

How to adjust ram 1500 headlights

Fitting and adjusting the light on the ram 1500 is quite easy. You first need to remove the previous headlight from the inside (where the wheel is). Then disconnect the wires. After that you need to connect the wires to the new unit, insert it into the car body, and screw it on. This is a simple procedure and many can perform.

How to fix headlights on 2012 ram 1500 from fogging up

The problem of fogging headlights is solved by replacing the old lighting unit. If your headlights fog up, you should check the housing for tightness first. The installation of new high-quality headlights that are resistant to mechanical damage and moisture is likely to be required.

How do you disable automatic headlights ram 1500

You need to open the hood and remove the protective cover to turn off the headlights in ram 1500. The headlight is then removed from the side of the wheel and is easily removed from the car body.

How to clean the headlights on a dodge ram 1500

If the headlight is not very dirty, it will be enough to treat it with a cloth with a special cleaning agent. The headlamps on the dodge ram 1500 can be cleaned manually using sandpaper, polishing tools, special cleaning agents and a soft cloth. The cleaning procedure does not take much time.

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